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1.6 Alliance Part 1

Guardian ducks to avoid incoming fist and swings a punch of her own at the mobster. She catches him in the gut and the man goes flying backwards.

He’ll be fine. Might end up in hospital for a few days, but he’ll be fine.

Multiple Enemies Remaining.


Guardian draws one of the high tech electric stun batons that Gears gave her to replace her stun-pipes. While Guardian found her stun-pipes to be extremely useful, she does have to admit that Gears’ replacements are better.

But that doesn’t mean that Guardian didn’t customise them to her preferred tastes.

The five remaining mobsters all draw their weapons on Guardian.

Do they seriously expect their not-technology guns to effective against me?

Estimates indicate ‘yes’.

But surely they have realised by now that my armour is bulletproof or laser proof.

Estimates indicate ‘yes’.

Guardian rushes forward as they open fire. At such close range, they don’t have much chance of missing within the small confines of the room, but that means little as the lasers glance of Guardian’s power armour.

Guardian catches the closest two mobsters with a couple of swings and they both drop to the ground. She spins around and punches a third mobster in the face.

It isn’t as hard as it could be, but when wearing good power armour, even the lightest of punches have the potential to hospitalise the target.

And as Guardian expected, the man is sent flying across the room with a broken nose and bloody lip.


I am aware of the explosive device.

Guardian rolls backwards and comes back up facing the remaining mobsters. She grabs the grenade of out midair using her armour’s enhanced reflexes and disarms the detonator with her power.

I’m getting the hang of using my power on other devices while also using it to control my armour.
It is to be expected.                                                                                                                                        

Guardian drops the now safe grenade and swiftly takes out the last two gangsters with a couple of strikes before using her power to make all the not-technology guns explode.

“How are you doing Protector?” Guardian asks her new teammate.


Two Days Ago
Legacy hesitantly puts her stun-pipes in the container. It is made of Gardium, the compound that Leo invented.

Legacy can up with the name for it as Leo was being indecisive. As for why she chose that name, it just felt like the right name for Legacy.

As almost I remember it being called that, but I just can’t quite pull up those memories.


I am patient.

Leo went with it because he felt it was a cool name and he really didn’t have anything better to call it.

I’ll miss these.

Legacy closes the lid and sighs. Scott is out again, using what money they have remaining. Despite Legacy’s efforts, they are still running low on funds. The local gangs aren’t just cutting it, especially since they are so wary of her now.

At least Leo is now providing them with access to large amounts of supplies and equipment. His methods of gaining money are much more effective than her own.

Perhaps I should try taking on some aspects of Leo’s matters. I expect the mob or mafia would have better resources to steal. Not to mention that I’ll be putting a dent in their operations in the process.

Legacy,” says Jaylyn’s voice from her computer, “You should be aware that there is someone wondering about looking for Guardian. He isn’t a criminal, law enforcement or press by the way. In fact, he is one of those you saved from the Aquiline and his minions.”

“Really?” replies Legacy, “What could he want?”

Perhaps he merely wishes to thank you for saving his family?” offers Jaylyn, “On the other hand, I have detected something off about him.”

“What would that be?” asks Legacy.                                        

“He suffered an injury at the hands the Aquiline in an attempt to fend them off,” explains Jaylyn, However, this injury as healed faster than it should have. Not noticeably enough that your average person would know, but enough that it got my attention.”

“Interesting,” muses Legacy, “Thank you for the heads up. I’ll get up my armour on and investigate it.”

Good luck,” replies Jaylyn.

Legacy swiftly puts her power armour. But she halts as she gives the electric stun batons that Leo gave hers each a twirl.

They don’t feel right. I’ll have to customise them later.

Guardian knows they are state of art as they are made of Gardium with heavy, high density ends and ElecMag power cells.

It is a shame that I can’t use my technopathy on any of Gears’ creation. It means I have to go to the effort of upgrading them to my personal needs the hard, time consuming way.

She adds them to the space in the utility belt. Gears had the foresight to make them so they would fit the space that used to contain her stun-pipes.

Better go and find out what all this boy wants.

She flies through the sky as before landing on a rooftop.

The boy is marching down the street and even Guardian has to admit he is quite the imposing sight for a civilian. With extremely dark skin and large, brawny muscles, the boy is also clean shaven and over seven feet all.

One hundred and ninety seven centimetres.

We should find out what he wants.


Guardian jumps down and gently lands on the street in front of him. She makes her sure her voice distorter is on before speaking.

“Hello, I am Guardian,” Guardian greets the boy.

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  1. So we get to see Legacy recruit Protector this chapter amongst other things. I'm not sure about the flashback, but I originally going to start the chapter at the start of flashback. After realising how little action Rapids had, I decided to add some action at the start of the chapter. I personally felt it shows how effective Guardian can be in combat whilst also showing how useless mundane criminals are against her.

    Another thing to do note about Guardian that makes her so terrifying to the criminal element is the fact she wears a full set of black power armour and is pretty much silent when in combat. Imagine fighting that. A ruthless and fearless vigilante coming at you in bullet-proof power armour that is completely black. A single punch will hospitalise you and she doesn't care you get hurt. You're not even sure if she would care if you got killed. All of your weapons are useless against her and you can't reason with her either. You aren't faster enough to escape her either. So you're basically doomed when Guardian comes for you from the perspective of a mundane criminal and they all know it.

    Next time we get to find out more about Protector and about the voice in Legacy's head.