Sunday, 1 November 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 6

They all look over at Guardian as she opens enters the building properly. The door was locked, but Guardian solved that obstacle the moment she made contact with it.

So my armour doesn’t block my power when I need to make physical contact. Good to know.

“Hello,” says Guardian as gets out her new bio-scanner.

The others begin to greet her in return, but stop as Guardian begins to scan them. She does the Alexandria’s trio first as since they are bunched up together, Guardian can get them all in just a single scan. She follows it up by scanning the boy and ends it with a scan of the bewildered practical girl.

“Urr, what was that?” asks practical girl.

“A biometric scan,” replies Guardian as she sends the data to Leo

He can use better than I can. Leo and Jaylyn do like to collect any information they can get their hands on.

“That-,” starts the practical girl before hesitating, “That feels like an invasion of my privacy.”

What on Earth is an invasion of privacy?

“I’m sure Guardian didn’t mean to do that Pathfinder,” says Alexandria with glance at practical girl 
before looking at Guardian, “Right?”

“That is correct,” replies Guardian.

After all, I can’t mean to do something if I don’t know what that something is.

“Still, I don’t feel comfortable with her having my biometric data,” complains Pathfinder.

“Here then,” says Guardian as she tosses the bio-scanner at Pathfinder.

“Umm, sure,” replies Pathfinder, a bit surprised as she catches it.

“You’re just giving it away?” asks the girl in black and yellow.

“It isn’t like I can just make a new one,” replies Guardian, “I only made that one less than an hour to go.”

“But what about the data?” insists the girl.

“I have already sent it off,” says Guardian.

“Oh,” says Pathfinder as she stops fiddling with the bio-scanner’s touch screen, “I guess that is no point in having this then.”

“It is still useful,” disagrees Guardian.

“I suppose,” mutters Pathfinder.

“Let’s move onto the introductions now ,” says Alexandria as she grabs a hold of Guardian’s hand and begins to pull her to the centre of the room, “We all know who Guardian is and what she is known to be capable of so we don’t need to cover that again. And I don’t believe Guardian knows who we all are.”

“No, I don’t know who you all are,” confirms Guardian, “Actually, I know who you are Alexandria, but other than that, no.”

“Well, I’m Glowbug,” says the curvaceous girl in the black and yellow spandex, “I’m a class B energy projector and the second most powerful member of the team.”

“What exactly these classes?” inquires Guardian, “You, Alexandria and Gears have all mentioned them, but I don’t know what they are.”

“Oh, they’re the new way of measuring how strong a power is,” explains Alexandria, “You see there some pretty major jumps between different levels of power so the experts have been able to divide them up into different classes. D Class is the least powerful class with the powers of that class being within the range of that normal tech can do. They also generally have realistic limitations. C Class is the next step up. The powers of that level are definitely superhuman and have less natural limitations. While they can be countered with mundane technology, it is pretty hard to do so. B Classes like myself and Glowbug are the really powerful and are pretty much impossible to beat via mundane means even they coordinated and well planned. A Class are the top of line powers and the parahumans with those powers are outright impossible to defeat with mundane methods short of WMDs. Even D and C Class parahumans can’t take on an A Class one. Within those classes, sometimes a plus or minus is added to show that they are particularly weak or strong for that level. For example, while I am not quite A Class, I am stronger than almost any other B Class so I’m rated B+. That makes sense to you?”

“Yes it does,” says Guardian as she and Alexandria sit down on the couch.

“Let’s continue with introductions,” says Alexandria as she puts her feet up, actually use her power of flight to have them over mid-air, “So you know me and Glowbug has already introduced herself.”

“I am Shift,” says the older teen boy as he takes a seat opposite them, “I can teleport up to a metre in any direction through anything with a three second cool down. I also have C Class super speed along with the ability to switch between different types of sights such as thermal, ultraviolet and other types like that.”

“I’m called Flamefly,” says the black haired girl as she sits down next to Alexandria and Glowbug plops herself on the couch right next to Guardian, “I’m a C Class Pryokinetic with the ability to create my own flames. I also have flame powered flight, fireproof and can unleash bursts of immense heat from my body.  I also have a bunch of D+ abilities such as super strength, super speed, super senses, self-healing, super toughness and enhanced reflexes. Oh, and I can track people by their heat signatures.”

“I’m Pathfinder,” says Pathfinder as she continues to take off to the side, “I can calculate the right...path to achieve something. It can be something physical such as an destination or something metaphysical such as the best course of action, what an opponent will mostly likely do or figuring the out an answer to a question.”

“I am Guardian,” says Guardian, “And I’m a technopath. So now what?”

“We have fun and hang out I guess,” says Alexandria as she puts her arms around Guardian and Flamefly.

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  1. Okay, so we meet Alexandria's team. I got a little story behind their creation.

    For all of them, I created them all equally using half-formed ideas I had floating about. At the time, I had no plans for any of them with the exception of Alexandria. So I decided to wait and see which ones sort of developed personalities in my head and I would come up with plot ideas for them to be involved in. It turned out that only one of them would have some importance, I feel that is okay as I like having fully formed background characters as it helps me maintain plot consistency and avoid plot holes as I can just reference my notes (at the moment, half a dozen word documents with a combined word count of over 5000).

    The other main points of this segment are to explain the first half of the power rating system while the second is to show how Guardian interacts with normal people other than teammates and how she is still lacking what most people would consider basic knowledge (or at least what I consider is basic knowledge).

    As for next time, we find out about the Enhanced rating and a bit more about Guardian's power.