Sunday, 26 April 2015

1.1 Awake Part 4

Scott explained to Legacy how people get hungry and need to eat food to sustain themselves, but also how it was important about what you ate and not to eat too much as it was unhealthy.

Turns out to be an extremely important thing to know. Not to mention it is so simple whilst being so complicated at the same time. I should find out more at a later date.

Scott also decided to explain the other basic human needs as well. It turns out Legacy didn’t know about much of them. She had known about drinking and being thirsty, but not about relieving herself of bodily waste.

That sounds rather disgusting. It’s kind of annoying that something so gross, but necessary doesn’t come naturally to me.

He also told her about sleeping and resting too. Legacy had known about being tired, but that was all even if it does makes logically sense now she knows. Legacy had also known about the medical stuff Scott told her about and then some. That impressed Scott given her otherwise severely lacking knowledge.

Once he was done with his explanations, Scott got some clothes from the pile for Legacy to wear instead of the ones she found in the black plastic containers that Scott called garbage bins or bins for short.

While Scott looked away for some reason he say he’ll explain later, Legacy got changed into some worn brown cargo trousers and a dirty, wrinkled dark blue hoodie made of polyester. They feel much better than her previous set of clothing.

“Now onto the next thing Legacy,” says Scott as he inspects Legacy’s pipe, “Let’s figure out your powers. How did you make this?”

“I just willed the phones to assemble themselves around it and I directed it as I wanted to be,” answers Legacy, “I could sense the phones when they were in my hand and I can sense the pipe when it is nearby since I upgraded it.”

“Let me think for a moment,” grumbles Scott before falling silent.

Doesn’t he know what my ‘power’ is? Scott is extremely smart. Or am I just dumb?

“Technopathy!” exclaims Scott suddenly, “I bet that is what your power is. That’s actually quite useful or at least it’s going to be.”

Technopathy. Control of technology. Yes, that is what my power is. I’m sure of it.

“Now for gathering supplies,” says Scott, “With your power, you can use electronic parts to create more devices like this pipe. You can go and scavenge for parts around the area while I use the money we got to get stuff like food, drink, clothes and other stuff we need to get in shops.”

“I understand,” replies Legacy as she starts thinking about what sort of devices she could build.

Pipes. I could modify more pipes into more dangerous weapons. At the very least I will have my own arsenal.

“But it is late and we should get some sleep while we can,” says Scott, “We’ll be busy in the coming days and we need to rest while we can. Here, you sleep on the blankets for now. I’ll get myself some more to sleep on tomorrow.”

“I understand,” replies Legacy, “But may I ask you something first?”

“Go ahead Legacy,” answers Scott.

“Not that I’m ungrateful, but why are you helping me,” asks Legacy.

Scott sighs again.

He does that a lot.

“I’m a soldier at my core,” replies Scott, “I fought for my country and people. I’ve done my best to stop bad people despite having done bad things myself in the process. I doubt you know about these, but I signed up as soon as I could and fought in the last years of Vietnam. I came off better than most than when onto fight in the Gulf War. After that I joined Delta Forces. My family didn’t like that. We were military family and they didn’t approve of me joining a black ops group. We haven’t spoken in a couple of decades. Since then, I’ve done a hell of a lot for my country until I lost my arm in Afghanistan a few years back. I got an honourable discharge. I struggled to adjust to civilian life and in less than a year without friends or family to support me, I ended up on the streets. Since then I been surviving until I met you tonight. You and your simpleminded willingness to fight the good evil inspired me. Reminded me of myself as a youth. Plus you needed the help so I decided that I might as aid you since I don’t have anything better to do.”

“I understand that,” says Legacy, “Not most of that such as the wars, but that you’re an old soldier on own who wishes to do good. I get that. I think that is what David was. Because you reminded me of him, I trusted you.”

Scott laughs.

“Goodnight Legacy,” chuckles Scott, “Perhaps you can tell me more of this David tomorrow.”


Legacy wakes up at sunrise at the request of the voice at the back of her mind. It insisted that she got up now.

Legacy yawns as she gets up. Scott is already awake and sorting out the money that she acquired last night.

“Up already girl?” says Scott, “I guess it’s for the best. Alright Legacy, here’s a bag. Go out and fill up with parts you’ll need. I recommend taking apart the electronic devices and taking the parts you’ll use with you. It’ll be lighter and more efficient than carrying the whole damn thing with you.”
He tosses a large bag at Legacy.

It’s made of woven fibres. That makes it stronger than if it were plastic. Good call on Scott’s part as I expect the parts I’ll collect to be heavy once I collected enough.

“I’ll get some useful stuff from the shops,” continues Scott, “Things like food, drink and clothes. The basics. We’ll meet back here later. Once you got all your stuff, just come back here without being followed and wait until I return. Don’t go starting any more fights until you’re better prepared.”

Sunday, 19 April 2015

1.1 Awake Part 3

“I’m Mason Scott,” says the male as Legacy follows him down the street, “And you’re? Or do not remember that as well?”

“I don’t know who I am,” replies Legacy, “But I do remember I am and that’s what I call myself.”

“And what might that be,” inquires Scott.

“I remember I was the Legacy of Guardian and David,” answers Legacy, “So that’s what I decided to call myself. Legacy Guardian.”

Scott shakes his head.

Does he disagree with my name?

“So Guardian is going to be your codename?” asks Scott.

“My what?” Legacy asks in return.

“Your codename,” replies Scott, “What you call yourself when fighting crime.”

“I believe that is correct then,” says Legacy, “It feels like it is the right thing.”

 “That’s good girl,” says Scott, “Since you can’t remember much, trust your instincts. They seem like good ones even if they’re not necessarily the smartest.”

“So what now Scott?” asks Legacy.

Scott grunts before looking over his shoulder at Legacy.

“Well girl,” says Scott, “Let’s talk about things back where I’m, we’re staying. The sort of things we don’t want to be overheard in public.”

“I understand,” replies Legacy.

At least I think I do. I’m really interesting in what sort of things Scott will want to talk about.

Legacy follows Scott through the dark streets until she can’t help, but wonder where they are going, especially once they enter a more rundown area. A lot of it looks recently flooded and there are holes in buildings and craters in the streets.

“Looks like a battlefield,” notes Legacy.

“It was,” says Scott, “A couple of weeks ago, when the first of the parahumans showed up.  A couple of criminals got powers and had a show down with each other. Washdown and Blastout. Hydrokinetic and Energy Projector respectively as the authorities called them.”

“I know what those are!” cuts in Legacy excitedly, “Someone who can control water and someone who can control and unleash energy.”

“Good for you girl,” mutters Scott, “But as I was saying, those two decided to have a fight with no regard for anyone else. Most of the waterfront was trashed in their battle. Almost ten thousand died and countless more were injured or left without homes. Of course, plenty of those folks have somewhere to stay now. They were stopped when Atlas stepped in. He’s got Superman powers. You know, flight, superstrength, invulnerability and all the other basics. A sniper took out Washdown while Atlas distracted him. Atlas subdued Blastout and the FBI took him away. No one has seen him since.”

Scott pauses.

“I actually came out on top consider how I got somewhere to stay now,” Scott continues speaking, “I found a building that collapsed after a hit from Blastout, but otherwise fine.  No flooding from Washdown. It looks up a wreck due to it fallen down, but the rubble is safe to walk through and there’s a nice, large basement. It that was abandoned with rest of the building but is still in good shaped. I been staying there for the last few days and you can join me provided you keep it secret.”

Don’t tell anyone where we’re staying. I understand that.

“I get it,” replies Legacy.

“Are sure?” inquires Scott, “I would normally trust someone like you, but with your lack of memory...”

“I know not to tell anyone about it,” Legacy reassures him, “How close are we?”

“Not too far,” says Scott.

And he’s right as the two of them reach the rubble of building within a couple of minutes. Scott shows Legacy the entrance and leads the way again as they enter the basement.

“There are no lights or power,” admits Scott as Legacy looks around in the darkness.

It’s empty except for some blankets on the floor and some bottles of water. Some more clothing is dumped at one side. There is also a wooden table and chairs, but no other furniture.

The basement itself is clearly the size of the house it’s under.

“Put the money on the table,” orders Scott as he goes towards the pile of clothes, “The pipe too.”

Legacy does as he says dropping the dollars in her hand on the table along with her pipe. The electricity stops flowing around the top of pipe as it leaves Legacy’s grip.

“So it is only on when you’re holding it,” mutters Scott as he looks at the pipe.

“Not true,” Legacy disagrees, “It’s only on when I will it to be and since I am not using right now, I wish to converse its power. It only has 53% remaining.”

“Better keep it off then unless you’re fighting then,” says Scott and Legacy files that information away in her mind.

It is good advice and I will then that given my mental state.

“Now Guardian,” says Scott, “As much as I admire your willingness to fight the good fight, we’re going to have to get a base of operations first. That includes not only gear and gadgets, but the basics like power, clothing, food and drink.”

“Right,” agrees Legacy, “That makes senses, but can I ask something first?”

“Go for it girl,” replies Scott.

“What is food?” asks Legacy.

“Please tell me you’re kidding me,” groans Scott.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

1.1 Awake Part 2

Legacy quickly spots the source of the voice. A pair of males that are partway down the alley. One of them has some small plastic containers of white stuff. The other looks in bad health and has strips of paper in his hands.

“Here’s your money mate,” says the second male in a raspy voice, “Now just give me the meth.”

The first male takes the paper and begins to hand over some of the white stuff. The meth if what the other male said is to be believed.

That’s bad says the voice in the back of Legacy’s head.  Its drugs and those are bad and evil.

Got it voice. Meth is drugs and drugs are a form of evil. And those males are evil for having drugs.

Legacy walks towards the males, pipe in hand. She breaks into a run as she nears them. The girl aims for the first male. He’s the most dangerous one and the most evil as he had the drugs first. The other is less of a threat due to his bad health.

The first blow slams into the male’s chest as he turns to face Legacy. As he staggers back, Legacy swings the pipe into the face of the male. He drops with blood running down his face.

She spins around to face the second male. The stunned male is turning to flee, but Legacy whacks the back of his head and he falls face first into the grounds.

Now what?

Legacy puts the pipe down and searches the males for the small plastic containers that hold the meth. Once she has them, she rips them open and lets the drug fall onto the ground.

Useless now. Or at least I hope so.

But a couple of other things have caught Legacy’s eye, the small handheld devices. A phone is what she believes they are called and Legacy can sense them once she has them in her hands. Both of the men had one each, but now Legacy has them.

I should take stuff from people that don’t belong to me, but these men are evil so this okay.

The voice gives Legacy a sense of approval.

That’s good. I’m not doing something wrong then.

“What are you doing lass?” says a voice from behind Legacy.

Legacy grabs her pipe and turns around, weapon in one hand while her new phones are in the other.

Another male with greying hair stands before Legacy. He’s missing his right arm and his hair is long and grey. It covers his head with the exception of his upper face. The hair on the back of head goes down to his shoulders as does the hair on the front of his head.

Baggy legwear covers his lower body while knitted wool covers his upper body. The male is also wearing a tattered trench coat that is unbuttoned.

Something about him makes Legacy think of the David. His ruggedness, his eyes, his posture and the manner in which he carries himself.

“Not sure,” admits Legacy as the voice says she can trust this male, “I just woke up a little while ago. I can’t remember much so I got some clothes and decided to fight evil because that felt like the right thing to do.”

The male stares at her for a moment before laughing.

“Why is that girl?” asks the male, “Who one of those powered folk that started showing up?”

“Don’t know,” says Legacy, “I don’t know much. But I can do this.”

Legacy holds the phones against pipe and makes them merge with pipe, directing it as the phones come apart as she wills them to and graft themselves to the pipe.

The glass drops to ground while the plastic casting bends and forms a coating around the top of the pipe. The circuits and batteries go inside top of the pipe. Once it’s done, the plastic top of pipe crackles with electricity.

“You got powers girl,” says the male, “You say you don’t remember much, but you want to fight evil?”

Legacy nods. She vaguely remembers that’s a sign of agreement.

“Got anywhere to stay or people to care about you?”            

Legacy shakes her head. She knows that’s the opposite of the nod, a way to say no without speaking.

Do I need those? I don’t know.

The male sighs before speaking again.

“Might as well come with me girl,” says the male in weary voice, “I got a place for now and I can look after you and help you. If you’re destroying their drugs and taking their phones, might as well take their money as well. You’ll need it if you want to be a crime fighter.”

“I don’t want to fight crime,” protests Legacy, “I want to fight evil.”

“They’re pretty much the same thing,” says the male, “You really don’t know a lot do you?”

“No,” replies Legacy, “Money is the paper right?”

The male sighs for a second time before helping Legacy search the first two males again and taking their money. The first is the strips of paper, dollars as the male tells her. The second is the wallets. They contain money and cards. The cards are money, but the male says they can’t get to that money and it’ll just get all of them into trouble if they take those so he has Legacy snap them.

But the wallets have more dollars and thin metal discs that the male also claims are money.

“That’s all girl,” says the male, “Let’s go before they wake up or someone else arrives. Follow me and I’ll take you to where we’ll be staying.”

Friday, 17 April 2015

1.1 Awake Part 1

I would like feedback and helpful criticism please. I would to know what people think of my writing and I would like ideas on what I can do to improve it. I am also willing to answer questions about the setting, story and characters in the comments section provided it doesn't go into spoiler territory.

The girl gets to her feet and looks around her.

An alley, a dirty old alley of a city. That’s what this place is.

Something is wrong with me. I know that much.

She knows that there is something wrong with her. It feels like that are large gaps in her mind.

Except it feels like most of was there is gone rather than just some of it. Like the gaps isn’t what is missing, but what isn’t remaining.

Like her name or who she is. The girl can’t remember either of those.

Who am I? Guardian. I remember a Guardian and a David. They are same weren’t they? I think so. David was Guardian, but Guardian wasn’t just David. And I’m a legacy. But was it Guardian’s or David’s legacy? But I am without a name and I feel like I need one. I’m a legacy so I’m Legacy. And I’m the legacy of Guardian so that makes me Legacy of Guardian.

That is who she is the girl decides.

If anyone asks me who I am, I’ll be Legacy Guardian.

Now what?

Legacy looks at herself. No clothes. She should find some as something in the back of her mind tells she should have something to cover herself up. For protection in this chilly, freezing weather and slushy solid water.

I got black hair. I can see it on my shoulders. My eyes or face? I don’t know what they look like. Is that wrong? To be able to see a picture of one and not know it is you? As for my body, I’m healthy and got what? Curves? That what I think is the correct word for my body’s form. Fit and healthy with curves. Yeah, I think that’s what you would call my body.

She feels something at the back of her mind. Not a just voice or feeling, but something more that isn’t quite there. Legacy can only really get one thing from it.

Syncing. What does it mean syncing? Why is it syncing?

Legacy looks around for a source of clothing. Not that she can remember any of them.

There! Containers of old stuff. I can’t remember the word, but it has stuff people don’t want any more. And that means they won’t mind if I take stuff from them. I need it after all and they don’t want it so it’s okay?

She briefly looks through the black plastic container until she finds some torn denim legwear and a stained white sheet of cloth.

She puts on the legwear. It fits her rather well. A bit loose, but that is fine as she has nothing better. As for the cloth, Legacy wraps it around her upper body and ties the ends in a knot at the side.

That should hold it.  Now what?

Legacy has clothes now so that’s solved. She isn’t thirsty so she doesn’t need liquid.

What now?

Fight evil says the thing at the back of Legacy’s mind. Legacy mulls over it for a moment.

Might as well. Not like I have anything else to do.

But what is evil? I guess I’ll know it when I see it or at least I hope I do.

Legacy walks down the alley. There are windows with hanging sheets of cloth on the buildings. She 
can’t help, but wonder what’s behind them.

Bedrooms maybe? Or the rooms where people cook something I cannot remember?

Legacy reaches the end of the alley. A road lies before her. She looks up at glowing half- circle in the sky, surrounded by dots of light amidst the dark sky.

Is that the sun? I don’t know that as well. I think the sun is a circle so that might be half the sun?

A large metal device with someone inside goes pass Legacy on the road rather quickly. Certainly faster than Legacy could run. She might know much, but she knows enough that she should avoid getting in the way of those. Getting hit by one would be bad for her.

Legacy walks across the road into the alley on the other side of it. More black plastic containers of unwanted items. Legacy is tempted to look into them, but she doesn’t know what to look for at this moment.

But something catches Legacy’s eye. A rusty pipe about the size of her arm.

 I know what that is! And what’s it’s used for! A weapon, probably thrown away due to being damaged.

Legacy is excited at finally knowing what something is. In her excitement, Legacy decides to take it as her own weapon. Despite whatever reason its old owner had to discard it, Legacy is currently unarmed.

She grabs the pipe from its position at the side of container. Legacy gives it a couple of swishes through the air before deciding it is good enough for her use.

Legacy continues down the alley until she reaches a turn. Now faced with the choice of either going left or continuing onward, Legacy decides to take the left turn

Still no one about or least anyone Legacy can see. She can hear another of one of those fast metal boxes nearby, but out of sight.

Perhaps evil is harder to find than I originally thought.

Legacy is halfway down this alley when she hears a male voice.

“Got the dough pal? Because you ain’t getting nothing without it.”