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1.3 Forging Part 1

Legacy sits at her computer, bored with how things are going. While she did bring down the Lakeside Devils and their leader Metal Man a week ago, her desire to fight evil has been quenched.

Well, not so much quenched, but rather her eagerness has been replaced with a caution after she barely escaped Metal Man’s trap.

As a result of her newfound wariness, Legacy has halted her old activities of going out and fighting evil. Instead she has been focusing on creating her surveillance network while Legacy awaits the arrival of her new armour.

Her network is quite extensive now, covering one mile radius around the basement that she patrols in as well as an additional three miles on top of that.

Not that she has stopped beating up drug dealers whenever she can. But Legacy has noticed that they have started avoiding the area that she patrols in.

Perhaps they have decided I am too big a threat after defeating Metal Man that they are willing to abandon such a large area.

On one hand, that is a good thing as Legacy has driven her foes away and forced them to give up a large amount of land.

On the other hand, it means that she isn’t able to interrupt their activities as much anymore. And the lack of drug dealers to rob means that Legacy’s main source of income is lacking.

But Scott and Legacy still have several thousand dollars remaining despite spending quite bit of it. Scott is particularly fond of helping out other homeless people by them some basics such as food and drink.

Legacy sighs and opens up a news website. It turns out that after taking down Metal Man, a supervillain, has gained her fame. Especially since the members of the Lakeside Devils have exaggerated Legacy’s actions that night.

As a result of this and the drug-free zone that she has formed, the mysterious Guardian vigilante has become quite popular in the local media even if the authorities are denouncing her for not revealing herself to them and public and committing illegal actions.

I can’t wait for Scott to get back from Matt’s with my new armour. I got so many ideas for what I can do with it. I hope I can convert it into power armour. That would be ideal as it would grant me protection and pseudo-power to allow me to take on others with powers such as Metal Man.

Legacy dislikes that claims that she took down Metal Man. She was lucky to get away that night and it was only because Alexandria and the police showed up mere moments after Legacy left that Metal 
Man wasn’t able to get away.

And Legacy has yet to find out why the police were able to show up so soon. She or Scott weren’t the ones to call them and she doubts it was just coincidence that allowed events to happen as they did. Things went too well for that.

Legacy opens an article that is speculating on her powers. Unfortunately for Legacy, the authorities were able to retrieve her lost pipe-weapons from the Lakeside Devils and have thoroughly examined them.

Despite attempts to keep the results secret, they were leaked to the public. Now the public believes her to be some crazy and genius inventor as the reports claim she built weapons using advanced technology out of the scraps.

Which, in fairness to them, isn’t incorrect. But I just wish I was able to retrieve my weapons. They were my first creations and I’m actually quite upset by their loss.

Legacy halts her reading of the article as a warning appears on her computer. Despite her secure and undetectable connection as she hacks the internet so she can browse the web, somebody has found it and is attempting to trace it back to her.

And they are actually doing a pretty good job of it.

Legacy closes the article and begins to counter the person’s attempt to trace her. She can’t effectively counter it as despite her technological prowess, Legacy is reacting much slower than her opponent.

Only her adaptive defences are keeping up with the tracer and even then it is clear to Legacy that they won’t hold out forever.

This isn’t right. No way that they could be this good naturally. They have to have some sort of power that allows them to be doing this good.

Legacy grunts as she gets annoyed at her inability to counter her opponent.

Voice! Give me those help here!


Enter what? How can entering help here. Unless I can... oh wait I can. I almost forget that I could enter machines with my power. That should give an advantage over this person.

Legacy uses her power to focus on her computer and enters the device with her mind. Everything is so much larger and more expansive in here. Slower too, including the tracer.

But that might just be me being able to process things faster when I’m directly in the computer. Now let’s get to work.

Legacy struggles with the tracer, finally able to halt their progress as she focuses solely on battling her opponent.

She loses track of time as they battle each other into a stalemate. And it is at that point that Legacy receives a message from her opponent.

Want to talk?

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  1. So the start of the next chapter when some important things begin to happen. This segment mainly just fills in the gaps between now and the last chapter in addition to showing the in-universe reactions to the end of the last chapter. It also shows the meeting between Jaylyn and Legacy, the former of which first appeared at the end of chapter one's interlude.

    As for next time, let's see. Nothing too interesting, just Legacy talking with Jaylyn and then talking to Scott about her chat with Jaylyn.