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1.2 Rising Part 6

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Legacy walks out of the store with a full bag in each arm. She is pleased with her choices and has only spent half of the money that Scott gave her.

In the end, Legacy decided to focus on three projects, an exoskeleton suit, upgrading her goggles and creating a surveillance system.

The first is simply to give her an edge once her element of surprise runs out as Legacy is physically lacking. Hopefully she can get it to increase her strength, agility and reflexes.

As for the goggles, Legacy hopes to install a camera to record things and other stuff to help her track and identify things. That would extremely useful as it would allow her review her missions.

And the surveillance system will give her an unbeatable edge. With her ability to access the entire network if she is in range of just a single device, Legacy will need only a single device in the basement or in her costume to access the entirety of the network.

As a result, Legacy can create lots of miniature devices to track and record and seed them throughout the network. It will allow her to track her enemies’ movement and organise her attacks against them.

It will be perfect and they’ll have no way to counter it. I’ll be unstoppable


Warning? What is the voice trying to warn me about? I only said... that must be it. The voice is trying to warn me that my surveillance system won’t be perfect. Or perhaps I shouldn’t assume my enemies will be unable to counter it.

Or maybe there is a threat nearby. But I can’t detect anything or think anything that is a threat in the vicinity. I’m going to with the former explanation of warning me not to rely too much on my technology.

Legacy looks around none the less and begins to keep an eye out. She doesn’t like being out in public on her own without her equipment and is all too glad to follow Scott’s instructions to go back to their basement.

Perhaps it is the constant secrecy or the making sure she isn’t being followed, one group of girls get Legacy’s attention as she spots them scrolling along the other side of the street.

There are four of them and they’re about the same age as Legacy though she would put them as slightly older. All of them are wearing the same sort of clothes, bright and impractical stuff that you would never catch Legacy wearing. And that isn’t even mentioning the useless camouflage they got smeared on their faces.

They’re chatting away with each other and are drawing stares from the people around them. It takes Legacy a moment to place why they’re getting so much attention.

It is the most dominant member of group that is attracting the stares Legacy is able to figure out from the fact most of the people are staring at that particular girl.

The girl has long blonde hair and a mildly muscular body. Her jeans and pink tank top hug her extremely generous curves as she hovers slightly above the ground. But what really gets Legacy’s attention is the device on her wrist.

It is large and kind of bulky, but it is one of the most advanced things that Legacy has seen.

With the exception of my creations of course. I haven’t really since anything that is as high tech as my own devices. I actually doubt that anybody else does have anything as good as the stuff I make.

Legacy looks away. The girl is getting enough attention as it is and Legacy doesn’t want to draw attention to herself by attracting the gaze of the girl.

Legacy quickly moves so the girl is out of her line of sight and hurries back to her base. The uneasiness of being exposed and alone, the warning by the voice and the surprise at seeing an advanced piece of technology have all made her extremely wary. The relative safety of the basement will be a welcome relief to Legacy.

It only takes about twenty minutes of rapid walking to reach the basement and Legacy almost forgets to make sure she isn’t being followed.

She enters and dumps her bags on the ground. Legacy lets out a breath of relief and begins to focus on what she is going to build next. Inventing and building items and gadgets is always relaxing to Legacy, using the only area of knowledge that she properly remembers and her only constant, her power.

Now Legacy only needs to figure what she’s going to build first. The goggles are least important of her three projects so they will be last. The exoskeleton and surveillance system are of equal importance, but the exoskeleton will be quicker to complete. In the end, that is what convinces Legacy to start the exoskeleton first.

Tonight is going to go great.

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  1. Okay, this a new thing I am going to try out for Legacy, writing a comment containing my brief thoughts on each part. I won't go back and do it for previous parts unless someone requests it, but I will try to do for future parts.

    So this chapter is primarily mean to give the readers an insight into how Legacy thinks, which is quite different to a normal person. It is also a first appearance of a secondary character that will become more prominent later in the story.

    As always, if anybody wishes to ask me questions about the story or the setting, just do so in the comments and I shall do my best to answer.