Wednesday, 28 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 4

Both Cain and Scott look up at her.

“Ahh, Legacy,” says Scott, “I just been talking to Cain about you. Explaining your past and background to him so you don’t have to. Plus we have to get that stuff out of the way first otherwise nothing else about you makes sense.”

“You are pretty strange,” says Cain, “Even considering how weird the world has gotten in the last month and a half. That said, it isn’t any weirder than stuff I have read in the comics.”

“I am well aware of that,” replies Guardian as she takes her helmet off, “Both Scott and Leo have informed me of that already.”

“Leo?” inquires Cain.

“Gears,” explains Legacy, “My partner. You should meet him. He’ll be able to provide you with armour like he has with me.”

“You didn’t make your armour?” says Cain, surprised at this news.

“No, not this set of armour,” replies Legacy, “I did come up with some of my own, but they aren’t as good as this. Leo has used his power to acquire large amounts of funds and access to raw material, which he then used to create high quality equipment from scratch. I have to use equipment that I have acquired to create my own technology. Because of that, I am more limited in my ability to produce higher level technology.”

“I suppose that makes sense,” says Cain thoughtfully, “I must admit that I expect you, the technopath, to have better technology.”

“The quality of my work is only one factor in how good my technology is,” replies Legacy, “For example, if Leo and I were both making swords and I only had access to copper while he had access to steel, his would be better as his materials are better than mine. And while Leo isn’t technopath, he is extremely good at designing stuff and is very smart, a real genius as a matter of fact. Between that and his power, Leo is able to create technology to the same standard as I am. But we prefer to work together. For example, while Leo did the majority of the work on this armour, I still did quite a bit myself such as aiding in the designs and customising to my needs.”

“Okay,” says Cain, “So now what?”

“I’ll get your measurements so Leo can get started on making armour for you,” replies Guardian, “In the meantime, we’ll attempt to figure out your powers and I’ll come up with some equipment for you to use until we get some proper ones for you.”

“So what exactly are we going to do right now?” clarifies Cain.

“I’ll scan you for your measurements and other biological details and information,” says Legacy, “Please give me a moment to come up with a device to do that.”

“Uhh, sure,” says Cain as Legacy gets out the phone she took from the drug dealer earlier.

She focuses on it with her power, rearranging the parts so it will do a full biometric scan of Cain’s body. Not only will it give her a copy of his measures, but it will give other information to compare against medical records from before he gained his powers, hopefully helping her figure out his powers.

“Done,” says Legacy as she points the modified phone at Cain and scans him.

“That’s it?” inquires Cain.

“Yes,” replies Legacy, “I’ll send the data to Leo and Jaylyn in addition to message explaining the situation.”

“Jaylyn?” repeats Cain.

“Scott will explain while I compose the message,” Legacy tells him as she focuses on the computer.

She doesn’t need to sit down at the computer to use it, just needing it to be within range of her power. In fact, using it conventional is actually harder and less effective for Legacy as directly using her powers is much faster and more natural for Legacy.

That is probably an aspect of my power, making it easy for me to use technology via my power.

Legacy attaches the data from the scan of Cain to the message once she is done, copying it from the bio-scanner to the computer, and sends it off.

I wonder what the time is?

She checks. Five twenty four. Thirty six minutes until Guardian needs to be at Alexandria’s penthouse. Given the flight takes only a few minutes, she has about half an hour with Cain.

Should I spend that time with Cain or let Scott deal with Cain while I come up with the equipment?

Let Scott deal with Cain.

Are you sure about that?

Scott dealt with you rather well and is most likely better at it than you. You are lacking when it comes to social interaction.

And I suppose I’m the only one that can make the equipment for Cain.

I’ll inform Scott and Cain then.

“Scott, Cain,” says Legacy as she looks over at the two of them, “I have sent the message and data to Leo. I’ll begin work on equipment for Cain. Since you are better at it, I would like you to help Cain get started by giving him information and advice in addition to explaining our situation to him.”

“Okay Legs,” replies Scott, “Anything else?”

“Yes,” Legacy tells him, “I have arranged to meet Alexandria and her new team at six pm. And I got 
a couple thousand dollars off of a drug dealer earlier.”

Legacy tosses the cash to Scott before going over to her old sets of power armour.

Perhaps I can modify one for Cain to use? I never really got much use out of them myself. By the time I got them finished, Leo gave my current armour. They should still prove useful.

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  1. So nothing much plot-wise, but we do get to see more character-wise. Part of me gets worried at chapters like this, think that they might just be filler. Then I look at whether missing this segment would impact the story in anyway other than word count and I realise that while it doesn't affect the plot, which doesn't real show itself until the latter chapters, lacking these segments would hinder character development.
    As for next time, we get to find out who the final member of Guardian's forming team is is and see Alexandria's team.