Saturday, 18 April 2015

1.1 Awake Part 2

Legacy quickly spots the source of the voice. A pair of males that are partway down the alley. One of them has some small plastic containers of white stuff. The other looks in bad health and has strips of paper in his hands.

“Here’s your money mate,” says the second male in a raspy voice, “Now just give me the meth.”

The first male takes the paper and begins to hand over some of the white stuff. The meth if what the other male said is to be believed.

That’s bad says the voice in the back of Legacy’s head.  Its drugs and those are bad and evil.

Got it voice. Meth is drugs and drugs are a form of evil. And those males are evil for having drugs.

Legacy walks towards the males, pipe in hand. She breaks into a run as she nears them. The girl aims for the first male. He’s the most dangerous one and the most evil as he had the drugs first. The other is less of a threat due to his bad health.

The first blow slams into the male’s chest as he turns to face Legacy. As he staggers back, Legacy swings the pipe into the face of the male. He drops with blood running down his face.

She spins around to face the second male. The stunned male is turning to flee, but Legacy whacks the back of his head and he falls face first into the grounds.

Now what?

Legacy puts the pipe down and searches the males for the small plastic containers that hold the meth. Once she has them, she rips them open and lets the drug fall onto the ground.

Useless now. Or at least I hope so.

But a couple of other things have caught Legacy’s eye, the small handheld devices. A phone is what she believes they are called and Legacy can sense them once she has them in her hands. Both of the men had one each, but now Legacy has them.

I should take stuff from people that don’t belong to me, but these men are evil so this okay.

The voice gives Legacy a sense of approval.

That’s good. I’m not doing something wrong then.

“What are you doing lass?” says a voice from behind Legacy.

Legacy grabs her pipe and turns around, weapon in one hand while her new phones are in the other.

Another male with greying hair stands before Legacy. He’s missing his right arm and his hair is long and grey. It covers his head with the exception of his upper face. The hair on the back of head goes down to his shoulders as does the hair on the front of his head.

Baggy legwear covers his lower body while knitted wool covers his upper body. The male is also wearing a tattered trench coat that is unbuttoned.

Something about him makes Legacy think of the David. His ruggedness, his eyes, his posture and the manner in which he carries himself.

“Not sure,” admits Legacy as the voice says she can trust this male, “I just woke up a little while ago. I can’t remember much so I got some clothes and decided to fight evil because that felt like the right thing to do.”

The male stares at her for a moment before laughing.

“Why is that girl?” asks the male, “Who one of those powered folk that started showing up?”

“Don’t know,” says Legacy, “I don’t know much. But I can do this.”

Legacy holds the phones against pipe and makes them merge with pipe, directing it as the phones come apart as she wills them to and graft themselves to the pipe.

The glass drops to ground while the plastic casting bends and forms a coating around the top of the pipe. The circuits and batteries go inside top of the pipe. Once it’s done, the plastic top of pipe crackles with electricity.

“You got powers girl,” says the male, “You say you don’t remember much, but you want to fight evil?”

Legacy nods. She vaguely remembers that’s a sign of agreement.

“Got anywhere to stay or people to care about you?”            

Legacy shakes her head. She knows that’s the opposite of the nod, a way to say no without speaking.

Do I need those? I don’t know.

The male sighs before speaking again.

“Might as well come with me girl,” says the male in weary voice, “I got a place for now and I can look after you and help you. If you’re destroying their drugs and taking their phones, might as well take their money as well. You’ll need it if you want to be a crime fighter.”

“I don’t want to fight crime,” protests Legacy, “I want to fight evil.”

“They’re pretty much the same thing,” says the male, “You really don’t know a lot do you?”

“No,” replies Legacy, “Money is the paper right?”

The male sighs for a second time before helping Legacy search the first two males again and taking their money. The first is the strips of paper, dollars as the male tells her. The second is the wallets. They contain money and cards. The cards are money, but the male says they can’t get to that money and it’ll just get all of them into trouble if they take those so he has Legacy snap them.

But the wallets have more dollars and thin metal discs that the male also claims are money.

“That’s all girl,” says the male, “Let’s go before they wake up or someone else arrives. Follow me and I’ll take you to where we’ll be staying.”

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