Friday, 30 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 5

It is forty eight minutes after five o’clock when Legacy checks to see if she has gotten a reply from Leo yet, just as she finishes modifying an old set of power armour for Cain. It turned out that the difference in size between them was a significant factor and that resulted the old suit being broken apart and Gardium being used to fill the gaps.

Legacy grins as she sees that she has received a reply from her partner and friend.

I’ll try and figure how Cain’s power later or at least if he has any physical improvements. I would complain about recruiting about consulting me first, but I have done the same. One of my old friends has become a C Class Brick and has kept it secret. I convinced her to join me. I’ll get started on armour for both her and Cain.

By the way, I come up with some codenames for their costumed identities. Defender for Allison and Protector for Cain. They fit in with the theme of non-descriptive, but heroic sounding names such as Guardian, Sentinel and Sentry and don’t reveal anything about their powers.

In other news, Jaylyn has made some serious progress on our new base below Lake Michigan. While it won’t be completely done until several months time, it should be operational within another week, two at most.

So we got another member to add to our team. We’re going to have to come up with a name soon. With Cain and Defender, that makes a total of six of us. What does Leo mean by C Class Brick? Alexandria mentioned that she was B+ Class while I was C Class earlier?

Ask Alexandria about them.

Good idea. How should I reply to Leo?

Express your approval getting another member and the progress on the new base. Ask him about getting a name for the group.

Good ideas.

Following the advice of her companion, Legacy incorporates her approval into her reply and ends it off by asking for ideas on what to call their team.

Let’s see... only ten minutes to go until six o’clock. I might as well leave now. I’m sure Alexandria won’t mind if I arrive a bit early.

Legacy dons her helmet again and Guardian exits the basement, making sure she isn’t spotted before flying off into the air. Guardian certainly doesn’t need anyone finding out about the basement before Leo and Jaylyn are done with the new base.

The Clarkson Penthouse is on the other side of the city to Legacy’s basement, but with her KEP boots, it is only a few minutes long flight.

Guardian finds her way of flying interesting. The way that the KEPs boots are point determines her direction while the minor KEPs on her front and back allow her to go up or down while pointing forward or even just keep her from being pulled down by gravity.

Alexandria should consider herself lucky that her power basically works be just ignoring gravity. Then again, it could be considered that I’m lucky to be able to fly as the vast majority of people on this planet can’t. Here I am an only three minutes early.

Guardian lands on the balcony of the penthouse and glances inside. Scattered around the main room is a group of five.

While Guardian only recognises Alexandria in her costume, the others are just as distinctive and are clearly superheroes as well.

Chatting with Alexandria is a pair of girls, one wearing black full-body minus the head spandex with yellow as a secondary colour. Her blonde hair flows down to her shoulder and there is a smile on her face. Her figure is as curvy and shapely as Alexandria’s.

The other is wearing red shorts, an orange tank top with yellow boots and gloves made of what appears to be fireproof material. On her face is a yellow domino mask that doesn’t really hide anything while her black is loose on her back. Her curves are as grand as those of Alexandria and the other girl.

I wonder why so many superhumans are physical impressive and beautiful? Perhaps it is an aspect on their powers that improves their bodies.

In the kitchen is an older teen, but not quite an adult, boy in white and blue spandex, also covering his entire body minus the head. His physique is also rather grand with lots of muscles with short dark brown hair just ruffled in just the right way to make it look very good.

The last member of the group is another teenage girl off to the side of Alexandria and other two, clearing listening in on their conversation without actually being part of it. Her body is tamer than the rest with only an above average figure similar to Guardian’s.

Her costume seems more practical as well with dull dark green spandex covering her body while she wears brown gloves and trainers. Her grey mask actually fully covers her face and has goggles on top. She also seems to be quite lean and fit.

“Guardian is here,” declares the practical girl.

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  1. So this find out about of Defender in his segment (more on her in later chapters) while also seeing Alexandria's team (they get introduced next time).I won't say any more about them as anything I would say here at this point gets explain in the chapter.

    Next time, Alexandria's team gets introduced and the power rating system gets explain (or you can just go to the exposition page).