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1.3 Forging Part 5

Guardian hesitates. She feels like she can trust Gears, she hopes she can trust Gears and wants to trust Gears, but...

Voice? What’s your opinion?


Okay. Thanks, that was the answer I was hoping for.

“I am unusual,” Guardian tells Gears.

“Of course you are,” replies Gears, “You have superpowers and go out in a costume at night and pick fights with criminals.”

“Not quite like that,” replies Guardian, “I’m much weirder than that. In fact, that is one of the most normal things about me.”

“Oh really?” says Gears, “Care to explain?”

Guardian then goes on to explain her life, starting at the earliest point see can remember.

Which, to be honest, is only eighteen days ago.

Gears is quiet as Guardian tells her life, from when she woke up in an alley to when she first went out to fight crime to escaping Metal Man’s trap to creation of her power armour.

Gears is silent for a bit after Guardian stops talking.

“That’s interesting,” finally says Gears as he begins pacing, “Is that all of it?”


“There is a voice I can hear at the back of mind,” says Guardian.

“You hear voices in your head?” demands Gears, coming to a halt as his head snaps round at Guardian.

“Yes I can,” replies Guardian, “Is that not normal?”

“No, it is normal,” replies Gears, “But neither are our powers. We seem to have the same similar powers even if they are a bit different so perhaps hearing voices in our heads is normal for us.”

“You hear a voice in your mind as well?” inquires Guardian.

“Sort of,” answers Gears, “Unlike you, I can hear four different voices in my head. Each has their own form in my mind and is a representation of part of my mind. Or least they claimed to be. But they have no reason to lie and it makes about as much sense as it can so I believe them.”

“Who are they?” asks Guardian.

Gears chuckles.

“It’s nice that you assumed that they’re a ‘who’ rather than a ‘what’,” says Gears as he fiddles with something, “The first one is the Vigilant Lion. He has the form of glowing lion and represents my bravery and willingness to protect others. He is also my ‘warrior aspect’ in his own words. Next is the Enduring Iron. He looks like a shapeshifting metal that switches between solid and liquid. He represents my determination, stubbornness and creativity and claims to also represent my ‘power’. The third is Burning Heart. He is the most temperamental and says he is the representation of my love and willingness to protect those I care about. He looks like a fiery and vaguely humanoid figure. He claims to be the representation my ‘love’. The final one is White Tea. He represents my compassion and kindness. He is a representation is my ‘good heart’ and looks like an unimposing figure in white with vague and unclear features. So what is your voice like?”

“Nothing as clear as yours,” replies Guardian, “Just a voice at the back of mind always going ‘syncing’. Sometimes it gives me a feeling or says a single word, but that’s it. Nothing fancy, but always helpful.”

“Okay,” says Gears, “Now you know about Jaylyn and I know about you, I suppose I should tell you about me.”

“I would like that,” replies Guardian.

“Well, where to start,” says Gears as he starts pacing again, “I got my powers at the very start of the year. Literally at midnight. I wasn’t so bad at first, but it kept getter stronger and harder to ignore. So I built this miniature quantum computer sphere which houses Jaylyn the next day. After that, my power died down, but if I go too long without designing or building something, it starts to build back up again. So I keep busy. I built my base, my armour and other equipment. I brought cheap electronics and personally upgraded them rather than buy expensive ones and upgrade them. When I need raw materials, I paid for them using mob bank accounts just as you been taking money from drug dealers. At least I assume you have been. But anyhow, I haven’t been publicly active, instead biding as I become organised. Unlike you, I had a lot more to lose if things went bad. That’s why I want to have back up before going out in public and Jaylyn contacted you.”

“So who else knows about your powers?” inquires Guardian.

“Just my girlfriend Joan and my best friend Charlie,” answers Gears, “I have told them everything except for Jaylyn and that’s because she sees Joan as some kind of mother figure just as she see me as father figure. It would be too awkward.”

“Only Scott knows about my powers,” replies Guardian, “Actually, he once told his friend Matt about me. Matt had figured things out on his own as he is the supplier of my armour and some other equipment and Scott just confirmed it.”

“So we know all about each other now,” says Gears as he stops pacing and looks Guardian, “What are we going to do?”


“Do you want to be partners?” asks Guardian.

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  1. So this segment is basically the two of them exchanging information on each other in-story and out of story giving you guys information on Gears. It also shows that fact that Legacy is now trusting her voice's judgement as the only thing stopping her from trusting Gears at the start was wanting to get the voice's opinion on it first.

    We also get to see the start of Leo's sanity issues. At first I thought he counted as insane, then I thought he counted as sane when anybody else would be considered insane. Now I feel that he is insane, but in multiple ways that counteract each other so he ends up sane so he is basically so insane, he is sane. I feel that his sanity is ambiguous and that will become clearer later in the story.

    We can also see some of the differences between Guardian and Gears. While Guardian improvise a lot and just gets into the thick of it, Gears has been preparing by organising his resources and attempting to gain allies before revealing himself to his enemies. He has also gone after the more profitable mob bank accounts from afar while Guardian has gone around beating up small fry and looting them for stuff.

    Next time more of the slight differences of Gears and Guardian are shown.