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1.7 Guardsmen Part 4

Legacy looks up from her work as Leo clears his throat from the doorway of her lab.

“It’s time for the group meeting,” Leo tells her.

Wait, that was three hours away.

It has been that long.


Yes. You have been busy working on creating a stable version of the overcharged energy projector baton.

Huh. I completely lost track of time.

“Do you want to go to the meeting or would you like some time to get ready to present yourself?” asks Leo.

“Why would I need time to get ready?” asks Legacy, confused by the question.

“Legacy, take a look at yourself,” replies Leo dryly.

Legacy takes note of the state of her body. She changed into some of Alexandria’s old sweatpants and a sports bra as she expected to get hot and sweaty working her lab as the air conditioning has been installed yet.

And she has gotten hot and sweaty as the liquid glistens on her pale bare skin. And her damp clothing is hugging her skin. Perhaps she should change into something more presentable.


Legacy senses curiosity from her companion as she asks the question.

I’m not sure. It just feels like it is socially acceptable.


Trying to obey the standards of society is nothing wrong.

Just do not let it get in the way of important things.

I know that.

“I’m fine,” replies Legacy to Leo, “We’re amongst friends. They won’t mind me looking like this.”

“Yeah, I’m sure they will understanding of the fact you been working three hours straight,” agrees Leo, Anyway, it’s your funeral. Come on then. We’re already late.”

My funeral?

Don’t worry, you’ll plenty of those.

Leo leads the way to the main room of the base, in which a wooden round table is in the middle of it.

Why do we have a round table as our gathering point?

Perhaps it holds some significance on his world?

Seating around the table is Scott, Cain and Puerto Rican-British girl Allison. Legacy looks at Allison as this is the first time they have met whilst not in their armour.

Allison has her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail while her glasses are still coving her blue eyes. Despite her mother being Native Puerto Rican, Allison inherited the hair colour and eyes her of her father, even if she does have the smooth, sleek hair of her mother as well as her features.

By just looking at her strong, fit figure, Legacy can tell that Allison is an A+ Class Bellator. Then again, she doubts that she would have realised that if she didn’t already know that fact.

What is her history again?

She lived in Puerto Rico until she was eleven with her mother and father. Her father was a US soldier stationed at Puerto Rico who married her mother there after retiring. Allison and her father were attacked when she was eleven by local gangsters. Her father was killed protecting her and Allison was crippled. The only reason she isn’t currently in a wheelchair is that the injury was healed when she got her powers.

Then what?

Her mother moved to Grand Rapids after that with her. When Allison was twelve, her married her stepfather, who is divorced with custody of his two boys. His wife got their daughter. She was friends with Leo and Joan, but drifted away over the last year and a half. Leo was able to use his enhanced intellect to figure out that she gained powers and convince her to join us.

So what are her powers?

Regeneration, Super Strength, Super Toughness, Super Speed, Super Senses and Super Agility all at C Class.

Impressive. So no flight?

She can leap high, but no actual flight.

Still impressive.


“Okay Legacy and I are here,” says Leo as he takes a seat next to Allison and Legacy takes a seat between Scott and Leo, “Legacy was working in her lab, hence the delay and her current state.”

“So what exactly are we discussing?” inquires Scott.

“Well, we’re supposed to be a team,” says Leo, “So for that we need to start acting as team, which is what we can do now we got this base to connect our two cities.”

“True,” agrees Scott, “We ought to decide on a name first.”

“I agree,” replies Leo, “We need to pick a name for our team which is in an indistinct heroic sounding name. That said, we can’t have the Sentinels, the Protectors, the Defenders, the Guardians or the Sentries.”

“Of course,” says Cain as he, Allison and Scott all grin.

 “We also need to decide on leadership,” cuts in Legacy causing all of them to turn and look at her.

“We do need to establish leadership,” Scott agrees with her.

“That was going to be my second point,” admits Leo.

“So who do we pick?” asks Allison.

Leo should be in command as he is the best suited for the task. With his powers and mental layout, it should be nigh impossible for him to burnout or get overwhelmed by the job. Scott with his experience and leadership skills should be his second in command.

And what about Jaylyn and myself?

Jaylyn can provide support. AIs like her are very good at that role. You and Leo should be field leaders with your experience.

“I recommend Leo as our leader with Scott as his second in command,” says Legacy, “Jaylyn can run support operations while Leo and I can be field leaders.”

“That makes a lot of sense,” replies Leo with a glance at Scott.

“Yes, unless anyone has any complaints, we should go with that command structure,” replies Scott as he strokes his beard with one hand.

No one objects.

“Good,” says Leo, “Now onto our team name. I was thinking of going with the Guardsmen. It isn’t taken yet and it fits in with the other codenames we have chosen.”

“Not your own,” points Cain.

“But I choose that one when I was still flying solo with Jay,” says Leo, “What do you guys say? Should we call ourselves the Guardsmen?”

“It does sound rather cool,” says Allison.

“Not to mention rather imposing,” says Cain.

“I do like the sound of it,” says Scott.

“It is a good name,” says Legacy and her companion privately agrees with her.

“Then it is settled,” says Leo as he smiles, “We are the Guardsmen.”           

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  1. So this segment includes a few things I want to talk about. For example, it shows off Ceta's very blunt and utilitarian way of thinking. In addition to I want to show off well, the group fitted in together. Which is primarily as lack of conflicting personalities. I personally feel that it makes sense for that to be the case as these people are voluntarily working together so it wouldn't make sense for them to not get on with each other. And I could probably think of a better way of explaining that, but I can't be bothered right now. As for the name of the team, the Guardsmen (which is a title drop of the chapter), I feel chose it because I feel it sounded cool and fitted in which other names such as Guardian, Protector, Sentinel and Defender.

    Now I got that stuff out of the way, let's talk about the development of Defender's character. Allison Ryder is a old character of mine, having been created as a daughter of an English researcher. She was going to have powers like Guardian which also came from the same source (alien nanobots) But since then she changed into her second incarnation, an half-Caribbean girl who got crippled when gangsters killed her father. In this version of Allison, she, along with her friend Dune and others, volunteered to be infected with alien nanobots in the hopes of healing her crippling injuries. While the main character Dune became the Guardian, Allison became Defender. Now the third incarnation of Allison an aspiring news reporter with an abusive step family after her father sacrificed himself to save her. She later became a media liaison to her best friend, Agent Dune Knight of the Third Roman Imperium. Now this fourth version of Allison as elements from each of the previous versions with some new elements as well. For example, Allison was always a more sneaky, stealthy character before the fourth incarnation and this one is a brick. The main reason this Allison is a brick is because I wanted to round out the Guardsmen power set wise.

    Feel free to vote in the poll.

    As for next time, Legacy reveals to Leo a major invention of hers.