Wednesday, 19 August 2015

1.3 Forging Part 6

“Yeah, I would like to be partners,” answers Gears, “Do you want to come with me to my secret base?

“Let me call Scott first,” replies Guardian.

She uses her power to reach into one of her sensors. Over the last week, Guardian decided that she might as well make all of her technology part of one network. That way she only needs to be in range of a single one of her devices to be able to reach all of them.

“Scott,” Guardian says as she accesses the computer in the basement, using the speakers to project her voice.

“Yeah Legacy,” replies Scott without batting an eye.

“I’m with Gears,” Guardian tells him, “We have decided to become partners and he’s going to take me to his base so it might be a while until I come back here.”

“Okay Legacy,” says Scott, “Have fun and keep your wits about you.”

“Bye Scott,” replies Guardian and she redraws from the electronics.

“I’m done and ready to go,” Guardian tells Scott.

“May I inquire how you called him?” asks Gears, “I think I know how, but I would like to find out for sure.”

“Oh, I just use my power to access on our devices at our hideout,” explains Guardian, “I made all of my devices part of one network so I-”

“Could access all of your devices as long as you had access to one of them,” finishes Gears, “Smart. Very smart. I’m impressed. You know what we could do now since we’re partners, is that you could upgrade all of my devices to be part of your network. It would definitely be useful in the future and would without doubt make communication between us much easier since we live in different cities.”

“What is this city called by the way?” inquires Guardian.

“You don’t know that?” mutters Gears, “After two and a half weeks of living here? It’s called Chicago by the way.”

“Thank you for the information,” replies Guardian, “I didn’t know because I have had other things to learn so I just learn things as they come or when I need to learn them. Knowing what city I am in never mattered before because I never have to do anything outside of this city.”

“I see your logic, but still,” says Gears as he turns around, “Hop on my back.”

“Why?” Guardian asks as she does as Gears says anyway.

“My base is on the other side of the lake and I’m the only one of us that can fly,” answers Gears, “Therefore I need to give you a ride there unless you feel like swimming.”

“I do not believe that that is a viable option,” replies Guardian, “Despite my physical prowess, I would not succeed due to a mixture of being unable to complete such a journey in addition to dying if I was to spend too much time in such unfavourable conditions.”

“What? No!” says Gears as he take off, “I was joking! Did you seriously think that I thought you could swim over a hundred kilos in freezing cold water?”

Guardian stays silent.

How is Gears’ armour flying?

She attempts to use her power to find out only to encounter something brand new, an inability to access Gears’ armour with her power.

Guardian can sense Gears armour if just barely. And she can’t sense any more technology on Gears and Guardian can’t tell if it’s simply because he doesn’t have any on him or if it is because she can’t sense them.

She hopes that is the former because it would bad for her people can counter her technopathy, Guardian suspects it is the later and that she wouldn’t able to sense the armour if she didn’t know it was there.

This puts a bump in my plans if others than Gears have this ability to create technology that I cannot interact with using my power. At the very least this will give me another practical reason to ally myself with Gears and perhaps I will have opportunities to learn how to counter this.

“Pretty view isn’t it,” says Gears, snapping Guardian out of her concentration, “Let’s just hope that nobody spots us.”

“Yeah,” mutters Guardian before deciding to just ask Gears outright, “How does your flight work?”

“Oh,” says Gears, “I just use kinetic energy projectors in my boots. They work by using their energy to allow me to resist gravity and whatnot. They only allow me fly in the direction I’m pointing so I got smaller ones scattered about my armour for when I need to manoeuvre. They work great as I can go faster or slow by putting more or less power into them and I hover by having just enough power to resist gravity. The only real downside is that depending on the size, only so much energy can go through at a time. The other downside is that it can eat through a lot of the power stored in my armour so I have to be careful about how I use them. That last one will probably be a problem when I start going into combat so it’s the one I’m trying to do my best to solve. For the time being, I’m trying to improve the amount power that my armour can hold and the energy efficiency of the projectors so I can get more out of what power I do have. I figured out that trying to reduce amount of power being used won’t work as the projectors need a certain amount of energy to work hence why I’m focusing on the efficiency instead of usage.”

“What are you using as a power source?” inquires Guardian.

“For my base, I got a fusion reactor,” answers Gears, “For my armour, I have battery in the back that is charged by the reactor back at my base. Compared to normal batteries, my battery is far superior at storing power and efficiently using it.”

“I have my power source that I use for my devices,” replies Guardian, “I call it my Electromagnetism Extractor or ElecMag Extract for short. It draws power from the electromagnetism in the air and I have either extractors in my larger devices like my computer or ElecMag power cells in my smaller ones such as weaponry.”

“I would like to see the designs for those,” says Gears.

“I would happy to share in return for a look at your kinetic energy projectors,” replies Guardian and Gears laughs.

“You know what Guardian,” says Gears as he chuckles, “I think we’re going to be great partners.”

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  1. So this chapter consists mainly of contrasting Gears and Guardian in addition to having them interact with each other. It also introduces the Kinetic Energy Projectors or KEPs, which will have a lot of usage in the story. In addition to that, we find out that Guardian's technopathy doesn't work on Guardian's tech, another thing which may or may not play an important role in the future.

    Next time Guardian is taken back to Gears' base and we get to see more of Jaylyn.