Thursday, 26 November 2015

1.7 Guardsmen Part 3

Leo sighs as he walks down the corridor to his own quarters.

How did Legacy treat all of that as if it was normal?

Because to her, it was normal.

I know, but still...

I understand how you feel.

You are one of my split personalities, I would be worried if you didn’t understand I how feel.

Father,” says Jaylyn as Leo enters his living room, “Mother wishes to speak with you. She seems upset.”

Joan is upset? What’s wrong?

I don’t know. We need to find out.

Then don’t waste time! Do something!

I’m not wasting time Heart!

“Put her through,” Leo tells his daughter as he turns to face the television screen on the wall.

I still find the idea of having a daughter at my age just weird.

Jaylyn is a special case.

I know, but it’s still weird.

Joan’s image appears on the massive flat screen and Leo has to admit she does seem upset about something.

She seems fine physically.

Something must have happened to upset her.

But what?

I don’t know.

Then find out!

“What is the matter?” inquires Leo.

“It’s my sister,” pouts Joan.

Her sister? Which one?

This is unusual.

Yes, Joan has abandoned almost all faith in her family. Something major must have happened for her to react like this in response to something her family did.

When was the last time she spoke with one of her siblings?

It was Christmas when Breanne visited her.

Oh yeah. Huh, that long.


“Which one?” asks Leo.

“Alexis,” answers Joan.

Alexis is the second youngest of the six Fowler siblings and only one still at school. The eldest two are both successful and somewhat famous actors while another has just started her own career as a singer using the connections of her family. The last of them is in their first year at Yale University.

“So what has happened?” inquires Leo calmly.

“She has superpowers and is a superhero!” wails Joan.

Alexis has superpowers and is a superhero? When did that happen? How could I have not found that out?

We have been primarily focused on threats to us and the world in addition to the national and international response to parahumans, not the local authorities. Joan’s family aren’t exactly something we need to worry about.

It is also possible that Alexis only recently manifested.

Either of those could be the case.

Or even a mixture of both.

“So when did those happen?” asks Leo with a frown.

“She got powers at the start of the year like you did,” complains Joan, “And she has been a superhero for two weeks now. And I only found out about because they are interviewing her after she took down a supervillain wannabe. I can’t believe she didn’t tell me. She knows how I’m a big fan of superheroes.”

Joan was a big fan of the superhero genre even before people began to get actual superpowers. Given her condition, Leo always view as a form of escapism for her, to imagine the possibility of finding a way of getting better.

And now, that is possible. Leo just needs to find a way to save her.

I’m not actually sure that Alexis knows that Joan is a fan of superheroes. When was the last time they spoke?

Four months ago on the 27th of November.

That long? For real?

Yes, it is a rather large amount of time.

I wouldn’t be surprised that Alexis forgot about Joan’s existence. They aren’t exactly close even without the distraction of suddenly gaining superpowers.

“So what are you going do?” asks Leo.

“I decided to call you and let you figure out what to do,” answers Joan shamelees.

Leo sighs. While it is annoying to have another thing to worry about, he did promise himself at the start of his superhero career that he wouldn’t let it come before Joan or his family.

Okay guys, idea time.

We got three options, first of which is to convince Joan to call Alexis.

The second one is to contact Alexis on Joan’s behalf.

The third one is for Gears to meet Iris and strike up a conversation with her. Then we can ask her about her family, even inquiring about any younger siblings if necessary.

The last option is the best because it allows us to see how Alexis will react when Joan is brought up while keeping both us and her safe while leaving a variety of options open to us if things go bad.

I concur with your decision. Let’s go for option three.

“Okay Joan, I got a plan,” Leo tells his girlfriend and she beams at him, “Gears will meet Iris while they are both out and ask her about her family. That way I will be able to find out how Alexis feels when you are mentioned with minimal risk to either of us if things go south.”

“Great!” exclaims Joan happily, “I knew I could count you Leo! You’re the best!”
Joan ends the call and screen goes blank. Rubbing his forehead, Leo sits down.

I ought to introduce Legacy to Joan. They seem like the sort that would get along and they both need more friends even if they would have to keep it secret.

Indeed, it would be good for both of them.


Father,” says Jaylyn.

“Yes Jaylyn?” replies Leo.

Thank you for helping Mother.”

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  1. So first of all, sorry about this post being late. I was busy, but I was sure it would go up anyway even if I didn't get a chance to comment on it. But when I looked at it today, I realised that I set it for the 25th of December instead of November. So yeah, sorry about that.

    As for today's segment, I got a few things to talk about. First is that this will be the first of several segments from Leo's perspective. When I was writing this, I decided that I want to build up Leo's character so when Bad Things start happening to him and Legacy nearer to the end of the book, people would hopefully care about both of them. So I decided that the easiest way to get people to get about Leo would be show his point of view on things during chapters between now and then.

    This chapter is mainly showing the dynamic between Leo's unconventional secret family. Jaylyn (Google spellchecker keeps trying to tell me that she is called Jaywalk) shows what I feel is a key side of herself and Joan's character is shown a bit.

    When it comes to Joan's family abandoning her, I'm sure I've already explained my reason. But I will say that I was unsure if it was realistic. Then I realised that surely it would be possible for somebody who has been hospitalised long term to be forgotten by her family as they got with their lives once it became clear there was nothing they could do to help her and she wasn't going to get better any time soon. At the very least, I could justify it in-story.

    I also feel that it would make sense for Joan to be upset about her sister being a superhero and not telling her. After all, Joan and Alexis aren't estranged due to a falling out, but rather due to the two of them simply drifting apart. Joan is a big fan of superheroes to escapism from her condition and to find out that big sister was a real life superhero...miffed...a lot. Alexis for her part hasn't really been thinking about Joan that much even before she got her powers and since she did get them, has had her hands full as Leo guessed.

    As for why Joan when to Leo with this matter, I hope that should be obvious.

    Feel free to vote in the poll or comment.

    Next time, the first team meeting of the (spoiler).