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1.4 Murder Part 2

 Guardian activates her KEPs in her boots and flies up into the air. People are running away from a shopping square and the sounds of fighting begin.

That is where I should go.

Guardian lands on building that is overlooking the square. There is a fight involving combatants with superpowers and people are fleeing.

The first person that Guardian spots is the girl known as Alexandria, but she isn’t wearing her uniform. Alexandria has already taken a bad hit and is already down on the ground, struggling to get up from whatever she was hit with.

She must have been ambushed while she was off duty. Not to mention that whoever hit her must have had some serious power to get past her nigh invulnerability.

Guardian looks at the trio of attackers. One is muscular and lean man in fancy full body armour with several not-technology gadgets in addition to several technologic devices. A mask conceals his face from view while there are two not-technology energy guns are in his hands.

Behind the man is a mousy woman with curly brown hair. Despite having no visible power, she is clearly an ally of the man.

The third attacker makes Guardian scowl in disgust. This woman is what most people describe as beautiful with a tall slender body, long flowing black hair and extremely generous curves. But only those that find insanity endearing could claim that she is truly beautiful as the woman is clearly mad and mentally unwell.

The woman is without doubt the source of the not-technology as she is wearing a set of power armour made of not-technology and has a not-technology energy weapon in one hand a not-technology energy blade in the other.

What should I do?

But Guardian already knows the answer even as the voice says as it and has already drawn both of her stun-pipes.


Guardian leaps from the building and activates her boot KEPs as she aims herself at the man. She slams into the man and he goes flying into a shop window on the side of the square.

Guardian swings her stun-pipe into mousy woman and her foe drops as electricity courses through her body.

“Thanks for the help,” groans Alexandria as she gets to her feet, “You are?”

“Guardian,” answers Guardian, “Who are they?”

“No @#$£ing idea,” replies Alexandria, “They just attacked me while I was out with my friends. I hope they all got to safety.”

“Focus on the fight,” Guardian tells her.

“Yeah, yeah,” answers Alexandria, “Don’t worry I can take ‘em with my power with no problem.”

And with that, Alexandria zooms straight at the third member of her attackers. The woman doesn’t move and instead aims her gun at Alexandria before firing a bolt of red energy. The bolt hits Alexandria dead on and the girl goes tumbling into the ground in front of the woman.

The woman kicks Alexandria in the face and the girl goes rolling away. The woman turns to face Guardian, but Guardian has already launched her own attack.

Guardian throws one of her electro-sphere at the woman and it activates upon contact. The sphere electrifies the woman just before Guardian slams into her, shoulder first.

The woman goes tumbling backwards.

“Oi Guardian!” yells a man and Guardian turns to face to the man she sent flying into the shop as he marches towards her.

“Techni-Hurt, get Krystal to safety,” orders the man to the second woman, “I’ll deal with Guardian.”

He aims his guns at Guardian and she reaches out with her power. But the moment that Guardian touches the weapons with her power, the non-technology breaks.

The man yelps as his not-technology guns explode in his hands and Guardian rushes him. He barely braces himself in time as Guardian punches him in the face.

The man goes backwards and he halts his fall as he lands on his feet, crouched on the ground.

“Don’t you want to know who I am?” inquires the man.

“No,” answers Guardian without a moment’s hesitation as she gets her second stun-pipe out again.

“Well, too bad,” sneers the man, “I call myself the Aquiline. It doesn’t really mean anything even if it is based for the Latin word for eagle. I just felt it sounded cool for killer supervillain extraordinaire.”
Guardian doesn’t bother with words as she engages her opponent again. Despite her ferocious attacks, she can’t land a blow on him as the Aquiline keeps dodging and blocking.

“You have no idea how experienced I am at this,” snarls the Aquiline as he draws not-technology energy sword with a red blade.

Guardian reaches out with her power again and the sword explodes in Aquiline’s hand as she touches it with her power.

He growls and backs up.

“Me or her,” sneers Aquiline as he tosses a not-technology dagger, also with a red energy blade, at the still down Alexandria.

Guardian sighs as once again she reaches out with her power and destroys the not-technology with a mere touch.

“How do you keep doing that?” demands Aquiline.

“With ease,” answers Guardian.

He looks at something behind Guardian before replying.

“Let’s see how you deal with something old fashioned then,” snarls Aquiline as he pulls out a regular knife, “Me or her.”

Guardian is already in motion as he throws the knife at one of the bystanders. Guardians aims her stun-pipe at it and with her power, she modifies her stun-pipe so it can fire electric bolts.

Without a trigger, Guardian is forced to use her power to activate her modified stun-pipe.

The electric bolt hits the knife and knocks it off-course. But despite Guardian’s efforts, the knife still skims the shoulder of the innocent woman, nicking the skin and drawing blood.

She turns her attention back to Aquiline just in time to see him teleport away in a flash of red light using not-technology. As Guardian looks around, she realises that the other two women are gone as well.

Alexandria groans as she gets up once again.

“What happened?”

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  1. So a superpowered fight went on in this segment. I hope I wrote a good fight scene. As for what went on in the battle, I'm not going to spoil the exact details of their powers expect for the fact that Alexandria is a Flying Brick and Techni-Hurt is bound by the laws of physics like Gears and Guardian in what she creates.

    If you wondering why Alexandria went down so quickly despite being a Flying Brick, she is an inexperienced novice with no actual fighting experience let alone going up against a group prepared to kill her. As a result, she relied on raw power and brute force and went down quickly when that didn't work.

    As for why Guardian did so well, Aquiline and his group were caught unaware by her and the fact her power allowed her to counter their own pretty easily.

    We also get to see "Not-Technology" for the first time as Legacy calls it, We'll find out about that in greater detail later in the story.

    As for next time, Guardian teams up with Alexandria and meets the local chief of police.

    Now, I'm off to update the Cast page.