Wednesday, 12 August 2015

1.3 Forging Part 4

Guardian rolls her shoulders as she awaits the arrival of Gears. She sent a message to Jay the same way she contacted Guardian later that day and arranged to meet Gears.

Jay isn’t the only person who can trace supposedly undetectable signals even if she did realise who was behind it quickly.

Guardian made her first set of power armour in a furious amount of work over the afternoon and evening. She was on a schedule and that was no way that she was meeting Gears without her own set of power armour.

They arranged to meet on a disused beach as unlike Guardian’s, Gears’ power armour allows him to fly.

I could have done that, but I don’t access to the necessary resources to make flight an option for my power armour. It is not because this Gears is better than me. He simply has access to better resources than I do. And I’m sure I could have done it myself with my current resources if I had more time.

Guardian yawns. Her body doesn’t seem to be getting an optimal amount of rest and as it always seems to be at least somewhat tired. She doesn’t know whether this because of her resting habits or because of her activities.

Perhaps is it a combination of the two.

Even if it isn’t as good as Gears’, Guardian is still proud of her power armour as it quite difficult to make compared to her earlier creations.

First thing she had to was get enough metal so Guardian should fill out the gaps between what armour she has acquired. Then she had to build devices that could be used to reshape the metal. Then she had to meld it with the armour that Scott got her so it fit created a set of armour that covered her entire body. And Guardian had to make the armour into several pieces so it could be put on and taken off.

That isn’t even getting onto how hard it was to build the exoskeleton into it and still have it work.

She made the helmet, face mask and the goggles all part of one helmet with an added voice distorter. The gloves and boots were both reinforced to make them sturdier if Guardian needs to kick or punch something or someone. The power part of her power armour consists of ElecMag cells throughout the armour, a HUD built into the helmet that can be linked with Guardian’s power and the exoskeleton.

Guardian sighs with regret.

If I had this armour when I walked into Metal Man’s trap, I could have fought my way out and won.

But too late for that and Guardian can’t go back and change time.

Besides, Metal Man has vanished since has arrested. Nobody knows what happened to him like nobody knows what happened to Blastout. They both just got taken away by the authorities and that was the end of it.

Where is Gears? He should be here any time now.

“I assume you are Guardian?” says a thick, heavy and distorted male voice from above Guardian.

She looks up a spots a person in grey power armour hovering above her. His armour is sleek, streamline and well armoured with a smooth featureless helmet with only a couple of eye holes.

This must be Gears

Guardian can’t help, but notice how well constructed the armour is. It is made of a ceramic rather than metal and was definitely made from scratch rather than created using existing equipment.

Guardian regards both things as making Gears’ power armour superior to her own, but she puts it down to Gears having access to better resources. He has to have made his armour like that.

Perhaps he will allow me access to those resources. I hope he will and I assume he will if he really wants to be allies.

“Well?” inquires Gears.

“Yes, I am Guardian,” replies Guardian, “I assume you are Gears, Jay’s father?”

“What the-,” starts Gears as he lands in front her, “Jay? You mean Jaylyn? She has been telling you that I’m her father?”

“If Jay is the one I been talking to, then yes,” answers Guardian, “Are you not her father?”

“Sort of,” replies Gears, “Let me explain. You can keep secrets right?”

Guardian nods.

“Let me explain what Jaylyn is first,” starts Gears, “Jaylyn is an AI, my first creation. When I got my power, it was unbearably strong and I just had to build something. I so I built the most advanced thing I could think, a sentient artificial intelligence. A proper seed AGI with no limiting directives or programming.”

Gears pauses.

“And she sees me as her father.”

“You say that as it is a bad thing,” notes Guardian.

“It is sort of, I don’t know, maybe?” replies Gears, “Look, I just find it weird having a daughter while I’m a teenager. I’m still at high school and I got a freaking daughter. Not that I would reject her. I like Jaylyn and I guess I love in some familial manner, but I just find the idea of having a daughter that I created just plain weird.”

“But let us talk about something else,” says Gears, “Would you mind talking about yourself?”

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  1. So in this chapter, Guardian meets Gears, who will end up being the deuteragonist of the story.

    A bit of background about Gears is that he was originally going to be the protagonist of League of Heroes (my first web serial), but I felt he didn't fit into that world. Then he was going to be the protagonist of this story with Guardian as the deuteragonist, but I felt he was to similar to Sentinel so I swapped their roles around. As a result, Gears is one of the most thought out character of the story along side Guardian and the tale of him and those around him will play a prominent part of this web serial.

    Now about this segment. Guardian doesn't like to be shown up in her department of expertise due to it being the only thing she actually knows at this one. And for the record, Gears isn't better than Guardian, but is her equal. Gears is better at technology on a large scale while Guardian is better on a more personal scale.

    Next time we'll find out more about Gears.