Wednesday, 11 November 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 10

After changing back into her original clothing, Guardian got back into her armour. After collecting the four boxes of Alexandria’s old clothing and bidding Pathfinder farewell, Guardian flew back to the basement, where Scott and Cain should be.

She lands outside the door, moves up against the lock so she can use her power to open it up. As Guardian walks in and takes her helmet off, both Scott and Cain look up at her.

“What is in the boxes?” asks Scott as he eyes them.

“Alexandria’s old clothes,” replies Legacy as she puts the boxes in question down on the floor, “Her team decided I was about her old size so I tried on most of her old clothes. Then I got your message and decided to let Alexandria and her team go after Armsmith.”

“Any particular reason why?” inquires Scott.

“Building goodwill up,” says Legacy.

“So what about the clothes?” asks Scott, “You showed them what you look like didn’t you?”

“Yes,” replies Legacy, “I also have their biometric scans so it seemed reasonable. It isn’t exactly like they can use it against me and it helps build up more goodwill.”

“It’s your secret identity,” says Scott with a shrug, “Did Leo tell you about Cain’s codename and the girl that he recruited over in Grand Rapids?”

“Yes,” replies Legacy.

“Good,” says Scott as he puts his hands together, “You know, we’re going to have to come up with a name for our group soon.”

“I am well aware,” replies Legacy, “I have already mentioned it to Leo.”

“Hmm,” says Scott, “So I got an idea for training Cain here. Since he has school, he’ll come round tomorrow evening for training and spend Saturday also training in the morning and afternoon. Then, in the event, the two of you can hit the mob target that Leo has so kindly provided for us.”

“Good plan,” says Legacy.

“It is what I do for this little group,” replies Scott with a grin.


Two Days Later
“Good,” replies Protector as he drops the mob thug he was beating unconscious, “So what now?”

“The Caporegime is in the next room,” says Guardian as she walks over to the door, an electric stun baton in each hand, “We take him down, steal their money and data. Then we’ll decide what do to hand over to the police, what to upload to the internet and what to keep for ourselves once we’re back at our base.”

“Sounds like a plan,” says Protector as he bends down and picks his electric stun baton up.
Protector is wearing the modified suit of power armour that Guardian came up with. Most of the old armour is pretty much gone with large amounts of Gardium holding it together. It is effectively plate armour with the exo-skeleton to provide enhanced strength and speed while helmet includes a HUD to help identify targets and items of interest to Protector.

Around his waist is a utility belt containing a variety of gadgets provided by both Gears and Guardian, including a pair of electric stun batons like the ones that Guardian uses. It also has a voice distorter to help keep his identity secret.

Guardian kicks the door down just a single strike and enters the room. Inside is a well-dressed man with a pair of armed bodyguards.

Each of them has a sleek, smooth, curved, black not-technology pistol and Guardian snarls beneath her helmet as she leaps into action. Using KEPs to boost her jump, Guardian swings her two electric stun batons into the heads of the two bodyguards before slamming into the leader.

They both go tumbling while the man cries out in pain. Ignoring him, Guardian swiftly uses her power to make the not-technology pistols explode. The leader screams in pain as his weapon explodes in his hand and Guardian shuts him up with a jab to the jaw, breaking it.

Guardian turns around to finish off the bodyguards only to find that Protector has already taken them out.

“Good work,” Guardian tells him.

“Will he be okay?” asks Protector, indicating the mob leader.

“Yes,” replies Guardian, “He should make a full recovery naturally. But it will take at least six weeks, possibly two months.”

“So now what?” asks Protector.

“I’ll download the data from the computers while you loot the guys,” replies Guardian as she gets to work, “Get their phones, money and weapons. Phones are useful as I modify them into useful gadgets while I feel it is important to disrupt their powerbases by ridding them of drugs, funds and weaponry whenever we can.”

“Does it work?” inquires Protector as he begins retrieving items of value from one of the men he has knocked out.

“While I can’t say for sure, I believe I am having some effect on their operations,” answers Guardian, 
“They are finding it harder to deal drugs and I’m sure that I’ve taken out at least some of their funds and destroyed a good portion of their product with my raids of their bases. At the very least they get stressed and angry with me and are doing their utmost to stop me.”

“Are their efforts working?” asks Protector as he moves onto the next man.

“No, they have nothing to match me yet,” replies Guardian, “That said, nobody has sent parahuman after me yet. Except for the government.”

“The government?” repeats Protector

“They’ve sent Alexandria to arrest me a couple of times,” offers Guardian in way of further explanation.

“Oh, okay,” mutters Protector.

Left Fist. Strike Forward and Up at Highest Strength. One, two, NOW!

Guardian does as her companion instructs and her fist connects with the lower jaw of a handsome, well-built man in a suit as he steps out of the shadows.

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  1. So not much to say about this chapter. Everything in it is pretty much self-explanatory. time Guardian fights a supervillain sent by the mob. See ya.