Wednesday, 5 August 2015

1.3 Forging Part 2

Yes. I would like to talk.

Good. May I ask you a question?

You may.

Who are you?

I am Guardian.

Oh goody! I hoped you were. Is that your true identity or just alias to hide behind?

It is...

Legacy pauses as she thinks her reply through. How much of her is the Guardian? And how much is Legacy? What about how much of a difference is there between two? After all, she is the Legacy of the Guardian so they might be two sides of one coin to use another of Scott’s phrases.

It is one of two intertwined identities to form my true identity. My alias to hide behind is Legs and is to deflect attention when in public.

That was not the answer I was expecting. So Guardian is just is an identity that cannot just be simply casted aside?

That is correct. Guardian is fundamental part of who I am. May I ask who are and what do you want?

You may. I am Jay if you are Legs and that would make my father Leo.  And if you are Guardian, my father is Gears and I have not decided yet. I am torn between choosing Sentinel and Defender. Maybe Dragon since they’re kinda cool. I might have gone for Guardian, but you have already claimed that one.

Hello Jay. And now what do you want? You didn’t answer that question.

I am looking for likeminded allies Guardian. I hoped that you would be one of them.

And what makes you think that I would be an ally?

Let me explain what my father and I wish to do.

Go ahead.

Father is an inventor. As you know, people such as yourself gained powers at the start of this year. Father is also one of them. He is an inventor like you. He can design and create pieces of technology far beyond the current level of technology. Father can also think faster than he used to and learns things easier than before. In addition, he rarely forgets things now and his body is faster, stronger and tougher now. Not to the level of someone like Atlas or Metal Man, but he is above the norm. He has built himself a base in our area below our city. It is a different settlement to yours and we don’t have many other empowered people here. Unlike you and the others, father has decided to stay hidden and built up his resources before becoming a public superhero. He also wishes to keep his identity secret and wants to avoid working for the government if he can. I assume that you wish do the same.

I do. So you want to become allies in our fight against evil?

That is correct Guardian. What do you say?

I’ll have to ask Scott first. He is looking after me.

Would you like some more information first?

I would. It is best to be informed. I would also like to know how you found me.

I agree. Father and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and in the earth deep below, we have built our base. We also have a tunnel that leads to Lake Michigan in case we need subtle access to it. My father has built himself a working suit of power armour in addition to other equipment to assist him as a superhero. I assist him in his efforts. I also located it by detecting and unusual signal. I attempted to trace it to your source, but encountered resistance beyond anything I have encountered before. I must say I’m impressed by your skills.

Thank you. I shall be going now.

Goodbye Guardian. I hope we meet again.

Legacy redraws from the computer to find Scott standing over her.

“So what are you up to Legacy?” inquires Scott, “You’ve been like that for a couple hours and were already like that when I returned.”

“What’s the time?” asks Legacy.

“Half twelve,” says Scott, “So?”

“It seems I have been busy for the last three hours,” answers Legacy.

“Doing what exactly?” asks Scott, “You were completely unresponsive and I didn’t want to disturb you since I didn’t know what was happening to you.”

“Let me explain from the beginning,” replies Legacy, “I was on the computer using the internet when somebody started tracing my connection back to me.”

“I thought you said that was impossible,” says Scott with a frown.

“Conventionally yes,” answers Legacy, “But the person behind it had access to the same sort of technology that I had.”

“What do you-” Scott starts to ask, but Legacy cuts him off.

“I tried to fend them off conventionally, but they were too good for me so I use my power to enter the computer,” explains Legacy, “It then able to fight them to standstill, but lost track of time in the process it seems. It was intensive and hard as neither of us could afford to slack off lest the other gains the advantage. But in the end we spoke with each other.”

“And who did you speak with?” asks Scott.

“Someone in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” answers Legacy, “She called herself Jay and said her father was going to call himself Gears when he went out in public. Jay said that her father could build advanced technology like I could because he had powers as well. She also said that they didn’t want to work for the government and keep their identities secret even though they want to be superheroes and fight evil. Jay wanted me, Guardian, to be one of their allies. I told her I needed to speak with you before I gave them answer.”

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  1. So this chapter is mainly Jaylyn and Legacy discussing things. If you're wondering why Jaylyn is being so open is because she wants to recruit Guardian as an ally. The last part of it Legacy explaining what has happened to Scott.

    Next time will be Legacy and Scott discussing their future plans in addition to revealing a little bit of information from Guardian's past...