Friday, 6 November 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 8

“Let’s go!” exclaims Glowbug as she holds Legacy against her chest as they flight into the air via an energy field surrounding them.

So this is flying without armour? Feels strange. And interesting. I kind of like it. Minus the pressing up against Glowbug’s chest. That is annoying.

They fly through the kitchen and down the corridor before entering a bedroom. Legacy assumes it is Alexandria’s.

This place is about three quarters of the size of my basement and it only includes her bed, a couple of desks and several wardrobes. All this space for her personal use without having to put any of it aside for necessaries such as food and storage. Alexandria is a lucky person.

“So, this is Charlotte’s bedroom,” says Glowbug as she drops Legacy on Alexandria’s massive bed, “I know the bed is a bit big, but she can afford to have a queen sized bed.”

It is about the same size as the table and the chairs. It is very big.

“The boxes of Charlotte’s old clothes are in the corner,” says Glowbug as the others also enter the room, “She was planning on donating them to charity, but I’m sure she won’t mind giving some away to you if they fit you. You can call me Nicola by the way or just Nic for short.”

“Well, if you girls are going to play dress up on Guardian, I’ll leave you to it,” says Shift as he exits the room, “My sympathies by the way Guardian.”

What does he mean?

“I’ll watch,” says Flamefly as she hops down on the bed as well while Pathfinder leans against the wall next to the door.

“Let’s start with underwear,” says Glowbug or Nic as she prefers to call herself, “You seem like a C cup like Charlotte was.”

More of Glowbug’s yellow energy tendrils emit from her and pick a pair of skinny jeans from the top box.

“Actually, would you like to try these on first?” asks Glowbug, “It would probably be awkard than stripping you naked.”

“You think,” mutters Pathfinder under breath.

“I don’t care to be honest,” replies Legacy, bemused by these events.

I don’t even know what all this ‘dress up’ business is. Or why Glowbug would want to see me naked.

They go through most of the Alexandria’s old clothes when Legacy is internally interrupted by her companion.

You got a message in your armour from Scott.


“How are things going?” asks Alexandria as she enters her bedroom.

“We gone through most your old clothes,” replies Glowbug, “Guardian is your old size and body shape so they fit really well.”

“I can tell,” agrees Alexandria as she looks Legacy over, “Nice dress Guardian. It looks really good on you.”

Legacy looks down at herself. She is currently wearing an aqua silk dress that is close fitting to the point Legacy feels she might be just a bit big for it. The sleeves are long and narrow while the skirt only goes down to just above her knees. The dress is tight around her waist and hugs her hips and thighs.

I prefer my armour. In a fight, my mobility would be restricted, especially around the upper legs and this dress offers no clothing.

Agreed. Armour is much better and more practical than this dress.

“I have to check my messages,” says Legacy, “It will only take a moment.”

Legacy uses her power on her armour. The companion is correct and Scott has sent a message to her armour.

Gears called. He found the location of supervillain supplying the fake technology in addition to a potential mafia target for you and Protector to take out.

The rest of the message only contains the data about the two places. What do you think I should do?

Tell Alexandria and her team about the first bit of information, but keep the second bit second so you and Cain may act on it later.


“Done,” says Legacy, “I have some information on the person supplying the not-technology weaponry.”

“Really?” asks Alexandria, “Wait, how did you just check your message? You just stood still for a second.”

“She is a technopath Charlotte,” points out Pathfinder with a slight shake of her head.

“Oh, right,” says Alexandria, flushing slightly, “So what do you have on them?”

“Gears sent me their current location,” says Legacy, “I can send it to your phone if you want.”

“That would be great!” exclaims Alexandria, “I would get to take down a supervillain. The government has had my brother arrest so many already while I’m stuck here in Chicago. He’s actually how going after another one down in Houston with Lightbringer.”

“Won’t we need to go and get arrest warrants or anything?” asks Flamefly.

“Nope,” says Pathfinder, “The designated supervillain Armsmith has already got an open warrant for his arrest due to him supplying criminal elements with dangerous weaponry. We got after him using the information supplied by Gears and Guardian, we are just acting on a tipoff. While Armsmith might try to get out of it by claiming that we acting on illegally acquired information from another wanted individual whom we are not arresting. But I doubt the government will let Armsmith off so easily. They’ll lock them up one way or another and the public won’t mind as long as a dangerous supervillain is safely locked away from them.”

“How did you all figure all?” asks Glowbug.

“My power,” declares Pathfinder, “It lets me figure stuff like this out as long as I have enough information. Plus I read the reports we get sent. Doing that sort of thing is surprisingly helpful.”

“But the real question here is do we bring Guardian along or not?” asks Glowbug.

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  1. So the first half of this segment is Glowbug messing around Legacy and Legacy just going along with it as she has no idea on what is going on. In case you haven't figured it out before reading this comment, Glowbug has ulterior motives in her actions involving Legacy. Otherwise, the bit at the end about Pathfinder explaining what they and government would do about Armsmith may not be realistic, but in this universe, the US government is focusing on taking down superpowered criminals in the spirit of the law even if they don't exactly follow the letter of the law in the process. Might cause problems in the long run, but you're going to bigger problems in both the long run and short run if you let supervillains run havoc.

    So next time, we find out about Glowbug's ulterior motive and Pathfinder has a little chat with Legacy.