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1.4 Murder Part 5

“You found them then?” inquires Alexandria as she easily keeps up with Guardian.

“Sentry did,” answers Guardian, “He says that they have already started killing.”

“That’s bad,” replies Alexandria, “We should-, I got a call.”

Any ideas on what I should do voice?


Is he the biggest threat?

“Yeah, sir,” says Alexandria as she speaks into her gauntlet device, “Me and Guardian are already heading over to them. Her pal, Sentry, found them. I know, I know.”

“Hey Guardian,” says Alexandria as she ends her call, “I can trust you right? You’re one of the good guys?”

“Of course,” answers Guardian, “We’ve approaching our destination.”

Guardian locations at the location highlighted on her HUD. It’s an apartment building, not a particularly tall one, with its front doors kicked in. She can easily pick out the heat signatures of those inside.

But despite the screaming coming from the building and fact it has obviously been broken into, people are ignoring the apartment building.

“Where are they?” asks Alexandria as she slows down.

“The one with the broken doors,” answers Guardian as she heads for the building.

“None of them have broken doors,” protests Alexandria, but Guardian ignores her.

Instead, Guardian flies at the window of the room that the trio are in. She could take the doors and stairs, but there are innocent people in the room with the villains.

Guardian zooms through the window, stun-pipe in one hand with her modified-stun-pipe in the other.

Cowering in the corner is a family of three, a mother with her two children, one is a boy in his late teens while other is younger girl. In the door stands Krystal and Aquiline, who has another pair of not-technology guns in his hands.

Guardian doesn’t waste any time as she rushes forward, poking both of the not-technology guns with her power. They explode as expected, disorienting Aquiline and Krystal.

“What are you doing-whoa!” Alexandria starts to demand as she flies in after Guardian.

“Find Techni-Hurt,” Guardian tells her as she swings her stun-pipe into Krystal’s gut, “I’ll deal with these two.”

“On it,” replies Alexandria as Guardian turns her attention on the recovered Aquiline.

“You’re really starting to piss me off,” snarls Aquiline, “Do really think that you can beat us?”

“Quite irrelevant, but yes,” answers Guardian as she swings her pipes at him.

The Aquiline dodges and punches Guardian’ chest. He winces and pulls his hand away. Guardian is about to counterattack when she hears Alexandria screaming from below.

Does that girl require constant babysitting?


Rhetorical question voice.

Guardian kicks Aquiline in the chest and he goes flying out of the room. She moves into the next room to check on him, but the villain isn’t getting back up. None the less, Guardian places a couple of sensors on him.

The voice did say he was the biggest threat.

Better go and save Alexandria now.

Guardian runs back into the room and jumps out the window. She looks at the scene below and blinks in surprise.

Alexandria is down on the ground (again) while Techni-Hurt is being whooped by Gears.


Guardian jumps down from the window. As to be expected, Gears is easily handling Techni-Hurt and her not-technology.

How could someone wielding not-technology best someone with proper technology? Still, I should help my partner in justice.

Guardian reaches out with her power, lashing at Techni-Hurt’s not-technology. The villainess screams with pain as her not-technology, including her suit of power armour, explodes. Gears quickly finishes Techni-Hurt with electric sphere.

“Urrgh,” groans Alexandria, “What hit me?”

“Techni-Hurt hit you with a blast from her weapon,” answers Gears as he marches up to her and offers a hand to help her up, “My best guess is that it disrupts your power and stuns you.”

“Is she down?” inquires Alexandria as she accepts his Gears’ hand and he pulls her up.

“Yes,” answers Guardian, “Krystal and Aquiline are both down in the apartment.”

“Great,” says Alexandria, “I’ll the police to arrest them? I’m fairly certain the FBI, CIA or someone will be showing up as well and it would best for everyone if you didn’t get involved anymore. I know you’re good guys and all, but you’re still illegal vigilantes even if you did save the day.”

“I understand,” replies Gears, “I don’t want to get involved in that stuff anyway. At least not until the proper procedures have been worked out and finalised.”

“Okay,” says Alexandria, “Thanks for the help by the way. I wouldn’t have been able to stop these guys on my own.”

“Come on Guardian,” Gears says to Guardian as he activates his boot KEPs, “Let’s go.”

Guardian activates her own boot KEPs and follows him. Once both are up in the air and out of sight, Gears opens a private channel with her.

“I got to get back to school now,” says Gears, “I might be able to get back in time for the start of afternoon lessons. If not...well this is more important than missing the start of English. We’ll talk more later. There is this cool idea I want to tell you about, but I don’t have the time now.”

“I understand,” replies Guardian, “I’m going to go back and have lunch with Scott. This was just meant to be a quick field test of my new armour before I encountered the supervillains.”

Gears adds some more boost to his KEPs and zooms off ahead while Guardian slows down as she approaches the basement.

This day could have gone better, but it could have easily been much, much worse.

Guardian rolls her shoulders as she lands a few blocks away from the basement. She doesn’t want anybody following back to her hideout.

And a good thing it turns out to be for her as Guardian hears a familiar voice from behind her.

“Hi Guardian.”

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  1. Hmm, not much to say about this segment that I haven't already mentioned. I suppose I should say at this point, the surviving world governments are still trying to work out how to deal with superhumans and the official procedures are still unclear.
    Plus that while the police were willing to work with Guardian and Gears to take down Aquiline and his ladies, they and the other authorities will not hesitate to try and arrest two rogue superhumans if they get the chance.
    Otherwise I feel that I should wrap this comment up by saying that Gears left school grounds during lunch time (Jaylyn keep him from being found out or caught) and flew over to Chicago in his armour. As a result he is going back before he gets into trouble.

    As for next time, well, I don't want to spoil this chapter's cliffhanger.