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1.4 Murder Part 6

“Why did you follow me Alexandria?” asks Guardian without turning around.

I wanted to talk and I wasn’t sure on how to contact you in the future,” replies Alexandria, “Do live near here?”

“No,” answers Guardian as she turns to glare at her, “I just land to make sure nobody is following me.”

Alexandria at least has the decency to look guilty.

“I’m not trying to find out where you live or secret identity or anything,” says Alexandria sheepishly,  “As I said, I just want to talk with you.”

“Why?” asks Guardian.

“Because you’re the first person with powers about my age that I have met,” replies Alexandria, “I 
still got my friends and they are understanding, but... It’s just that...Urghhh!”

“You want to be friends?” suggests Guardian.

“Yeah! That’s it,” agrees Alexandria, “If you want to that is.”

“I would like to do that,” replies Guardian, “I don’t have that many friends.”

Only Scott, Leo and Jaylyn to be precise. Having more friends couldn’t hurt as long as I can trust them. And I can trust Alexandria even if she isn’t that useful in combat.

“That’s great,” says Alexandria, “How such we contact each other?”

“I’ll find you to start off with,” Guardian tells her before another thought crosses her mind, “What about that fact I’m an illegal vigilante?”

“It doesn’t matter unless you do something particularly bad,” answers Alexandria with a shrug, “If people do mind, well, I’m a lot stronger than any of them and I’m not letting anybody dictate who I’m allowed to friends with because of politics.”

“I’ll trust you on that matter,” says Guardian, “I’ll speak with you later. I’m going to have lunch now.”

“Oh!” says Alexandria, “You can have lunch with me!”

“Are you sure?” inquires Guardian.

“I didn’t get to finish my lunch today and school has already given me the rest of the day off to deal today’s events,” answers Alexandria, “It isn’t like anybody is going to try and arrest you.”

“Let me call Sentry,” says Guardian.

“Already know Legacy,” says Scott over their private channel, “The link to your armour is still open.”

“Done,” Guardian tells Alexandria, “I’m ready to go.”

“Great!” exclaims Alexandria, “Any preferences on what you would like?”

“I’ll eat pretty much anything,” answers Guardian, “I’ll have whatever you get me.”

“Cool,” says Alexandria, “That’ll simplify things. We should probably get in the air before somebody finds us.”

Guardian activates her boot KEPs and flies straight up and Alexandria continues to easily keep pace with her.

“So should I just get some fast food?” inquires Alexandria.

“Sure,” answers Guardian.

“Just wondering,” says Alexandria, “How are you going to eat?”

“I’ll take my helmet off,” replies Guardian.

“But won’t that reveal your face to me?” asks Alexandria in confusion.

“Does that matter?” Guardian asks back.

“But what about your secret identity?” demands Alexandria.

“You said that you’re not going to reveal it,” counters Guardian, “I trust you not to do that.”

“Umm, thanks?” offers Alexandria, “We shouldn’t be since in public together so you follow me high up in the sky. If anybody sees you, they’ll mistake for you a bird or something.”

“Understood,” replies Guardian and flies up higher.

“Okay,” says Alexandria, “I’ll meet you back up there with takeaway.”

Guardian wonder what fast food is as Alexandria zooms off.

“Nice to see that you’re making friends,” says Scott over the private channel, “So Sentry eh.”

“I needed to come up with a codename for you so I didn’t reveal yourself name,” replies Guardian, “I hope you don’t mind the one I picked for you. Jaylyn liked hers.”

“It’s good one and there are worse ones out there,” says Scott, “Sentry is okay and I like it. I know that Alexandria is one of good guys and is trustworthy as a far as we know, but just keep in mind that you’re a vigilante while she works for the government. While you’re both good guys, you’re not on the same team as her bosses, even if you are on the same side.”

“I know that,” replies Guardian, “I would like to have another friend, even if they are useless in fight.”

I had hoped that with her powers, that Alexandria would be better in battle.

“Don’t dismiss Alexandria out of hand,” warns Scott, “Techni-Hurt and Krystal were just about to counter her powers. In a conventional fight, Alexandria would be invaluable and she will be even better once she actually gets some training and experience. Don’t forget she has only had her powers for a month and a half and that today was her first time in battle.”

Guardian waits in silent as Alexandria returns with the food. She’s got a couple of paper bags in one hand and two cups with lids in the other.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I just got you a burger with fries,” says Alexandria as she passes one of the bags and cups to Guardian, “I have also got you a chocolate milkshake. I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I’ll enjoy it,” answers Guardian, “I never actually had fast food before. Would you like me to pay you back?”

“Only if you got the money legally,” replies Alexandria.

“I don’t think I got any legally acquired money,” admits Guardian, “So I won’t be able to pay you back.”

Perhaps I should try to get some legal money for situations like this.

“Don’t worry about it,” says Alexandria, “Want to head back to my brother’s new penthouse? We can hang out without being disturbed. Unless my mum is there, but I’m sure that she’ll leave us be. Come on, let’s go.”

Alexandria zooms off, leaving Guardian to hunt down the speedy flying brick.

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  1. So this segment is mainly interaction between characters. Both Alexandria and Legacy want to be friends with each other. That said, Legacy lacks friends in general while Alexandria is looking for a friend her age who also has superpowers.

    Alexandria also has a point that because of her powers, folks in high positions are going to let some things slide in her case. This will explored in the future with plenty it remaining non-mentioned in the background.

    As for what happens in the next segment, mainly just this chapter getting wrapped up.