Friday, 13 November 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 11

The man slams into to the wall, dropping to one knee.

“What the-” starts Protector as he spins around before stopping as tendrils of solid blackness sprout from the ground, wrapping around his legs and up towards his body.

Several of the same tendrils appear around Guardian and attempt to do the same, but she is already in action as she flies at the man. The man is already recovering and has covered himself in thin layer of semi-transparent black energy.

Guardian swings both of her stun batons into the man, but they do little more than stagger and stun him.

This guy seems a little too powerful for me to deal with. My most powerful attacks haven’t actually done much to hurt him and if I can’t hurt him, I don’t see how I can win this.

Call for aid. Convert the electricity projectors of the stun batons into directed supercharged laser projectors to create an energy blade.

Good ideas.

Guardian sends an alert to Sentry and Gears before focusing on all four electric stun batons, both hers and Protector’s.

She can feel the tendrils wrapping around her, but Guardian focuses on modifying the stun batons. They need a more powerful weapon to take this guy down.

After a few seconds, the modifications are done and Guardian has a bad headache.


I know!

The sound of the man speaking brings Guardian’s attention back to her immediate surroundings. The man has a couple dozen tendrils holding Guardian in place.

I thought you would be tougher,” sneers the man.

Guardian tries to break free of solid energy tendrils, but they are extremely strong and solid. While they do strain a bit, they don’t even begin to show any signs of tearing or breaking. The best she does is getting her right arm free.

Well, Guardian,” says the man snidely as he bends down in front of her, “When the angels bring you to the heavens, tell them that Durante Capello send you.

He pulls out one of the not-technology guns that the other mobsters have been using. Meanwhile Guardian feels some sprouting her head, something dark and out of place.

He has spawned one of those energy tendrils inside of your mind.

So do something! You’re the smart on here!

I can deal with it, but it will only worsen your headache.

I can deal with more pain, but I don’t want anyone messing with my mind!

As you wish.

Guardian grunts in pain as her head flares in pain.

It feels like somebody is scrambling my head!

That is one way of describing what I am going if simplified and inexact.

Guardian is jolted back to reality as a pair of red lasers bounce off of her armour. She growls at the man, Durante Capello.

He is a supervillain and these black energy tendrils seem to be his main power so I’m just going to call him Dark Tendril.

Dark Tendril seems surprised at that fact his weapon didn’t kill Guardian or even damage her armour. Guardian doesn’t give him the chance to try again as she lashes out with her power. Dark Tendril yelps as his gun explodes in his hand, but leaves him unarmed.

Using her free hand, Guardian stabs her energy projector baton at Dark Tendril, but the supervillain grabs her waist and smiles at her.

Nice trick, but I’m not so easily beaten,” says Dark Tendril with some respect in his voice.

Using his other hand, he grabs her by the neck and starts to squeeze.

I got a bit of time before the Gardium armour begins to give.

One minute thirty four seconds before it begins to crack and go inward, three minutes fifty four seconds until he kills you by crushing your throat.

Any suggestions?

Flashbang Dark Tendril with your power then hit him hard to knock him off balance. Try to keep him that way and retain the initiative until back up arrives. Try to hurt him with your energy projector batons if you can.


Using her power, Guardian activates one of the flashbangs on her utility belt. While not overly affected, Dark Tendril is stunned and staggers backwards, letting go of Guardian as he shields his face with one arm.

Guardian kicks her feet towards Dark Tendril’s upper legs and fires the KEPs in her boots as they make contact with him.

The still recovering supervillain is knocked off his feet and slams face first into the ground. He grunts as Guardian breaks free of the energy tendrils restraining her. She flies into the air as Dark Tendril begins to get to his feet.

Guardian throws a trio of explosives at Dark Tendril. He stumbles backwards, still off balance and Guardian flies down at him, feet first. Her feet smash into Dark Tendril’s chest and he goes flying backwards, crashing into a wall on the far side of the room.

Guardian lands on the ground whilst breaking into a run at Dark Tendril, an energy projector baton in each hand.
But Dark Tendril whips out a pair of handguns made of solid black energy and opens fire on Guardian. The bullets of dark energy slam into her chest, staggering Guardian as they dent her armour just barely.

You really are a resourceful bitch aren’t you,” snarls Dark Tendril as more of his energy tendrils fly out of the ceiling and floor to restrain Guardian, “Then again, someone who has caused so much trouble would have to-

Protector tackles Dark Tendril, knocking him off his feet.  

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  1. So Guardian is facing another supervillain, one that out-powers her. Not really anything to say other than Durante hasn't been hired to take out Guardian specifically, but just to stop her if she takes action against mob activities.

    Next time, we get to see how this fight places out and come to the end of this chapter.