Sunday, 19 April 2015

1.1 Awake Part 3

“I’m Mason Scott,” says the male as Legacy follows him down the street, “And you’re? Or do not remember that as well?”

“I don’t know who I am,” replies Legacy, “But I do remember I am and that’s what I call myself.”

“And what might that be,” inquires Scott.

“I remember I was the Legacy of Guardian and David,” answers Legacy, “So that’s what I decided to call myself. Legacy Guardian.”

Scott shakes his head.

Does he disagree with my name?

“So Guardian is going to be your codename?” asks Scott.

“My what?” Legacy asks in return.

“Your codename,” replies Scott, “What you call yourself when fighting crime.”

“I believe that is correct then,” says Legacy, “It feels like it is the right thing.”

 “That’s good girl,” says Scott, “Since you can’t remember much, trust your instincts. They seem like good ones even if they’re not necessarily the smartest.”

“So what now Scott?” asks Legacy.

Scott grunts before looking over his shoulder at Legacy.

“Well girl,” says Scott, “Let’s talk about things back where I’m, we’re staying. The sort of things we don’t want to be overheard in public.”

“I understand,” replies Legacy.

At least I think I do. I’m really interesting in what sort of things Scott will want to talk about.

Legacy follows Scott through the dark streets until she can’t help, but wonder where they are going, especially once they enter a more rundown area. A lot of it looks recently flooded and there are holes in buildings and craters in the streets.

“Looks like a battlefield,” notes Legacy.

“It was,” says Scott, “A couple of weeks ago, when the first of the parahumans showed up.  A couple of criminals got powers and had a show down with each other. Washdown and Blastout. Hydrokinetic and Energy Projector respectively as the authorities called them.”

“I know what those are!” cuts in Legacy excitedly, “Someone who can control water and someone who can control and unleash energy.”

“Good for you girl,” mutters Scott, “But as I was saying, those two decided to have a fight with no regard for anyone else. Most of the waterfront was trashed in their battle. Almost ten thousand died and countless more were injured or left without homes. Of course, plenty of those folks have somewhere to stay now. They were stopped when Atlas stepped in. He’s got Superman powers. You know, flight, superstrength, invulnerability and all the other basics. A sniper took out Washdown while Atlas distracted him. Atlas subdued Blastout and the FBI took him away. No one has seen him since.”

Scott pauses.

“I actually came out on top consider how I got somewhere to stay now,” Scott continues speaking, “I found a building that collapsed after a hit from Blastout, but otherwise fine.  No flooding from Washdown. It looks up a wreck due to it fallen down, but the rubble is safe to walk through and there’s a nice, large basement. It that was abandoned with rest of the building but is still in good shaped. I been staying there for the last few days and you can join me provided you keep it secret.”

Don’t tell anyone where we’re staying. I understand that.

“I get it,” replies Legacy.

“Are sure?” inquires Scott, “I would normally trust someone like you, but with your lack of memory...”

“I know not to tell anyone about it,” Legacy reassures him, “How close are we?”

“Not too far,” says Scott.

And he’s right as the two of them reach the rubble of building within a couple of minutes. Scott shows Legacy the entrance and leads the way again as they enter the basement.

“There are no lights or power,” admits Scott as Legacy looks around in the darkness.

It’s empty except for some blankets on the floor and some bottles of water. Some more clothing is dumped at one side. There is also a wooden table and chairs, but no other furniture.

The basement itself is clearly the size of the house it’s under.

“Put the money on the table,” orders Scott as he goes towards the pile of clothes, “The pipe too.”

Legacy does as he says dropping the dollars in her hand on the table along with her pipe. The electricity stops flowing around the top of pipe as it leaves Legacy’s grip.

“So it is only on when you’re holding it,” mutters Scott as he looks at the pipe.

“Not true,” Legacy disagrees, “It’s only on when I will it to be and since I am not using right now, I wish to converse its power. It only has 53% remaining.”

“Better keep it off then unless you’re fighting then,” says Scott and Legacy files that information away in her mind.

It is good advice and I will then that given my mental state.

“Now Guardian,” says Scott, “As much as I admire your willingness to fight the good fight, we’re going to have to get a base of operations first. That includes not only gear and gadgets, but the basics like power, clothing, food and drink.”

“Right,” agrees Legacy, “That makes senses, but can I ask something first?”

“Go for it girl,” replies Scott.

“What is food?” asks Legacy.

“Please tell me you’re kidding me,” groans Scott.

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