Sunday, 13 September 2015

1.4 Murder Part 4

“It was not technology!” Guardian growls again as she turns to face Alexandria.

Alexandria is her costume, a blue one with a miniskirt plus red leggings. White gloves and boots cover her hands and feet respectively while there is red cape on her back.

On her chest is Alexandria’s symbol, emblem and crest. It is a white eight pointed star with cardinal points larger than the others and south point is the longest.

“Umm, sure, it wasn’t technology,” says Alexandria as she takes a step back, her blue eyes widening.

But Guardian ignores her as she focuses on the message she just received from Jaylyn.

My father is on his way. I will search for the Aquiline and his allies using the resources available to me. Scott is assisting me.

“Really Miss Clarkson?” says Kingston with a sigh.

“She’s scary! Sir!” protests Alexandria, “You can’t see any of her body at all and her voice is all distorted and heavy! Plus she could totally take me in a fight judging by earlier.”

“None the less,” replies Kingston before turning to his attention back to Guardian, “Do you have any ideas on how to find the Aquiline and his gang? Because at the moment, my people have no way of finding them on their own.”

“Gears and I are already tracking them,” answers Guardian.

“Gears?” repeats Kingston, “That vigilante from Michigan?”

“He is my partner,” offers Guardian, “He is also on his way to help.”

“Great,” groans Kingston, “Another vigilante getting involved. Just what I needed.”

A message from Scott arrives.

Ask them about Alexandria. Tell them that you trying to pass the time as you hunt for the locations of Aquiline and his folks.

“May I ask something?” inquires Guardian.

“Why not?” says Kingston with a shrug.

“I would like to know more about Alexandria,” says Guardian.

“Me?” says Alexandria blankly as she stares at Guardian.

“Not much beyond what is publically known,” answers Kingston, “You’re better off getting your answers from her, not me.”

Guardian turns to face Alexandria and Alexandria sighs.

“Can you at least tell me your power?” asks Alexandria in a somewhat pleading voice.

“It is technopathy,” says Kingston dryly.

“You told him!” complains Alexandria, miffed at the fact.

“Yes,” replies Guardian and Alexandria sighs again.

“I suppose I can tell you,” groans Alexandria, “It isn’t like nobody else knows everything about my life. My name is Charlotte Clarkson. I’m seventeen years old and I was born and raised in Chicago by my mother. At the start of the year that I got my powers. Like my brother did. Do I need to go over those?”

“I would like to hear what your powers are from you,” answers Guardian.

“Fine,” grumbles Alexandria, “I got super strength, nigh invulnerability, super senses, super speed and flight. Oh, and I also became super beautiful and fit with all my muscles and curves that you can see.”

“Interesting,” muses Guardian, “Does Atlas have the same powers as you?”

“Oh yeah,” says Alexandria, “My brother has the same powers as me, but stronger.”

“Let’s go patrolling now,” declares Guardian as she heads for the exit.

“Wait, that’s it?” demands Alexandria, “You’re just going to ask me about my life before just going?”

“Yes,” answers Guardian bluntly.

“You better go along with her Miss Clarkson,” says Kingston, “Try not to engage in illegal activities with her.”

Alexandria sighs and follows Guardian out of the office.

“So what is your plan?” inquires Alexandria as she hovers alongside Guardian.

“Patrol the skies and met up with Gears,” answers Guardian, “In the meantime, my other allies are attempting to find using available resources.”

“Are these resources legally available to you?” inquires Alexandria.

“I don’t know,” replies Guardian, “It has never mattered. Not even now.”

“Of course it doesn’t,” grumbles Alexandria, “So who are your allies?”

“Both Gears and I each have partner,” says Guardian, “I have Sc-Sentry while Gears has Sentinel.”

Almost revealed Scott’s name. That could of have been bad. I hope Jaylyn doesn’t mind me deciding on her codename for her. She was going to pick that one or Dragon anyway so it isn’t like I picked one that she didn’t want. Here’s a message from her now.

I like my new codename! Father will be meeting you at the same spot as last time.

Chirpy as always.

“So where are we going to start?” inquires Alexandria as they exit the police headquarters.

“We’re going to meet up with Gears first,” Guardian tells her.

“Whatever,” replies Alexandria as Guardian takes off.

Is she always like this? Or does she just have something against me?

“Hey Guardian,” says Alexandria, “How have your powers changed your life?”

How am I supposed to answer that? My powers are the main constant in my life.

“I’m one of the worst people that you can ask that question to,” replies Guardian, “You’re probably better off asking Gears, but he is much more secretive than I am.”

“You’re pretty secretive yourself,” retorts Alexandria.

“I’m actually quite open,” disagrees Guardian, “I simply have fewer secrets to keep.”

And I’m not sure what that is bad thing or good one.


“Legacy,” says Scott via Guardian’s armour.

“Yes,” answers Guardian, keeping their conversation private within her armour.

“I found the trio’s location,” says Scott, “Sending it to your HUD now. What is-Get over there now! They’re already killing!”

“Understood,” says Guardian as she turns to head to her new location.

“Where are you going?” demands Alexandria.

“To stop Aquiline and his allies,” answers Guardian calmly.

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  1. So more interaction between Alexandria and Guardian. In Alexandria's defence, she is just a high school student and to her, Guardian is acting like a jerk by secretive and unhelpful. We also find out the details about Alexandria's power set.

    As for codenames for Scott and Jaylyn, I just picked a couple of names from the theme I planned for the names of Guardian's teammates.

    As for next time, Gears shows up and there is another villain vs hero fight.