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1.3 Forging Part 3

“Hmm,” says Scott as he strokes his beard, “This could be useful. I would recommend investigating further and perhaps a face-to-face meeting. Actually definitely request the meeting before agreeing to anything. It is always best to know who you are dealing with. But if this Jay is telling the truth, this is a really good thing for us.”

“How so?” inquires Legacy.

“Because we will need friends and allies in the long run,” Scott tells her, “And it will be better if we can get them early on. That way we can build up good long term relationships with each other. Those are also important and require time to make and time isn’t a resource that you can extra of.”

“Should I be on the lookout for allies then?” asks Legacy.

“Yes, but check with me before agreeing to anything,” says Scott, “At the moment you’re too inexperienced to know how good or bad things will be. While I’m sure you will pick these things up over time, at this point people might try to take advantage of you.”

“That will not go well for them if they attempt to do so,” Legacy retorts.

“But it won’t go so well for you either,” counters Scott, “What is your initial impression of this Jay?”



“Good,” answers Legacy.

“Ask them for a meeting later,” says Scott, “But for now, come and see what I brought back with me.”

Scott points to a bundle of gear on the table and Legacy’s eyes widen as she realises that it is the armour that Scott ordered for her last week.

“What is there?” inquires Legacy as she begins to look through it.

“High quality ballistic vest customised to fit you,” replies Scott, “Hunting boots and gloves plus Kevlar helmet with a face guard to go with it and a pair of military goggles. I got a couple of spare of all of it just in case. I hope you’ll make good use of this as it ate through half of our funds.”

“I will Scott,” replies Legacy as she picks up one of the gloves.

This will all do nicely. I can finally start on this power. Something I especially want to do after my fight with Metal Man and learning that this Gears has his own already. But how to do it? I got the armour and I got my exoskeleton, but I will need something to provide full body cover. What do I know of? I was researching armour the other day and... I know. I don’t need something that is already of high quality, just something basic to form basis of the power armour. And I know where to go.

“Scott,” says Legacy.

“Yeah,” replies Scott.

“I need to go to a sporting store or outdoors shop,” Legacy tells him, “To buy armour that will form the basis of my power armour.”

“You’re moving onto that now?” mutters Scott, “Sure we can do that. Any particular reason why?”

“Because Jay said that her father has already built himself power armour,” explains Legacy, “And if I’m going to meet him, I want my own set of power armour.”

“Should we go shopping now then?” inquires Scott, “Or do you want to get started with your armour?”

“I want to go shopping first,” answers Legacy, “I’ll need what we’re getting before I can do the majority of the work on power armour so I don’t really see any point in starting until we got something to form the basis of the armour. What I would like to know if we have enough money remaining for this? Especially as I would like to build three sets of armour as you brought me three sets of equipment.”

“We should have enough for this,” replies Scott, “But you should go out and retrieve some more money soon anyway as what we got is running low compared to what we used to have.”

“Let’s go then,” replies Legacy as she puts the glove down, “I wish to start on my power armour as soon as possible.”


Scott ended up taking Legacy to several different sporting and outdoor shops, taking all, but one thousand of their remaining cash with them.

They end up going to large sporting store where Scott says he brought most of Legacy’s original armour. She ends up getting dirt biking body armour to form the basis of her power armour.

Rather than looking through all of it, Legacy just asked the voice what were best, getting different feelings of approval or disapproval in return. It actually proved quite helpful for Legacy as what she did get is actually pretty good.

The voice is unbelievably helpful and has yet to give me bad advice. I am so thankful for it, especially after it helped me survive Metal Man’s trap.


You’re welcome.

“Legacy,” says Scott as they returned to the basement, “What do you know about powers?”

“I know that I have some,” replies Legacy, “And they’re the most stable part of me and are the only constant in my life. I also know that other people have powers, but other than Gears and Jay, no one I know of has powers like mine.”

“I confess I don’t much about powers myself,” says Scott, “I was kind of hoping that you knew more, but it seems you don’t. Not that much is known about powers. They are scientifically impossible and nobody knows the cause of them. All we do know is that people first started getting them a month ago at the start of the New Year.”

“A month?” mutters Legacy, “That does not seem...right to me.”

“What do you me?” inquires Scott.

“I feel...that...superpowers started appearing...a decade ago,” slowly replies Legacy, “Ten years ago...not a single month.”

They’re both silent and Legacy closes her eyes as she tries to figure out why she remembers something factual incorrectly. She knows that she forgotten a lot of things, but never has Legacy remember something incorrectly. It makes her wonder what else she is remembering falsely.

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  1. So this segment is mainly filling in the dots between the previous one and the next in addition to building up the beginnings the relationship between Legacy and Ceta. It also reveals more of Legacy's past. Well, actually reveals some of Guardian's past as Legacy is remembering a fragment of a memory from a past Guardian (not David) as her bond with Ceta grows stronger.

    And next time, Guardian meets Gears, who will play an important role in the story..