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1.4 Murder Part 3

“I take it that you’re not going to tell me who you are,” says Alexandria as she and Guardian fly through the air.

With the trio of supervillains at large and the emergency services on the scene, Alexandria invited Guardian to come with her despite the authorities denouncing of her illegal activities.

“No,” answers Guardian.

“Are you at least going to tell me what your powers are?” asks Alexandria.

“Not yet,” answers Guardian, “Are you going to tell me why you asked me to come with you?”

“Why should I?” demands Alexandria, “You’re not telling me anything.”

That seems rather petty despite the logic behind it.

“Because I’ll find out anyway and I might find out things that you or allies won’t want me to find out in the process,” explains Guardian.

“Fine!” snorts Alexandria, “As you saw, I was totally outmatched by those villains. My brother is in New York so he won’t be able to help. All the other real heroes are in New York as well because they’re founding the Union of Heroes or United Heroes or something.”

“Heroes Union,” corrects Guardian.

“Whatever,” says Alexandria before continuing, “But I’m the only other hero here and I can’t handle this on my own. You, on the other hand, were able to take them all on. So I really need the help and you’re the only person available unless you know someone else who can help out.”

At least Alexandria is admitting that she that she needs the help. And I know someone else who can help.

“Actually I do,” says Guardian.

“Really?” exclaims Alexandria, “Who?”

“My partner Gears,” answers Guardian, “He lives in Grand Rapids, but can fly over quickly in his armour.”

“Great,” mutters Alexandria, “Another vigilante. But I guess that I can’t afford to be that picky.”

What is her problem? I better call Gears.


“Why do you have a problem with vigilantism,” inquires Guardian as she sends a recording of her fight to Jaylyn with a request for some help.

“It’s illegal,” answers Alexandria.

“But I can do more good by breaking the law,” disagrees Guardian, “I would do what is right rather 
than what is legal every time.”

Alexandria grunts before saying, “We’re here.”

Here turns out to be the Chicago Police Department Headquarters as they land in front of it.

Guardian gets several looks, ranging from surprised to confused to annoyed, but nobody tries to stop her or Alexandria as they enter the building.

“Miss Clarkson,” says a well-dressed man as he walks towards the two, “I see you’ve brought your new friend from the today’s incident.”

“Superintendent Kingston,” replies Alexandria, “I brought Guardian along because we need the help dealing with these villains. I can’t do it on my own and-”

She falls silent as the Superintendent raises his hand.

“Guardian, I don’t approve of your methods or your disregard for the law, but I’m not foolish enough to turn down your help in this matter,” says Kingston to Guardian, “We might be able to take them on ourselves, but lives would be needlessly lost that way. But make no mistake that while we might allies today, we are in no way endorsing your actions.”

I don’t think that he likes me.

“Should I get changed into my costume?” inquires Alexandria.

“Yes, Miss Clarkson,” answers Kingston, “Go and do that while I speak with Guardian.”

“Yes sir,” says Alexandria before marching off.

“Let’s talk,” says Kingston, “Follow me Guardian.”

Kingston leads Guardian up to his office. As Kingston takes his seat behind his desk, Legacy contacts Scott, giving him access to view the data from her armour’s sensors.

“So Guardian,” says Kingston as he rests his elbows on his desk, “What happened?”

“I was field testing my new power armour,” replies Guardian, “While I was patrolling, I decided to investigate something unusual and encountered the supervillains attacking Alexandria. I decided to step in and help defeat them.”

“What could you tell me about their powers from your experience fighting them?” inquires Kingston.

“The Aquiline was their leader and their main fighter,” answers Guardian, “He is the most dangerous. I didn’t see what Krystal did before I took her down.”

“Interesting,” says Kingston as he cuts in, “You didn’t see any of her illusions?”

What illusions?

“I assume I didn’t as I didn’t see any illusions,” replies Guardian.

“And what about their final member, Techni-Hurt?” demands Kingston, “How did you take her technology out so easily?”

That was not-technology!

“It was not technology!” growls Guardian, “I know that for a fact. That is why they were destroyed when I interacted with the not-technology using my power. I believe Techni-Hurt is the source of the not-technology and it was created using her power.”

“What exactly is your power?” inquires Kingston, “Apart from your devices?”

“I’m told it is technopathy,” answers Guardian, “What do you know about their powers?”

“Roughly as much as you do,” replies Kingston, “Krystal has the ability to create illusions from what we have gathered from eye witnesses, but they don’t affect technology like CCTV or last when she is unconscious. The Aquiline’s power remain unknown, but he clearly beyond the average in terms of physical ability and fighting skill. Techni-Hurt can create this not-technology by making the parts appear of thin air.”

“Her technology was also able to mess up my powers when I was hit,” says Alexandria as she enters the room. 

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  1. So more interact between characters. So a bit of background information about stuff not shown. First of all, the US government is finally deciding on how to deal with superhumans after a month and a half. As a result, the main heroes such as Atlas are there. While there are other good superhumans in Chicago, none of them are official superheroes or vigilantes and so Alexandria doesn't know about them.

    Speaking of Alexandria, she might be a superhero officially, but at the moment she is simply a high school student with some major superpowers. Guardian on the other hand is a trained and experienced fighter despite lacking in raw power compared to Alexandria. I hope that shows in the story. Anyway, Alexandria has figured that out and combined with her lack of professionalism, is the main reason she is willing to work with an illegal vigilante like Guardian. As for why the police are willing to work with a vigilante, well Kingston has already explained why to Guardian.
    So explained in story is Krystal's power which doesn't affect Guardian as she is using her suit via her powers, which has implicates that Guardian doesn't realise once you consider exactly how her powers function.

    Anyway, that is pretty much all I can think of at this point. Next time Scott and Jaylyn get codenames in addition to more character and world building.