Sunday, 15 November 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 12

As they land on the floor, Protector comes out on top as Dark Tendril ends up on his back. Protector doesn’t hold back as he swings both of his fists into Dark Tendril’s fist repeatedly.

As Guardian uses her armour and KEPs to break free of the energy tendrils, now only half restraining her.

Dark Tendril didn’t get the chance to fully restrain me otherwise I wouldn’t be able to break free so easily. Hmm, it appears that Protector’s punches are actually hurting Dark Tendril. Why is that happening when I couldn’t do anything?

A mixture of power, multitude and timeframe.

Please explain in greater detail.

The exoskeleton suit in the armour enhances his strength. Protector is inherently stronger than you so his enhanced strikes are much more powerful than yours. He is doing it rapidly to the same area within a short amount of the time. The large amount of power being repeatedly delivered rapidly is actually overcoming Dark Tendril’s defence.

So how is Protector not getting hurt?

His armour protects his fists from damage while Dark Tendril is caught off guard and has yet to recover.

Should we intervene?

Wait until you have the ability to harm Dark Tendril, but be prepared to support Protector if he needs the help. In the meantime, attempt to get the capability to harm Dark Tendril.

So any ideas on how to do that?

Perhaps you could upgrade your energy projector batons to more power? Other than that, I have no suggestions to offer at this moment in time.

Thanks for the help anyway.        

Sparing Protector only a single glance before she gets to work, Guardian begins to attach more ElecMag cells to one of her batons.

Boosting the power to the energy projector should strengthen the energy projector. Of course overcharging it like this will burn through more power quicker and I will have to do make major repairs to it later. Not to mention it is much more likely to malfunction or break when being used.

We need the extra firepower.

I know, but this is only a short term solution, we’ll need to work on a long term one when we can.

We have to make it out of this in one piece to do that.

I know that as well.

As she finishes adding two ElecMag cells to the baton, Guardian whips her head around as she hears Protector grunt in pain.

Dark Tendril has fought him off and aims his hand at his head as a handgun made of solid black energy forms in it. The villain is clearly preparing to finish off Protector for good.

If that gun was able to dent my armour, it should have no trouble piercing one of my old suits. Then again, Protector’s modified suit includes a lot of Gardium, but I don’t want to take any chances.

With no time to waste, Guardian activates her KEPs as she zooms at Dark Tendril. She tackles him as they fly at the wall. Dark Tendril still gets a shot off, but Guardian is certain it went off target.

At the very least, it won’t kill Protector if it does hit him.

As they impact the wall, Guardian keeps on going, using Dark Tendril as a battering ram to break through. They fly not only through that wall, but the next one as well to reach the open city.

With Dark Tendril in her gasp, Guardian tosses him into the ground. He slams into it hard, leaving a small crater around his point of impact in the road.

Dark Tendril begins to get to his feet as Guardian hovers in the air, finishing modifying one of her energy projector batons into something with enough power to hurt Dark Tendril.

But how will I subdue him?

Subdue him? I don’t think you’ll be able to subdue him.

So what did you expect me to do?

Kill him.


Because he is an enemy trying to do the same to you. I am also certain that he has already harmed innocents and will do so again if not stopped.

But I don’t want to kill people.

Humph! Then you are going to have to flee instead.

Why do you have no problem with killing? We’re a superhero.

I’m a soldier.

With her energy projector baton now fully modified, Guardian activates it and a bright, electric blue energy beam appears, about thirty centimetres long.

In mid-flight amidst the night sky with an energy blade weapon in her hand, Guardian is sure that she is an impressive sight to behold.

You know what Guardian?” says Dark Tendril from below, “Let’s call it quits for now. My bosses didn’t tell me you could do all this.

And with that, Dark Tendril steps into the shadows before disappearing into them.

“Guardian?” asks Protector over their private comm-link, “What should we do now?”

“Get back to the basement with what you got,” replies Guardian, “I need to figure out how to explain all of this to Alexandria and the authorities. They ought to be informed of this, especially about Dark Tendril.”

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  1. And here we come to the end of chapter six. We find more about Legacy's companion and Guardian 'wins' her second supervillain fight, once again using cunning, trickery and deceit. As matter of fact, if Dark Tendril had continued the fight, he would have won. But he didn't know that and with Guardian wielding a nasty looking energy blade, Dark Tendril decided it wasn't worth the risk.

    Next time, we have an interlude from Alexandria's perspective.