Wednesday, 4 November 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 7

“What does that include?” inquires Guardian, “I never done that before as far as I can remember.”

“What? Don’t you have any friends or anything?” asks Glowbug.

“I do,” replies Guardian, “There is Gears, Sentinel and Alexandria.”

“You can call me Charlotte,” says Alexandria as she blushes, “It isn’t like, well, everybody knows who I am so it doesn’t matter if you call by my real name or codename.”

“I understand,” replies Guardian.

“You know, it would easier to socialise if you took your armour off,” says Flamefly.

“I can do that,” replies Guardian, “As long as you don’t try to arrest me like Alexandria tried to earlier.”

“Is that why-” Alexandria starts to ask only to stop as Pathfinder lets out a grunt of pain,

They all turn to look at her and Pathfinder looks embarrassed.

“I tried to use my power on Guardian,” explain Pathfinder sheepishly as she half looks away from them, “But it went all funny and wasn’t working. She was disrupting it somehow and making it wonky and weird.”

“I am not doing anything that I am aware of,” replies Guardian, “So if I am interfering with your power, it is a passive effect.”

“That is interesting,” says Alexandria, “But please you take off your armour. I promise that none of us will try to arrest you. Even though we are supposed to.”

“That is good,” replies Guardian as she uses her power to make her armour come off, “I would probably severely damage this room and injure some of you in my escape.”

I’m glad that I was able to convince Leo to make it so my armour could be automatically removed. While I don’t use that function per say, it means that I can use my power to don or remove my armour.

“How exactly could you do that without your armour?” snorts Flamefly.

“If I told you, you would be able to prepare for it and that option would no longer remain valid for me to use,” replies Guardian as the armour finishes coming off, leaving only the helmet on her head.

She removes her helmet and looks around at the group. Legacy doesn’t wear much beneath her armour, only a white tank top and black cycling shorts. Both are close fitting so that the armour can go on top of them.

“Definitely not an Aphrodite,” mutters Glowbug as she snuggles up against Legacy, “Perhaps a Bellator like Gemma?”

“What are you talking about?” asks Legacy as she notes how uncomfortable close Glowbug is.

“Your Enhanced rating,” says Alexandria, “The majority of superhumans some sort of physical change to them when they get their powers. It is permanent and seems to be a separate change to their powers even if it happens at the same time that they get their powers.”

“There are different types of Enhanced as well,” says Shift, “The most common are the Adonises and Aphrodites. Basically focusing on beauty with physical enhancements being secondary. Adonises such as myself are male while Aphrodites are females. Aphrodites and Adonises also have some supernatural beauty comforts as none of us girls have to worry about body hair, sweating or bras anymore. Bellators are those that while they are more handsome or beautiful, it is in a more practical and normal manner. Compare Gemma to Charlotte or Nic.”

Shift indicates towards Pathfinder, whom Legacy assumes is Gemma. As she looks at Alexandria and Pathfinder, Legacy admits that she does notice the difference in physical appearance between them.

“So as you can see, Vanessa, Nicola and I all have at least E cups while Pathfinder is only a C,” explains Alexandria using terms that are meaningless to Legacy, “Not only that, but we Aphrodites don’t need bras and lack a lot of body hair from the neck down. But while they might lack beauty compared to an Adonis or Aphrodite, Bellators have a lot internal improvements to their body such as better healing, speed, reflexes, toughness and other stuff like that. Adonis and Aphrodites also have those improvements, but they are weak compared to Bellators.”

Ah, Gears must be a Bellator. But I don’t think Cain or I have that sort of power. I’m certain my technopathy is my only power while Cain has had any physical changes since he has gotten powers.

That is correct. You have not undergone any physical changes due to me. You do have other abilities than technopathy.

What are they?

Not yet.

“The last two ratings are Abnormals and Monsters,” says Shift, “Abnormals are those that are mostly human, but have some inhuman traits while Monsters are clearly... monstrous. For example, Metal Man was an Abnormal due to his metal skin.”

“Given how your figure isn’t good as mine and you’re clearly not an Abnormal or Monster, you have to be a Bellator,” says Glowbug as she gives Legacy a light punch to the chest.

“I don’t think I have an Enhanced power,” says Legacy, “I’m certain technopathy is my only power.”

“Are you sure?” asks Shift.


“Yes,” Legacy tells him, “That is what my companion says.”

“Your companion?” inquires Glowbug.

“That is what I call the source of my power,” replies Legacy.

That is correct right?

Indeed it is.

Good. It would have been embarrassing to get that wrong.

“Is your power sentient or something?” asks Pathfinder.


Of course you are.

“Of course,” says Legacy.

“Seriously?” demands both Shift and Glowbug and Legacy nods.

“I’m going to have to tell my brother and the others,” says Alexandria suddenly as she floats to her feet, knocking both Legacy and Flamefly off the couch, “You called your power your companion right?”

“Yeah,” replies Legacy as Glowbug uses tendrils of yellow energy to help Legacy back up.

“I got to go,” says Alexandria.

“Sure,” says Glowbug, “Mind if we let Guardian try on your old clothes? She looks about your old size.”

“Go ahead,” replies Alexandria as she floats into the balcony, “Not like I’m going to use them anyway.”

“Great,” says Glowbug as she clasps her hands together and smirks at Legacy.

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  1. So we get even more interaction between Legacy and the others while also finding out about the Enhanced rating in-story. The Enhanced rating started out because I was thinking about how comic book characters all have these handsome and beautiful bodies and how such a thing could be implemented and justified in-universe. Then I started Brennus and the Physique power in that, which gave me an idea on how to implement my idea. A bit late to include in League of Heroes, but I was able to incorporate it into Legacy. So what sort of Enhanced a parahuman is will give you an idea on what sort of the mindset they have. Or least what sort of mindset they had during period in which they got their powers.

    Otherwise I hope that I'm giving off accurate impressions of what sort of characters that Alexandria's team are. And I was going to mention something else, oh yes, I remember now. In case you are wondering why the official heroes are acting so unprofessional and lax about the law and rules, it is because they aren't a group of trained government employees, but a bunch teenagers with superpowers.

    As for next time, more interaction between Legacy and the girls.