Friday, 23 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 2

The boy jumps at Guardian’s sudden appearance and she smiles beneath her helmet at his reaction.

“Uhh, hi,” says the burly lad as he recovers, “I’m Cain.”

“Nice to meet you Cain,” replies Guardian, “Is there a reason you wanted to meet me?”

“Umm, well, you saved the lives of me and my family,” says Cain nervously, “And well, me kinda, got, umm.”

“Is it to do with your new powers?” inquires Guardian.

“Urrr, yeah,” says Cain, surprised, “How did you know?”

“One of my allies noticed when they are trying to find out why you were looking for me,” explains Guardian, “So why are you looking for me?”

“You see, I have powers now and you saved me and my family from those monsters so well, I wanted to help you,” replies Cain.

All help is welcome when it is genuinely given.

So you think having Cain as an ally is a good idea?

Yes. If I am reading the signs right, then he will be very valuable in the long run.

“Okay,” says Guardian to the bulky African American.

“Okay?” repeats Cain in surprise, “Just like that?”

“Yes,” replies Guardian, “I am not one to turn down honest aid.”

“If you say so,” says Cain, “So what now? I didn’t really think this far ahead.”

“Then I recommend we go back to my basement,” says Guardian.

“Your basement,” repeats Cain.

“Yes,” replies Guardian, “It is my current base of operations.”

“As you say,” says Cain.

“Good, follow me,” Guardian tells Cain as she starts off down the street.

“Won’t we get spotted?” asks Cain.

“Hmm,” says Guardian as she comes to a halt, “Good point. Wait a moment.”

Guardian reaches out with her power and connects with Cain’s phone. It is an older smart phone, but more than suited for Guardian wants to do with it.

Guardian adds a custom app to that brings up a highly detailed map with directions to the location of the basement. She also makes sure to add security so it is encrypted against hacking and so that it doesn’t appear unless Cain or Guardian are the only ones there.

Hmm, better extend the allowed viewers to Scott, Jaylyn and Leo. I might as well strengthen the security of the whole phone while I’m at it.

“Done,” says Guardian, “Check your phone.”

“Sure,” says Cain and he gets his phone out, “Oh, I see. This actually kind of cool. How did you do this? Wait, did you do this just down? In those last couple of seconds?”

“Technopathy and yes,” answers Guardian, “I’ll be off now. I trust that you can follow the map?”

“Oh yeah,” replies Cain absentmindedly as he continues to check his new app, “This map is really detailed, more than it should be. I would ask if how you could possible do this, but I assume it is because of your power.”

“I would assume so,” admits Guardian, “This all just comes naturally to me. See you later.”

Guardian activates the KEPs in her boots and flies up and away.

Cain seemed nice and willing to be helpful. I feel that I made the right choice.

As do I.

Who are you anyway?

The Guardian AI.


You should tell Scott about Cain so he doesn’t get surprised when he shows up.

Good idea.

Guardian halts mid-air and calls Scott.

“Yes?” inquires Scott.

“I found another ally,” says Guardian, “I have given him the means to locate our base so don’t be surprised if he shows up.”

“Okay,” says Scott, “I guess it is too late to make a fuss, but next time please consult me on matters like this. Does he have powers?”

“Sentinel believes so,” replies Guardian, “But I don’t to what extent. My companion also believes that Cain would make a good ally.”

When speaking others, Guardian has taken to calling the voice in her mind her companion. Leo calls the voices in his mind the voices in his head, but that doesn’t particularly suit Guardian. She can’t help, but prefer to call her voice her companion.

Should I go back to the basement or should I go out on patrol now I’m out here. I could find some crime to stop and I really need to acquire more handheld money. Leo can offer us plenty of online money, but what Scott and I need has to be physically available to us.


If you say so.

Guardian looks at her spy network. There is a drug dealer not too far away and they are always a good source of income.

Guardian feels that she does quite a bit of good by going after the dealers. While she doesn’t do thing permanent to them and they can always go out the next day, by taking them out, they lost quite a bit of money and Guardian also makes sure to destroy their products and any valuables she doesn’t take with her.

Even if they do just come back the next day, Guardian is still disturbing their operations and making them lose money.

She drops down and lands in front of the young man, one of her new stun batons in her hand. Guardian smiles underneath her helmet as the man panics. The dealer’s hand goes for his gun.

Before he can finish drawing his weapon, Guardian hits in his gut with her stun baton and the man doubles over. She finishes him off with a blow to the head and the man goes down.

Pleased with herself, Guardian bends down to loot the drug deal, only to scowl as she recognises the man’s gun as not-technology.

The pistol is sleek, smooth and curved and is completely black minus a few thin red lines that glow faintly.

Irritated by this discovery, Guardian reaches out with her power and destroys the not-technology. This not-technology is clearly different to what Techni-Hurt used and Guardian can tell so using her power as she interfaces with it.

There must be another creator of not-technology on the loose.


“Did you have to destroy the gun?” asks Alexandria.

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  1. So Guardian recruits Protector, comes up with a name for the voice in her head and takes down a drug dealer. That sums things up.

    If you're wondering why Guardian is able to drive off the drug dealers, well it is basically a matter of most of those in her territory deciding that since they have no way of fighting back against her, other parts of the city are easier pickings. If you can't stop that ruthless unrelenting power armoured vigilante, you might as well fancy your chances moving on another gang's territory right? You got a better chance of taking them out than you have against Guardian after all.

    Another thing that I wanted to say is that I added the Exposition page. It contains some information on the background of this universe and how things work in it. As for the name of page I couldn't think of anything better. So feel free to suggest a better one if you can think of one.

    Next time Alexandria attempts to arrest Guardian. No comment on how that goes or who comes out on top.