Friday, 20 November 2015

1.7 Guardsmen Part 1

“May I come in?” asks Gears from outside the basement.

“Gears?” says Legacy in surprise as she looks up from her work.

“Yes,” replies her partner.

What is Gears doing here?

I lack that knowledge.

So what does he want?

Ask him.

Oh yeah.

“You can come in,” Legacy tells Gears.

“Thanks,” replies Gears as he enters room in full armour and looks around, “So no Scott or Cain at the moment?”

“No, Scott is out doing some business while Cain is with his family,” answers Legacy, “Is there a particularly reason you are here?”

“Actually I was just testing the tunnels connecting our new base to Chicago,” replies Gears, “By the way, it is operational now and ready for use.”

“Really?” asks Legacy eagerly, giving Gears her full attention.

“Yup,” replies Gears, “Jaylyn finished the basics this morning. Of course it will take several more months before it is completely done, but right now, it is ready to use.”

“Great!” exclaims Legacy, “Let’s go there! Can we go right now?”

“Sure,” says Gears, “Get your armour on and I’ll take you there and show you around.”

Legacy smiles and gives Gears a quick hug before darting off to get her armour on.

Our very own secret base!

You are very excited about this.

I can have a proper place to live in now. I will have much more room to work on even more projects! I don’t have to worry about spatial limitations anymore. Not to mention I can get access to better resources now with space to store the materials.


“We have also finished making the rooms for you and Scott,” says Gears, “Well, actually we got a set of rooms for each of us with a total of eight in the event we take on more members for our group. Which is something we need to speak about. Not getting new members that is, but what our group is going to be called. I’m going to arrange a meeting later for our group so we can decide on what we’re going to call ourselves, amongst other things.”

“So should I bring some stuff with me?” inquires Guardian as she puts her helmet on.

“I think we should keep this basement as a mini-base for a long as we can,” replies Gears, “I don’t want to put all of our eggs in one basket. Plus it might be useful to go back to here instead of our main base.”

I agree with Gears, he has a good point.

I feel the same.

“Should I bring my personal items with me?” asks Guardian, “Since I’ll be moving into our new base.”

“I see no reason why not to,” replies Gears with a shrug, “It will save time and future trips if we got it now. Is there anything you would like me to carry?”

“You can carry the boxes of clothing,” Guardian tells him, indicating the boxes containing Alexandria’s old clothing, which Guardian has been storing her own clothing in.

It makes sense to store all of my clothes in a single location. That way I know where they all are.


Gears walks towards the boxes and begins to pick them up as Guardian collects her other personal items. There isn’t a lot, just a sturdy datapad with private stuff on it and a thank you note from Cain’s sister.

And, well, that is it. Just the two items. I only have two personal items. I feel like I should have more.

No necessarily. While you may be of fifteen years biologically, you only have forty three days of your current life. I am certain you will get more personal items to call your own in time.

I hope so.

“Is that all?” inquires Gears as he looks over at what Guardian is carrying.

“Unfortunately yes,” replies Guardian as the two of them walk towards the door.

“I’m sure you’ll pick up more in the future,” says Gears, “You only really have a month and a half of your life at the moment.”

You said the same thing.

I am aware of that.

The two of them activate their KEPs and take off into the air.

“The good thing about having this new base is that our team can actually be a team,” says Gears once they are in the air, “While you, I and Sentinel chat a lot about technology and our plans, our group is split into two, those of us in Grand Rapids and your lot here in Chicago.”

“Yes, we do need more unity amongst our group,” agrees Guardian.

“I should also mention that when I say that we got rooms for each member of our group, I mean we each got an entire set of rooms,” says Gears, “A bedroom, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. You and I also have our own personal labs connected to our sets of room.”

Things just keep getting better and better. Not only do we get our room and a proper base, but we get a full set of rooms.

You’re right excited about this.

How could I not be?

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  1. Legacy moves into a new base that Jaylyn and Leo have been building. A few details about this. First of all it is deep below Lake Michigan and is barely functional. In fact, the only advantage it currently has over Legacy and Scott's basement is space. Which is pretty significant. It has tunnels to Chicago and Grand Rapids, but those are long and may only be speedily moving via fast speeds such as a vehicle or power armour.

    As for Legacy's personal belong and age, Legacy as in fact been around for less than two months and as a result, is limited in what stuff she owns.

    Next time, we find out more about what Legacy is and the source of her powers.