Sunday, 11 October 2015

1.5 Rapids Part 4

What was that?

Unknown, but it seems that all of the electronics that weren’t created by us have failed.

Our devices don’t just fail.

Is Joan okay?!

She is fine, don’t make a fuss.

Looks like they’re coming back on.

Lion isn’t wrong as the screen comes back with Atlas in mid-speech, but I drown that out as I focus on what just happened. It could have just been a temporary power cut, but if it affected things that weren’t plugged in…

Do think it was a result of someone’s powers?

It is possible it was just an electromagnetic pulse. After all, we have built our equipment to be protected against such things while none of the electronics in the hospital have such defences.

But if that was the case then they wouldn’t have recovered. No, Leo is right. It has to been the work of someone using their powers.

“Leo?” inquires Joan.

“Just thinking,” I tell her, “Just discussing what happened with the voices in my head.”

Joan knows about those guys. I didn’t really seem to be able to hide it as it is a big part of my power. It took her a while to get her to believe me and even longer to reassure I wasn’t crazy, but now she is quite accepting of it.

We’re not that bad.

“So you know what it was?” asks Joan.

“Electromagnetic pulse without actually being an electromagnetic pulse,” I reply, “I have concluded that it is the result of somebody’s powers. Do you mind if I cut this visit short and investigate?”

“It is a bit annoying, but this is more important I suppose,” says Joan with a sigh, “You better get going then.”

“I will chat with you later online,” I promise her as I get up from my seat at the side of her bed.

“Bye Leo,” says Joan.

“Goodbye darling,” I reply as I exit her room.

Now to find the source of this problem.

They need to be dealt with for interrupting our time with Joan.

Don’t assume whoever it is will be one of the bad guys Heart. They could just have easily done it by accident.

Tea is correct. They might have only just gotten their powers. This could very easily be them using their power for the first time.

And we can’t exactly complain about that. Remember how Jaylyn started out.

I’m just glad that she doesn’t mind the fact that her creation was an accident and I wouldn’t have intentionally created her if I was given the chance at the time. Now I actually like having her around, but back then, no way I would have willing built something like her.

I come to a halt as I spot Doctor Henderson coming down the corridor. The grey haired man’s face is wrinkled in worry.

“Ah Leo,” says Henderson with some relief, “How is Joan? Is she okay?”

“She is fine,” I say, “I’m just curious about who did this.”

“Who did this?” repeats Henderson as he stops in front of me, “How did you know?”

Play it cool.

I know!

“It wasn’t a conventional electromagnetic pulse,” I explain, “They don’t work that way and the technology wouldn’t have back online after they were hit. So it had to be of unnatural origin and I assumed it was someone manifesting powers.”

“It was a thirteen year old girl,” Henderson tells me after a moment, “She went into a coma back in the start of the New Year and just woke up. That’s when the pulse happened. It doesn’t help that she was a tourist and none of her family lives in this state or nearby one. The only reason we didn’t move her was because we weren’t sure transporting her back to her home state would be safe for her in her unstable condition, especially since her appearance had physically changed when she fell into a coma. I need to get back to checking on our patients.”

“Okay Doc,” I reply, “I’ll be on my way then.”

The old man hurries off.

Perhaps we should pay this girl a visit if we can.

You think?

No need for the sarcasm Leo.

I pull out my modified smartphone and locate the girl as I hack the hospital records. The girl’s name is Brooke Rodgers and is a native of New York. No family and no friends in this state or any of the neighbouring ones.

Between the shock of developing superpowers and finding out that you spent the last month and a half in a coma, I bet this girl could really use a friend right about now.

Then let us go and give her one.

I tuck my phone away and make my way to Brooke’s room. I have no doubt that police or someone else official are on their way, but this only just happened and unlike them, I am already here. As a result, I have no need to worry about law enforcement getting in the way before I get to Brooke.

People are running back and forth, but nobody is going into Brooke’s room when I get there even if there are three doctors inside with the girl. She doesn’t seem to be exactly calm at the moment, but hasn’t started crying yet even she looks like she wants to do.

Everybody here is probably still trying to sort things out.

I quickly dart inside room and clear my throat.

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  1. Okay, so Brooke was originally going to be more of a main character in the original story plan than she is the final one. Basically Leo's first teammate in that draft. Now she doesn't have much of a role until much later.

    Another thing I want to explain is that when parahumans come into the picture, the rules and procedures generally get thrown out. In this case, Leo is trusted and well known to Doctor Henderson and has already figured out half of it already so Henderson decides not to bother keeping what has happened secret. As for how Leo got the room uncontested, people are trying to get the situation back under control so no one is going to stop somebody who is just going down the corridor.

    Next time, we get to see what Brooke is like and we get to meet Leo's friend Charlie.