Sunday, 19 July 2015

1.2 Rising Part 7

Legacy spends the reminder of the morning and a good portion working on her exosuit until it is finished. She would have skipped lunch, but ended up having a late one at Scott’s insistence.

The exosuit is sleek and easily fits underneath Legacy’s costume or any other clothing for that matter. As long as the clothing isn’t skintight that is. But Legacy has no intention of wearing anything skintight if she can help it.

It boosts her strength, endurance and stamina in addition to her speed, agility and reflexes when it is worn. It doesn’t help her toughness or durability, but it will still give Legacy a clear advantage over her enemies in a physical confrontation.

The power source particularly pleases Legacy as it uses a collection of ElecMag power cells that are placed throughout the exosuit. These cells can be used to power her weapon’s power cells or vice versa.

Since she completed her exosuit, Legacy has been working on the start of her surveillance system, the goggles being put off for another day. The first part is the command device to allow Legacy to control the network from the basement.

She was unsure of whether to make it large and extensive like her custom computer or small and mobile like the phones that she has been stealing from the gangsters. In the end Legacy decided on something small so she could carry it around with her, but at the same time, she made so it could be attached to a computer if needed.

The rest of the network consists of sensors. She hesitates to call them cameras because they track other things then just picture and sound, such as temperature and the composition of the air.  And unlike most manmade things, Legacy’s sensors lack a uniform design other than being small and durable.

There are multiple reasons for this, all pragmatic and practical. First is that she can make more as not trying to make them conform to a single shape allows her to use more of the resources she has at her disposal.

Another advantage is that they’ll be harder for her enemies to find if they do figure out what she is doing as if they find one and figure out what it is, they won’t be able to know what to look for when they search for the others.

A third one is that it means that Legacy can create them in the field and just place them as needed. That will be useful in several situations that she can think of.

And Legacy will be able to field test it tonight. She likes her night missions. Going out with her costume and weapons and fighting the forces of evil feels great.

Puts a real stride in my step to use the expression that Scott suggested.

“Be careful,” Scott warns her as Legacy, “I’m certain the local gangsters are going to be on the local out for you. You’ve done too much damage to them over the past three days to them for the gang to be able to ignore you.”

“I will be vigilant,” replies Legacy as she picks her weapons up, going with her preferred loadout of her pipe-gun, a pair of stun-pipes and the sidearm that Scott insist she carries.

‘Just in case’ is what Scott gives as his reason for his insistence.

“I just worry for you Legacy,” says Scott, “Even if I only met you a mere ten days ago.

“I have my exosuit now,” Legacy reassures him as she heads for the door, “And I’ll begin seeding my surveillance system. I’m being prepared now, not just fighting evil where I find it.”

“Just don’t take unnecessary risks,” replies Scott, “Promises me that.”

“I promise I won’t take any unnecessary risks,” promises Legacy before closing the door behind her.

Guardian makes her way to one of the local gang’s base of operations, something called a ‘crack house’. The gang she has been facing over the last few days is newly formed one after Washdown and Blastout destroyed most of the lakeside areas of the city. They call themselves the Lakeside Devils.

I couldn’t care less what they call themselves, but I suppose I need to know what they are known as if I’m going to spy on them and track their movements and actions.

Guardian drops her surveillance system sensors every now and again, beginning the formation of her spy network. It as she does this, that Guardian notices a couple of men following her.

One of them is in his early twenties while the other appears middle aged and both look like members of the Lakeside Devils. Each of them has a gun, a pistol and SMG respectively.

But they seem content to just follow Guardian and she gives no clue that she has spotted them.

At least I know I’m working into a trap. I hope this doesn’t count as taking an unnecessary risk.

Guardian makes her way to her destination, the two men following her the entire way. She tries the handle on the building’s back door and finds it unlocked.

Definitely a trap.

Guardian enters the room and freezes at what awaits her inside.

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  1. Well, this chapter shows off a couple of Legacy's inventions which will have future plot relevant (when and how will be something you have to wait and see). The second half of it is Guardian going off to fight an enemy that is prepared for her. As for her actions in that part of his segment, I won't be commenting on that, but she is willingly and knowingly walking into a trap and that can't be good.

    As for next time, Guardian encounters her first supervillain.