Sunday, 25 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 3

“Yes,” replies Guardian bluntly as she turns and looks up at floating girl behind her.

“The police and the Union are looking into the person creating and selling those guns,” says Alexandria as she lowers herself down so she is looking Guardian in the eye, “So we’re trying to recover as many of them as we can.”

“They’re not made of technology,” says Guardian.

“Umm, yeah, they are,” disagrees Alexandria as her feet reach the ground, “What else could they be?”

“They don’t use real technology,” insists Guardian, “Like Techni-Hurt didn’t.”

“If you say so,” replies Alexandria with a shrug, “I guess that you’re the expert. You are a technopath after all. I’ll report in with bosses to tell them that.”

“Go ahead,” says Guardian.

She is tempted to use her power to listen in on Alexandria’s report, but that feels too much like spying and Alexandria is her friend.

I have no problem spying my enemies or strangers, but spying on friends feels wrong.

Guardian loots the fallen drug dealer as Alexandria uses her fancy gauntlet to check in with her bosses. A couple thousand dollars on him, another phone and multiple bags of his product.

“You done?” inquires Alexandria as Guardian finishes destroying the drugs.

“Yes,” answers Guardian, “Do you wish to speak with me?”

“Yeah,” says Alexandria, “My bosses want me to try and recruit you for the new team they have put together, the Chicago Teen Heroes Union since there are five of us in the city. Well, five of us that are willing to work for the government at least. I’m sure there are plenty more supervillains and others like you about.”

“I’m not interested,” replies Guardian, “I already got a team and resources. Working for the government will only restrict me unnecessarily.”

“I figured that would be your answer,” says Alexandria with a sigh, “So you know, they also said they would have you arrested if you refuse.”

“How?” asks Guardian, confused.

Do they have the physical capabilities to do that?

Not that we are aware of.

“Me and my team are supposed to do it,” says Alexandria, “Possible Atlas and the Heroes Union as well.”

“None of you can beat me,” points out Guardian.

“I think I could,” protests Alexandria in indignation, “I’m a B+ Class with flight, super strength and nigh invulnerability. A flying brick. You’re just a technopath, estimated C+. Even if you’re a better fighter than I am, I can still take you in a straight up fight.”

Guardian grabs a flashbang from her utility belt and activates in her hand. The flash blinds Alexandria, who yelps in surprise as she covers her eyes with her hands and staggers backwards.
Guardian follows up with a couple of strikes with her stun baton before jumping kicking Alexandria into the ground with her boot KEPs and zooming off into the air.

As she flies off, Guardian decides to hack Alexandria’s gauntlet with her power.

“Are you okay?” demands someone on the other hand.

“What just happened?” groans Alexandria.

“You tell me,” says the voice, “You’re the one out there.”

“I don’t know. I was talking to Guardian,” replies Alexandria, “Telling her that we had to bring her in if she refused to join like she did. Then she claimed that we couldn’t force her to do anything and I said I could take her in a fight, stating our power difference.”

“Did she attack you?” inquires the voice.

“I assume so,” mutters Alexandria, “There was this blinding flash, completely exploiting my super senses. Then I was zapped through my invulnerability and something slammed me into the ground. And Guardian was long gone when I got to my senses.”

“Sounds like your friend attacked you,” says the voice, “Let’s not worry too much about her. While she is a rogue parahuman, Guardian isn’t a threat to the public, only the criminal element. This new gunsmith metahuman is however given how he is supplying the criminal elements en masse.”

Guardian decides she has got enough information from Alexandria’s gauntlet and decides to leave a message before redrawing.

I’ll meet you at your penthouse at six pm. Bring your team, I would like to meet them. Sorry about attacking you.

That’s good. I’ll send that as the message.

Hopefully she won’t be too upset.

I hope so as well. I don’t want to lose one of my only friends.

You should head back to the basement.


Following her companion’s advice, Guardian heads back to the basement.

I wonder if Cain is there yet?

Guardian checks the basement security and it turns out that Cain has made his way to the basement. He is sitting at the table with Scott as the two of them discuss something.

Should I listen in or just wait until I arrive there in person? I think I’ll go for the later. It seems politer and the right thing to do.

The flight doesn’t take long and as Guardian lands, she receives a reply from Alexandria.

Fine. We won’t try to arrest you by the way.

I should send a reply.

Good. Thank you for that. I don’t need to worry about bring extra equipment then.

With the message sent, Guardian enters the basement.

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  1. Not much to say without stating the obvious. Or at least what I hope is obvious. Feel free to say something if you think something is unclear.

    What I will say is that Alexandria honestly thinks she can take Guardian in a fight while Guardian was genuinely confused by how Alexandria and the other official heroes think they can beat her. In reality, Alexandria is powerful and can take Guardian in a straight up fight, but Guardian is more skilled and versatile in addition to fighting pragmatically rather than fairly.

    Next time, some character development.