Friday, 16 October 2015

1.5 Rapids Part 6

“Nah,” I reply, “Not my thing. I’m not interested in making money. I’m going to fight the good fight because I feel it is the right thing to do. Not to mention I am not interested in working for the authorities even if I do want to cooperate with them as I don’t mind breaking the law if that is what it takes to get justice.”

“So you’re going to be Batman with power armour instead of a tragic backstory,” says Charlie, “You got your thirst for justice and the willingness to work in shadows and break the law to get it. You even got your secret lair for your Batcave and the mysterious Sentinel as your Alfred. By the way, you still haven’t introduced me to them yet.”

“Sentinel is complicated and is more a Robin that does Alfred’s job,” I disagree, “And I’ll get around to it soon. I just need to find the best way to do it. I’ll talk you tomorrow.”

“Later,” says Charlie and I end the call.

Charlie has a point. I do kinda fit the Batman archetype and the world currently lacks one. Atlas can be Superman and the Heroes Union can be the Justice League. I’ll be Batman and the team that Guardian and I are putting together can be our Batfamily. We need to come up with a name for our group. I can talk to Legacy about that tomorrow.

It is a good plan.

Better than just aimless building up your powerbase for some vague, unknown purpose.

Yeah, it is good to have an actually goal in sight. Now I just need to put together a team, make it good and prepare for any possible or impossible scenario. I don’t aim low it seems.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You already got your base and a pretty good team consisting of you, Jaylyn, Legacy and Sentinel. All you got to do it expand what you got and entrench yourself.


When I return to my base the next day, I carefully tidy up all of my documents and notes.

I got to avoid being distracted. I need to focus on building an arsenal and the second base to build, but I can probably delegate the latter to Jaylyn. She can focus on it 24-7 and she has access to all the equipment and designs that I used when creating this base.

“Jaylyn,” I call out.

Yes Father?” replies the AI.

“I’m going to start working on another project,” I tell her, “Since I’ll be focusing on that, I have decided to put you in charge of building the second base for Legacy and I to share. I know I can trust you to get it done.”

Don’t worry Father, you can count on me,” Jaylyn reassures him, “May I ask what your new project is?”

“I decided that with my power, I should prepare for as many different situations as I can think of,” I answer, “A mixture of coming up with plans and designs in addition to actually creating the devices and equipment.”

Do you have name for your project Father?” inquires Jaylyn.

“I’m going to go with ‘Anything Can Happen’,” I say.

Sounds cool,” agrees Jaylyn.

Now to get started. Any ideas on what to do?

I would recommend a clean slate for this project. Build yourself a new computer for this project would be useful.

Good idea. Get a nice quantum computer for the sole purpose of documenting my plans and ideas. Thanks Iron.

You’re welcome.

I have to get to work on building a quantum computer. Actually, laptop would be a good idea as I don’t want to have this project confined to a single location.

I ought to tell Legacy about this. We are partners now.

She could also be quite helpful with this as she might spot things that we have missed or be able to come up with things that we wouldn’t.

Good points. Tell you what, I’ll call her now.

Legacy, better known to the public as Chicagoan vigilante Guardian, has been my partner for about a couple of weeks now.

That girl is weird, plain and simple. I’ll admit that I don’t really have grounds to call someone weird anymore, but nothing about her is normal. And Legacy just takes it all in her stride and treats it as if it is normal.

Perhaps for her it is.

I wouldn’t disagree with that that.

Someday we will just have to figure her out. Even for all that has happened since the start of the year, Legacy is exceptionally odd.

Legacy does have more than her fair share of mystery to her. She seems to have just suddenly appeared out of nowhere with nothing and the majority of her memories missing. Neither Jaylyn nor I can find any trace of her old life.

Talking about her old life, that couldn’t have been normal as Legacy certain expectations and quirks that no normal person would have. Not to mention all those assumptions that she makes or what she instinctively considers normal or strange.

But I put those thoughts to one side as Legacy answers my call. After all, I have no grounds to call anyone else weird.

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  1. As you might have noticed, I have changed things so that Legacy now updates on Wednesdays, Friday and Sundays now that my other serial League of Heroes has concluded. If you're wondering why I picked those days to update Legacy on, those are currently the most convenient with some space between them.

    Now this will be the last we see of Charlie for a long time. While he still exists, he was only ever in the story when it focused on Leo rather than Legacy. As for "Anything Can Happen", that will be used in future chapters, but I won't say any more due to spoilers to the plot. The other purpose of this segment, other than wrap up chapter five, is to show Leo's perspective on Legacy.

    Next time we get to see some background on how powers came about.