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1.2 Rising Part 9

Guardian searches her foes for the one that took her weapons. She didn’t see which one it was as she was modifying the phones at the time.

And Guardian can’t spot the culprit in the confusion that she has created.

She doesn’t want to press her luck as despite having taken out everybody in the room as Guardian is still horrible outnumbered if even just a few of their number recovers.

She hears a grunt from in front of her and she looks down.

Metal Man is slowly getting to his feet. Despite being vulnerable to electric attacks like the other gangsters, he is almost fully recovered from it.

Guardian goes through the information that she knows about him.

Metal Man said that he got his powers when he was shot. Since he survived that, I doubt my gun will be much against him. Plus Metal Man mentioned that he was tougher and stronger than normal so I assume that is why he has recovered so much faster than the others. Since he is stronger and tougher, I won’t be able to match him in a fair fight even with my exoskeleton.

Metal Man is almost back on his feet when Guardian hurtles over him, pushing him forwards into the ground as she pushes off his back.

Now what voice?


I agree. It is a good idea.

Guardian gives up on trying to retrieve her weapons as even if she could find them, she wouldn’t be able to get to them with Metal Man recovered.

What Guardian does do as she runs for the front door, is drop a few sensors so she can keep track of what is going on here even once she is gone.

Guardian kicks the door open and it breaks under her exoskeleton-enhanced strength. Without even sparing a glance behind her, the superhero runs off into the night.


Guardian hesitates as she reaches the basement. Tonight didn’t go well and Guardian came out behind without a doubt. The only upsides that she can think of are that she wasn’t hurt or killed and she was able to set up a basic surveillance system.

She failed to stop any of the gangsters, didn’t get anything this trip and actually lost her best weapons. Guardian is ashamed at how poorly tonight went and is doesn’t want to face Scott’s disappointment in her.

But she is going to have to at some point so that isn’t any point in delaying that time.

Legacy enters the basement and looks around for Scott. He’s sitting at her computer, reading something.

“You’re back a bit earlier than I expected,” says Scott without looking up, “I assume things went well then.”

Legacy hesitates. She feels guilty at Scott assuming her earliness is due to success rather the failure that is the true reason.

“They didn’t,” replies Legacy, “They actually went extremely poorly.”

Scott quickly gets up and turns to inspect Legacy.

“Are you hurt?” demands Scott, “You don’t look like you are, but...”

“I’m physically fine,” answers Legacy, “But I lost my best weapons and didn’t take any of them out.”

“What happened?” Scott asks calmly.

“It started off as usual,” explains Legacy, “But then I was followed as I went to my chosen location. Once I entered the building, it was a trap and their leader, Metal Man, had powers while the rest of them were armed. I was surrounded and outnumbered with no cover or escape.”

“Go on,” says Scott encouragingly as Legacy pauses.

“I waited and turned their phones into traps to electrocute them,” continues Legacy, “I activated them once Metal Man had finished speaking and I escaped from building while they still down. I was unable to retrieve my weapons as Metal Man was recovering too quickly.”

“This Metal Man,” says Scott slowly, “What powers did he have?”

“His skin was metal,” answers Legacy, “He claimed to have gotten them when he was shot and he also said he was tougher and stronger than normal people. He did recover much faster than the other gangsters even though he was still vulnerable to electricity.”

“Let’s focus on what we can do to solve this situation,” Scott tells her, “Can you make more weapons?”

“Easily,” answers Legacy, “Replacing them won’t be a problem.”

“And what about the surveillance system you were going to set up tonight?” asks Scott, “Were you successful in that?”

“Yes I was,” answers Legacy, “That was the only thing that went well tonight. I was even able to leave some sensors at the trap.”

“So let’s check on how well it is working,” suggests Scott soothingly, “So you’re just going to call your sensors sensors?

“That is correct,” replies Legacy, “It is short for surveillance system sensors. I preferred it to any of the other names I can up with.”

“So can you use your control device to access the network on the computer?” inquires Scott, “I know that you can access it with your power, but I would like to see it as well.”

“Okay,” says Legacy as she goes to get the phone size device.

She sits down at the computer as she plugs the control device in while Scott stands behind her.

“Let’s bring up the sensors in the trap building,” suggests Scott and Legacy does as he requested.

They don’t get any good picture as Legacy was in a rush when she placed them, but they do get sound and other data.

“Those people are the police,” explains Scott as the sensors show people in uniform putting the gangsters in restraints, “They uphold the law, but while they are on the same side as you, they are not your friends as you break the law.”

“I understand,” answers Legacy.

“I assume that one is Metal Man,” says Scott as the leader of Lakeside Devils is taken away from a teenage girl.

“I know that girl,” Legacy says suddenly, “I saw her earlier when I was shopping.”

“That’s Alexandria,” Scott tells her, “She is Atlas’ little sister and has the same powers as her brother, but weaker.”

They go silent as they hear Metal Man screaming profanity at Alexandria.

“It was that dumb bitch Guardian!” curses Metal Man as he is taken away.

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  1. So this segment wraps up the chapter. Went she went up against her first supervillain, Guardian also suffered her first defeat. And that what she considers it even if others might claim she won due to Metal Man and his gang getting arresting (that's what most in-universe will believe). Otherwise the segment shows more of the relationship between Legacy and Scott or at least I hope it does. I would like some feedback on what people think of Scott and Legacy's relationship if folks are willing to give it here in the comments section.

    Next time we'll see the origins of a couple of characters that will be come relevant quite a bit later into the story.