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1.3 Forging Part 7

“So is this your base?” inquires Guardian as she and Gears enter a disused warehouse.

“No,” replies Gears, “This was my temporary base when I was building my main base. I’m not using it anymore so I removed any worthwhile from here. It would be too easy for someone to find here so I didn’t want to have anything important lying about. But I decided to simply mothball the place as it doesn’t cost that much in time and resources to maintain and you never know when a spare base might come in handy, especially if there is an emergency.”

“Good logic,” says Guardian and the voice agrees with her by giving Guardian a sense of approval for Gears’ actions, “I approve.”

“Let’s head down now,” says Gears as he opens up a hidden compartment in the floor, “Even with the lead lining and the jamming equipment I got running up here, I don’t want to talk about sensitive up here. And you’ll be able to meet Jaylyn in person. Or as much in person as you can get with someone like her.”

“I understand,” replies Guardian, “I am pleased to have the chance to meet the person who so easily broke through my defences.”

“For what Jaylyn as told me, to her it was one of the hardest things she has ever done in her single month of life,” says Gears as he climbs down the hidden compartment into a lift, “Coming?”

“Yes,” answers Guardian as she also climbs down into the lift and Gears covers the compartment up again.

“And down we go,” says Gears, “Oh, forgot you can’t see me smiling.”

“Why are you smiling?” inquires Guardian.

“A variety of social factors I don’t think you would understand,” answers Gears with a wave of his hand, “I take you’re not good at this social stuff.”

“Not particularly,” replies Guardian, “Not including the stuff that happened over the last month, the only thing I can really remember about myself was that I was the Legacy of the Guardian and the only thing I truly understood were the technical fields relating to my power. As of such, I have been prioritising those aspects of my life as they are my only intact ones.”

“And since you lack an old life before the last month, I can totally see how you can fully devote yourself to being the Guardian,” says Gears as the lift doors open up into an underground base, “I, on the other hand, have a family, friends and a life outside of being a superhero. So I have to do this sort of stuff in my free time while still juggling my other responsibilities. It helps that I got Jaylyn to support me, but beyond that-”

Hello Guardian!” exclaims a disembodied voice that Legacy recognises as belonging to Jaylyn, Hello Father!”

Who else could it be?

“Hello Jaylyn,” says Gears with a sigh, “You met Guardian before haven’t you?”

Yes Father!” replies Jaylyn in her joyful childlike voice.

“Well, Guardian has agreed to be my partner,” says Gears, “We’re going to compare notes now since we’re both an inventors that the other finds interesting.”

If you’re partners, then you should tell her about yourself,” cheerfully suggests Jaylyn, After all, Leggy as already told us about herself.”

“Leggy?” inquires Legacy.

Short for Legacy,” explains Jaylyn, “I hope you don’t mind. I can stop calling you that if you wish.”

“I don’t mind,” replies Legacy, “Leggy, Legs, Legacy, I don’t particular mind which one you call me.”

I’ll alternate then!” says Jaylyn, “Father, please take your helmet off. It is rude to keep your face hidden from your partner.”

“I might as well take all of my armour off,” says Gears with sigh, “I’ll be a moment. Entertain Legacy please.”

Hello Legs,” says Jaylyn as the AI turns her attention on Legacy as Gears leaves the room, “Would you like to show me a trick? Father has shown me several, but they lose their charm afterwards as I can’t forget them.”

“A trick?” repeats Legacy, “Give a moment to come up with something.”

Okay!” chirpily replies Jaylyn.

What trick can I show Jaylyn? By best option would be to do something using my power, but everything here seems to have been created by Gears. I assume that’s why I can’t sense any technology here beyond what I brought with me. Which means that my options are limited to using my power to do something with what little I have brought with me.

I could use my sensors to make something out of them. Maybe add them onto my stun-pipe. No, I don’t think I’ll do that one. Perhaps make a larger sensor out of the smaller ones or something along those lines. I personally feel that might be my best choice. What do you think voice?


So you’re not going to be helpful then? You’re just going to watch? Oh well.

Legacy takes out a handful of her sensors and holds them flat in her hand. She focuses on her power and the machines slowly change as they disassemble and reassemble in a large sphere. The process is slow, taking Legacy several minutes as she focuses on getting it right.

But at the end, Legacy is pleased with her results. She has recombined the sensors into a metal sphere with glowing lines running through the outer layer.

“Impressive,” says a male voice from behind Legacy.

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  1. So in this segment, we get to see more of Jaylyn, Gears' AI daughter. At the moment, she is very like a young child, but will grow up relatively quickly over the course of the story. Otherwise it is more interaction between Guardian and Gears.

    As for next time, we finally get to find out who Gears is beneath the armour.