Sunday, 31 May 2015

Interlude 1 - Oracle

Oracle steps through the white portal and into the FBI facility. This is the place that they brought her target to.

The young woman is utterly beautiful with a genius mind to match. The perfect combination of body and mind in her opinion.

A black catsuit covers her body. The catsuit has some nifty features such as rendering her invisible to cameras and stopping her emitting any sound unless she actively tries to. But even Oracle has to admit it is a bit clich├ęd, but it does the job whilst allowing her to show off the new body that came with her powers.

And just like the rest of her, Oracle’s powers are top of the line with her primary ability being able to see the future. It does include the ability to see different futures, but that requires mediation. The most practical field usage is that Oracle can see the most probably outcome of each action.

Oracle’s powers also include a couple of secondary abilities to complement her main one superhuman reflexes and mental processing. The first is basically reaction speeds falling just short of superspeed while the later allows her to speed her mind up.

To Oracle, it feels like time has frozen, including her own body unless she is using her super reflexes, but it gives her the chance to understand what her future-seeing is telling her.

A guard turns the corner and Oracle smiles as she activates her power. Now she just has to find the perfect way to take this guy down.

Luckily for her, Forge has equipped her with a variety of futuristic gadgets to get this job done. These gadgets range from a device to fool the electronic by passively providing fake data to a gun that can destroy molecular bonds of any solids in its target radius. Even people.

But Oracle doesn’t like to disintegrate people like that. The sight of it creeps her out and she finds the whole concept disturbing.

And fortunately for the man, Forge has provided Oracle the prefect tool to stealthily neutralise the threat without being detected. She smiles as she draws a small, stick from her belt of tricks.

Oracle steps out with super reflexes, raising her hand so it, and, by the extant, the device she is holding, are pointed at the man.

A small flash emits from Oracle’s device and the guard’s eyes become unfocused. Oracle casually sidesteps around him and continues on her journey.

The device will daze the man for the next few seconds and erases his memories of the last few seconds. In total, it gives Oracle about ten seconds to get around him and on her way if she times it right.

Nicely done if I do say so myself.

Oracle flash-sticks her way past the next two guards before finally reaching the last obstacle behind her and her objective. Four guards, all with assault rifles, guarding the entrance to the room containing the target.

Oracle activates her power, trying to find ways around this that don’t involve being detected. Nothing seems to work for her and after the effort she has already put into being undiscovered, Oracle really wants to get into the room without being detected.

Wait, one of the other guards is coming back around. If I don’t hide, he’ll find me

Oracle flash-sticks the patrolling guard again before stepping behind him. She is silent and unmoving as he continues on his journey after a moment of confusion.

I love this flash stick. It is so perfect for fooling these idiots.

Oracle sighs internally as she realises her best shot is to rush in and flash-stick the guards. Hopefully her reflexes will be enough to get past the door in what few seconds she will have available to her.

She dashes forward as she flash-sticks the guards. None of them are able to react before they go into the daze.

Oracle opens the door and slips through before gently closing it behind her.

I’ll have to have Forge alter that footage later. He is a genius when it comes to technology.

Oracle pauses as she realises that she is not alone in the small room containing her target. A middle aged woman in a lab coat is sharing this room with Oracle.

Well, I have something for this. It just utterly creeps me out and I was really hoping it wouldn’t need to use it.

Oracle flash-sticks the doctor before drawing a miniature spray can. She aims it at the other woman’s face and spray.

A grey cloud of nanomachines come out and fly up the woman’s nose, mouth and ears. She instinctively jerks her head back, but it is too late for her.

The nanomachines are some of Forge’s greater creations with the ability to restructure the human body. In this case, to reprogram the woman’s brain so she becomes a loyal sleeper agent.

With the doctor dealt with, Oracle bends down over Washdown’s body and pulls out a thin tube.

She activates the tube and it shimmers as silver substance collects in the middle of it. For a lack of a better term, the silver substance appears to be ‘liquid energy’.

“I’m done,” reports Oracle in to her earpiece once the tube is full of the silver substance.

A second white portal opens in front of her and Oracle calmly steps through it.


Father, you should really come and take a look at this.


  1. Isn't that tinker overpowered? He could just control the whole world with those nanites...

    1. Since I forgot to mention this in any of my replies, thank you for commenting. I find feedback to be invaluable to improving my writing skills and I find it so hard to find feedback from friends and family that doesn't amount to "That's some great work you written there".

      So thank you for commenting on my work. Feel free to provide any input on what you think has worked well and what you think has gone poorly.

  2. Yes, yes he could. That said, humanity is rather good at adapting to new threats. Once the threat of nanobots becomes common, defences will be invented to counter them. In fact, this nanobots are just as susceptible to threats like jamming or EMPs as much as any other electronics. Plus another tinker or another superhuman could find a way to counter that threat just as easily.

    Otherwise, Forge just doesn't care enough to that and his boss doesn't want him to. Not that his boss needs nanites to take over the world. He has other ways of doing that if he wanted to.

    But mainly, that is just foreshadowing and won't be relevant until the sequel I got planned.