Sunday, 8 November 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 9

“We don’t bring her along with us,” says Alexandria before looking over at Legacy, “I’m sorry, but I hope you understand. It would awkward for us if brought a known vigilante with us and would most likely get us in trouble. So I would really appreciate if you stay here.”

“Sure,” replies Legacy, “I don’t mind staying here until you get back.”

“Good,” says Alexandria with some relief, “Hey Pathfinder, do you mind waiting here with Guardian? You’re the least combat oriented out of us and my mum and brother wouldn’t approve of us leaving Guardian here on her own. Even though she is trustworthy.”

“I don’t really care,” says Pathfinder with a shrug, “I’ve never really that much a fighter anyway.”

“Cool,” grins Alexandria, “We’re already all in costume so all we need is for Guardian to give us the data.”

Legacy closes her eyes and uses her power to copy the first half of the data sent by Gears and Scott to Alexandria’s phone.

“Done,” Legacy tells Alexandria.

“Great,” says Alexandria excitedly as she checks her phone later, “See ya later!”

Alexandria flies out the room and Flamefly walks out after her. Meanwhile Glowbug walks up to Legacy and embraces her.

“You’re a real cutie Guardian,” says Glowbug as lets go of her, “If you are ever interesting in having something, just give me a call.”

Glowbug kisses the bewildered girl on the cheek, more than just a peck, before strolling out of the room whilst laughing silently to herself.

What was that about?

Romance and love is one of the areas that I am severely lacking in. Guardians usually retire when they get into such things.

So I can’t count on your advice in this matter.

I’ll try my best if needed, but I am afraid not. My apologies.

Well, I can expect you to be good at everything.

“Nic is bi,” says Pathfinder as she walks towards Legacy, “She isn’t exactly being serious mind you, but the offer is actually there and Nic is willing to be serious if you are also willing.”

What is she going about? What is bi and what does she mean by ‘serious’?

“I honestly don’t understand,” replies Legacy.

“Then don’t worry about it,” says Pathfinder as she sits down on Alexandria’s bed, “If you dismiss it as joke, so will Nic. I don’t think she actually expected to accept or even take it seriously.”

“Are you sure?” asks Legacy, “Because I don’t wish to offend her.”

“Yeah, I am,” replies Pathfinder before patting the area of the bed next to her, “Do you want to see down next to me? I want to talk to you about stuff I didn’t want to bring up in front of the others. Especially since I can’t use my power to help figure stuff out about you.”

“Sorry about that, but I have no control over it,” says Legacy as she sits down next to Pathfinder.

“Will this Bio-Scanner help you figure out my secret identity?” asks Pathfinder, “I’m the only member of my team with one and the only one with the chance of having one in the first place.”

“Most likely,” admits Legacy.

“Are sure you can’t just delete the data?” asks Pathfinder in an exasperated voice as she lies down on her back.

“No, but I will protect extremely well,” replies Legacy, “Between the actions of myself, Gears and Sentinel, nobody will be able to access it.”

“I suppose that is the best I’m going to get from you,” mutters Pathfinder, “Could you upgrade this Bio-Scanner so I can use for more than just scanning things? Maybe make it so it can be a phone again?”

“Sure,” replies Legacy and focuses her power on the device in question and begins to upgrade to an all-purpose device, capable of more than just scanning and communication.

Why should I hold back? Might as well get the job done to the fullest extent of my abilities.

“Done,” says Legacy after almost ten seconds, “I upgraded the Bio-Scanner as best as I can. I have also added a secret mode to it so my upgrades only appear when an authorised person is trying to view them.”

“Sweet,” says Pathfinder as she sits back up, “So I’ve been wondering, what is like to fight supervillains? You’ve taken down both Metal Man and the Lakeside Devils and the Aquiline and his group.”

“Well, with Aquiline, I was primarily focused on stopping him from harming more people,” answers Legacy, “I fought them and I did my best to take them down.”

“What did it feel like?” inquires Pathfinder.

“Other than angry at them for what they are doing, not really anything,” replies Legacy, “The fight with Metal Man was worse. I walk into the ambush and was horrible outnumbered and outgunned. I barely made out of there and wouldn’t it weren’t for a piece of advice from my companion.”

“Seriously?” says Pathfinder, looking closely at Legacy, “Everybody, including Metal Man and his gang, think that you kicked their asses super easy.”

“I had only a single chance to strike so when I did, I hit as hard as I could,” explains Legacy, “Then I pulled out before they could recover. I had lost my weapons and couldn’t recover them in time before the gangsters started to get back up. And I didn’t have any power armour back then so I wouldn’t have been able to take Metal Man in a straight fight. I was actually planning to take them out over the course of a few weeks.”

“And what about your fighting style, tactics and strategy?” Pathfinder asks after a moment of silence, “It seems to mainly consist of just shock and awe.”

“I strike hard and fast using precision strikes or overwhelming force depending on the situation,” replies Legacy, “For strategy, I use superior intelligence and surveillance to engage the enemy in guerrilla actions to disrupt their criminal actions.”

“Sounds cool,” says Pathfinder, “I might try a taking a page out of your book. It seems like a good way to use my power.”

“I think I’ll go home now,” says Legacy as she gets off of Alexandria’s bed, “Just give a moment to get changed.”

“Okay,” replies Pathfinder, “I hope we’ll meet again at some point. You seem like a cool person to be friends with.” 

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  1. Okay where to start. Well, first of all, the government can't be seen as officially endorsing vigilantes like Guardian even if they are willing to do it unofficially in certain situations. Hence why Alexandria is willing to privately hang out with Legacy, but isn't willing to bring Guardian along on an official mission.

    So next topic. Glowbug has a crush on Guardian. This is mainly due to her power messing with her mind in very subtle ways. I would explain this in greater detail here, but I'm not currently sure how to do that without giving spoilers. Not that the effects themselves are spoilers, but I'm not sure how to explain without blatantly implying things that are spoilers.

    For the last bit, I was mainly trying to show off the differences in how Legacy actually is and how Guardian and her actions are seen by others. To them, the Guardian is a silent, vicious and very competent vigilante who is extremely dangerous. Not that Legacy isn't like that, but Guardian is viewed as a more exaggerated version of what she really is.

    Next time we get back to Guardian and Protector taking on the mob as they were at the start of this chapter.