Wednesday, 2 September 2015

1.4 Murder Part 1

Legacy hums to herself as she unloads the power armour that she and Leo have made for her.

Her partner and his daughter have become real friends for Legacy over the last two weeks. Leo and Legacy discuss their inventions and work together to design and built stuff they wouldn’t be able to do on their own.

Meanwhile Jaylyn and Legacy have been chatting away with each other as Legacy can easily keep with the AI by using her power to enter her computer.

Plus Legacy has been giving Leo advice since Gears has now become a public vigilante that is fighting the local mob and gangsters in Grand Rapids.

It doesn’t hurt that they are so similar to each other. Both of them greatly enjoy technology and inventing. They both have suits of power armour. They both seek to fight evil and do good. Neither wants to join the government and they both want to keep their identities secret.

Even their initials are the same, spelling Log as Leo’s middle name is Orrell.

Legacy can’t wait to try out her new armour. She and Leo have been designing it since the day they met. Despite her own skill and power, there is no way that Legacy could have built this armour without access to Leo’s resources.

It turns out that Leo gets his money by taking it from criminals like Legacy does, another similarity between them. Except where Legacy takes the physical money from those she bests in battle, Leo hacks the bank accounts of organised crime with the aid of Jaylyn.

Due to his inability to properly hide such funds without drawing attention, Leo tends to just spend them on what he needs by having them delivered to him, having them dropped off so he can anonymously collect them.

But Legacy’s armour is a piece of art in her eyes. It is similar to Gears’ power armour as it also sleek and streamline with same grey ceramic compound that Leo uses.

The ceramic compound is another Leo’s inventions, a non-conductive material that is also almost completely insulated. Not only that, but the compound is both extremely strong and lightweight in addition to being able to resist large amount of stress without being damaged.

Armour has incorporated an upgraded version of Legacy’s exoskeleton and includes an ElecMag extractor that is built into the back for a renewable source of power. Not only does the extractor collect more power whilst in the field, but also lacks the dangers of using a nuclear power source.

The boots have kinetic energy projectors or KEPs built into them while there are several other KEPs throughout the armour for manoeuvring. Unlike Gears’ armour, Legacy’s is environmentally sealed with a tank of compressed oxygen and cameras, microphones and other little gadgets to simulate the human senses.

Leo personally disliked the idea himself as he stated that “he would much rather have his suit augment his natural senses rather than simulate enhanced versions of them”, but conceded that Legacy’s ability to enter the armour with her technopathy would counter that.

Beyond the basics, Legacy and Leo added lots of extras such as access to every radio frequency they could think of, telescopic, low-light, infra-red, thermal, ultraviolet and x-ray vision, an inbuilt quantum computer, sonar, radar, sensory shielding, a PA-system and a voice distorter.

Her voice when using the distorter is similar to Gears’, but Legacy’s is distinctly feminine while Gears’ is without a doubt masculine.

Legacy hasn’t got that many built-in gadgets despite Leo personal preference for them, instead having a utility belt around the waist of her armour.

The utility belt has flashbangs, smoke grenades, EMP grenades, explosives, spheres with electrical charges, spare ElecMag power cells, a pair of plasma cutters, some knifes, room for her pipes and a holster for her pistol.

Leo wants to updates Legacy’s weaponry as it turns out that pipes aren’t actually meant to be weapons. In fact, they’re used for plumbing.

Who would have thought?


You never mentioned anything until Leo told me.

The voice gives Legacy a feeling of smug amusement, much to her annoyance.

Leo also wants to get Legacy a custom built pistol to replace the one that she has been carrying and Scott agrees with Leo.

Personally Legacy dislikes having a gun despite the insistences of Scott. She has yet to use one and dislikes the idea of killing her foes when she has non-lethal options available to her.

What’s your opinion voice?



Legacy strips out of her clothes as she gets ready to put on the form fitting set of power armour.

It goes on smoothly. And I like the feel of having some high quality power armour covering me. It feels...relaxing.


Glad you agree. Now let’s field test it. My funds are running low after all.

Guardian exits the basement and resists the temptation to just fly off into the air. It might be fun, but the risk of giving away the location of the basement is too much. Instead, Guardian stealthily makes her way through the streets.

Is it strange that I am finding it easier to stay hidden with the armour than without it? I suppose I should glad of that as it has been getting harder to stay out of sight since the rebuilding of the Battle-Zone has begun.

Guardian pauses as she hears screaming and panicked shouting nearby.

What should I do?


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  1. So the start of a new chapter with a bit of a time-skip. Most of what has happened between now and last chapter has been science talks between Legacy, Leo and Jaylyn with the only action going on being when Guardian beats up gangsters and drug dealers.

    Anyway, showing all of that would have resulted in a chapter like this segment, lots of info-dump with no action.

    Speaking of segments, next time we have some psychotic supervillains and a government approved superhero.