Wednesday, 23 September 2015

1.4 Murder Part 7

I enjoyed hanging out with Alexandria. Even if we mainly discussed her life and avoided the topic of my own. Personally I prefer Leo and Jaylyn, but that’s only because they understand technology like I do and enjoying creating new devices like I do.

It was particularly funny when Alexandria was shocked at hearing my real voice without the distorter. And the fast food was nice even if unhealthy. I think I’ll stick to healthier stuff in the future.

I hope to contact her in the future.

Legacy smiles as she thinks back on their parting moment. She entered a signal for Alexandria to call to Guardian into her gauntlet device using her technopathy.

Leo should be calling me soon to talk about whatever he mentioned earlier. Knowing Leo, it’ll be interesting.

“Are you there Legacy?” says Leo’s voice suddenly from Legacy’s computer.

“Yes,” answers Legacy quickly, “Did you get back in time?”

“I was a couple of minutes late, but I didn’t really get into trouble except for getting told off by the teacher,” says Leo, “I’ve behaved well enough in the past that she didn’t mind me being a bit late today. So Aquiline and his pals been captured?”

“Yes, the police are currently holding them,” replies Legacy, “They won’t be able to harm any more people.”

“How many?” asks Leo.

“Alexandria said that the causalities consisted of that woman who was injured earlier and two men were slain in the apartment building,” answers Legacy, “It could have been worse.”

“But any deaths is a failure to me,” says Leo with a sigh.

“I concur,” agrees Legacy, “We shall endeavour to prevent this from happening again.”

“Yeah, we will,” mutters Leo, “But let’s move on to the other thing I want to talk about, something I was going to mention even before today’s events. You and Scott have your hideout and Jaylyn and I have our base, but as partners, we should have a base that we share.”

“There’s too much distance between us,” replies Legacy.

“It’s only a lake separating us,” points out Leo, “I think we should build ourselves a base beneath that with entrances in both of our cities.”

That’s not a bad idea. Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. But I have no idea in how I will be help with that. All of my creations are done on a small, personal level, not large scale manufacturing like Leo does so easily.

“I don’t think that I’ll be able to help much in that regard,” admits Legacy.

“I expected that Jaylyn and I would have to do majority of it ourselves,” says Leo, “You can still help by designing things. Plus you could help Jaylyn acquire the money need to buy the resources using your power. Technopathy should be very useful for hacking mob bank accounts.”

“When are you going to get started?” asks Legacy.

“I already have,” answers Leo, “I’m going to build from my current base. It is the only real way considering that it’s going to beneath a massive lake. I estimated that it will take two to three weeks to get the base operational if we devote the majority of my resources to it, a month max. But it’ll be a few months before I can get it fully operational. Jaylyn will be in charge of a lot of it. As much as Jaylyn is....unnerving to me, having a loyal and competent AI to help you out is really useful.”

“I like Jaylyn,” says Legacy.

“So do I,” agrees Leo quickly, “But...”

“Having built your own daughter while is in your mid-teens creeps you out,” finishes Legacy, having heard it several times now.

“Yeah,” mutters Leo.

“I’ll do my best to help in whatever way I can,” Legacy tells him.

“Talking about helping in what ways we can,” says Leo, “Have you ever thought about using our powers to invent things that could help the world?”

It hasn’t been one of my greatest concerns to be honest. My power doesn’t work on their scale and I find it much easier to just create my devices rather than to design and built them. Not like Leo, who documents everything that he designs even if he doesn’t build it.

“I can’t of many that could be weaponised,” replies Legacy, “If people do get access to such things, I think it would best if they are developed over time.”

“I get that feeling a lot,” agrees Leo, “Hence why I also haven’t publically released any of my documents. And I don’t want to release anything that gives us the edge such as my compound or your ElecMag Extractor.”

“So are you trying to help make the world a better place?” inquires Legacy.

“It is harder than it sounds,” replies Leo, “It’s not just a matter of releasing all of my inventions to the public. I did try to cure cancer, but it seems that my powers are limited to areas such as physics and engineering. I am attempting to design a space elevator, but again, it’s harder than it sounds. I’m just grateful that I made what progress I have on helping Joan.”

“Is there anything I can do to help with that?” asks Legacy.

He goes on about Joan so much. Leo really cares for her and I hate how his inability to truly help her seems to be tearing him up inside. That said, I actually have yet to meet Joan herself.

“Not really,” answers Leo, “The problem isn’t so much as helping her, but helping her in way that does give her undue attention. I want to keep my identity secret as Joan would be too much of a target for any enemies I might make. That said, I won’t let her die to preserve my secret identity.”

“If it comes to that, I will do my best to support you,” promises Legacy.

“Thanks, but let’s just try to avoid letting things come to that in the first place,” says Leo, “Another thing I wanted to bring up is that now you got your new armour, you can come and visit me sometimes. We could do stuff like hang out in the base and play games together or something. I could also introduce you to Charlie and you might be able to chat with Joan even if you couldn’t meet her in person.”

“That sounds nice,” Legacy tells her partner with a smile.

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  1. So not much to say about this segment. I feel like that has been the case recently. Anyway, Legacy and Alexandria did hang out for a bit before going their separate ways. Otherwise more character building between Legacy and Leo. It feels tedious to me when I self-edit, but it is important to develop your characters in hopes that readers actually care about them when bad things happen.

    As for next time, we see things from Aquiline's point of view.