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Interlude - Oblivion

The Entity known as Oblivion Halts its strikes as the Bringer of False Hope and the Guardian from Deltae launch another strike of their own.

As host to a Manifestation of Hope, the Bringer of False Hope is one of the only forces in this universe able to Sever or Shatter parts of Oblivion’s being at all. The Guardian from Deltae wields one of the Good Swords, one of the most effective ways to Disbond an Entity, in addition to having been around for three billion years.

That is even longer than Oblivion or any of the other Entities that Oblivion knows. The Guardian from Deltae is truly ancient.

The Devouring of this Planet is going poorly for the Oblivion Entity. It should have chosen a weak Planet, one which did not naturally have Powers. Those Planets that have natural Power will surprise those that strike them with what they have to Defend themselves.

This Planet had Seven Beings with the Power to Sever or Shatter Oblivion, but the Oblivion Entity has already costumed all, but the Bringer of False Hope and the Monster of Rage and Wrath. The Guardian from Deltae does not count as it is from the Planet Deltae, not this Planet.

Oblivion is at least thankful for the fact this Planet lacks Divine Beings, Native or otherwise.

Luckily for the Oblivion Entity, the Strongest of those that may Sever or Shatter it, the Monster of Rage and Wrath, is uninterested in Halting the Devouring of this Planet unless Oblivion directly threatens the Monster of Rage and Wrath.

Oblivion is Sated to leave the Monster of Rage and Wrath be. It can either be left on the Empty Planet once the Planet has been Consumed or Consumed itself when the Oblivion Entity is too Strong for it to Resist and all others have fallen.

The Oblivion Entity deflects the Hope-Powered Energy with a Sphere of Deflect and a Sphere of Rebound.

As the Bringer of False Hope absorbs the Rebounded Hope-Powered Energy, Oblivion calculates that using a Sphere of Rebound it was not the best idea. Perhaps a Sphere of Absorption would have been a better choice.

Oblivion is distracted as another of the natives with Power attacks him. Annoyance at most, but a distraction at the wrong time could give another of Oblivion’s attackers an opening to exploit.

Oblivion unleashes a Star of Incineration at the Native with Power, Crushing and Destroying the Native with Power.

But the Native with Power provided a distraction for the Guardian from Deltae as the Guardian from Deltae Severs several Spheres, Stars and Worlds from the Oblivion Entity.

The Oblivion Entity uses a World of Portals and a Star of Destination to open an Interdimensional Portal to another Planet. One that doesn’t have any natural Power to it.

As Oblivion enters the portal, the Guardian from Deltae and the Bringer of False Hope launch another strike. The Oblivion Entity will not let these two stop it from escaping.

Oblivion does not hold back and neither do the Guardian from Deltae or the Bringer of False Hope.
Three Stars of Incineration, a World of Breaking, Two Spheres of Energy, a Star of Energy, a Sphere of Flames, Two Worlds of Fire and a Star of Death is what the Oblivion Entity sends at the Guardian from Deltae while it sends Two Worlds of Death, a Sphere of Focus, Four Stars of Disruption, Three Stars of Dispersal and a Sphere of Breaking at the Bringer of False Hope.

Despite Resistance from her Host, the Bringer of False Hope ends her strike in favour of protecting herself while the Guardian from Deltae weathers Oblivion’s strike to continue their strike on the Oblivion Entity.

Oblivion feels the Links being Severed by the Good Sword of the Guardian from Deltae as it goes through the Interdimensional Portal. But the Guardian from Deltae fared little better as their host is Broken by the Strike of the Oblivion Entity.

As it feels itself Disbonding, Oblivion watches the Guardian from Deltae attempt to come after the Oblivion Entity despite being Broken and almost Death. The Weaken Bringer of False Hope moves to support the Broken Guardian from Deltae.

Then something unexpected happens. The Manifestation of Hope abandons her Host, taking most of the Host’s Spirit in the Process and Shattering the Rest.

The Whole Thing irks the Oblivion Entity. When one chooses a Host, they should stick with that Host through Trouble and Turmoil. Not just Abandon them when Trouble and Turmoil starts.

Now the Disbonding Oblivion Entity is trapped in the middle of the Interdimensional Portal with the Shattered Host and the Broken Guardian from Deltae. The Entrance has closed while the Exit remains open.

As more of his Spheres, Stars and Worlds are Severed and Shattered as the Oblivion Entity Disbonds, Oblivion watches the Guardian from Deltae leave the Broken Lawman from Earth as she goes to the Shattered Hope.

As Oblivion drifts through the Interdimensional Portal, the Oblivion Entity realises that the Guardian from Deltae will Arrive on the same Planet as Oblivion will Arrive if there is a bit of a delay in the process.

As the Disbonded Oblivion Entity watches the Good Sword break away from it and drifts back into the Interdimensional Portal.

The Oblivion Entity fades as the last of its Spheres, Stars and Worlds Sever and along with the Shards and Fragments. But Oblivion realises it is not alone. Several other Entities, the Devious and Selfish Eden Entity foremost among them, have arrived at this World at the same time.

Wrath and Rage Consumes Oblivion as realises that its fellow Entities were unwilling to save it, but are more than willing to exploits its Disbond.

The Wrath and Rage Stabilises the Oblivion Entity, but it is too late to save Oblivion. As it finally Disbonds, the Oblivion Entity looks at the Four Parts that remain due to the Last Moment Stabilisation.

A Sphere of Warrior, a World of Physics, a Star of Love and a World of Restoration.

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  1. So this shows some background to the Guardian and the origin of superpowers in Legacy's world. Other than the fact that I got my inspiration for the Entities from Worm. That said, Oblivion and his kin are quite different to Scion. Looking at the names, try and guess which ones are good and bad.

    Now, I would say more about this interlude, but I can't think of anything to say that doesn't involve spoilers.

    Next time Guardian gets another teammate.