Sunday, 5 July 2015

1.2 Rising Part 5

Scott leads Legacy down the street of shops as the level of activity slowly increases with the opening of the shops.

I don’t mind my haircut. Maybe it is nice to have a change, but I don’t particularly care that I have short hair. I kind of like it actually. It is very practical compared to long hair.

“Here we are,” says Scott as they stop outside a hardware store, “I’m sure this place will be your version of a candy shop. Plenty of different tools and parts for you to chose from.”

Legacy looks at the store. It just as impressive as any other shop, but even by just looking at the windows, she can see a nice amount of items.

“Okay Legs,” says Scott, “I’m going to give you a couple thousand to spend in there. I recommend stuff to help you build something like an exoskeleton or something else fancy. You know, the type of things that you can create, but can’t buy.”

“Don’t worry Scott,” replies Legacy, “I understand.”

He hands her the money, several wads of cash. Legacy sticks them in the pockets of her hoodie, out of sight.

“I’ll be off,” says Scott, “Try not to attract attention.”

“I know about not attracting attention,” replies Legacy, “I know I’m not supposed to do it.”

“Good, good,” says Scott, “Consider this a test of how well you do in public on your own. We’ll meet back at our place later.”

“Yes Scott,” replies Legacy as he walks away.

Now what? I got a bunch of money and somewhere to spend it. This is my candy store as Scott said. Of course I don’t know what a candy store so that doesn’t help much. I better go inside and see what there is.

The store doesn’t disappoint as Legacy spots plenty of different stuff. She isn’t sure about how what to get. She does have some ideas, but isn’t sure which are the best.

Okay, what first?


That was the voice. Finally said something instead of just giving me feelings. Anything else to say?

An internal silence is Legacy’s response.

At least I got something to go on. The voice is right, I should try using logic. What first? Find out what there is in the shop and then work out what is the best. Wait, I should figure out what there is the shop and then figure out what I want to build. Then I should figure out what is best for me. No, missed another step. I should figure out what type of parts would suit my purpose and then figure out what of them is best.

And how to do that? I could look through all of the items. Or I could use my power to go through the store’s computer files. I prefer the latter. Less time consuming and far more accurate than doing by hand.

What else do I need to consider? Money. I got two thousand dollars at my disposal. That gives me a lot to work with, but it’s still a limited amount. I’ll have to figure out if I’m getting value for my money when I pick what I’m buying.

So what projects to I want to do? I have weaponry and we’re getting armour. I’m going to get an exoskeleton. It would work well with my current set of armour and would be useful as I’m lacking in physical prowess. Beyond that, I need to figure out how I’m going to organise my battles. I can’t just keep fighting them as they come. Sooner or later, my enemies will get an organised response to take me down and I’ll need an organised response of my own to counter that.

I can access any piece of technology within range of my power through I do have to be closer depending on how primitive it is. The ability to pick locks by touching them is very useful. What I need to figure out how my powers work with networks. While all of the devices were in my range in Matt’s shop, I was able to access them through their networks not individually. If I can access devices via their networks even if the individual device is out of my power’s range, that would be really useful and would affect my plans.

Legacy decides to test the extent of the powers first. She heads over into a corner of the store, out of sight. Her power seems to have a range of twenty metres in a sphere around her with the devices closer to her being easier to use her power one than those that are further away.

Legacy reaches out with her power, trying to find an electronic device in another building. Hopefully it’ll be connected to network with more devices that are out of her range so she actually tests her limits.

There. A computer in the backroom of a grocery store. I’m inside it now. It’s connected to the store’s network with the majority of the network. Let’s see. Can I access the rest of the network?

Legacy lets out an internal cry of joy as she is able to access devices that would normally be out of her range using the network. This opens up so many new possibilities for her.

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