Sunday, 28 June 2015

1.2 Rising Part 4

“So you can control computers with your mind now?” inquires Scott as they leave Matt’s shop, using the back door again.

“Only if I focus on it,” explains Legacy, “It becomes easier to use my powers depending on how advanced the machinery is. And I can only focus on one device at the moment.”

“At the moment?” Scott inquires further.

“A week ago I couldn’t even begin to do what I did today,” says Legacy, “It seems to me that my power is slowly become stronger.”

A sense of agreement from the voice at the back of my head. That means that I’m probably on the right line of logic on this matter.

“That is interesting,” mutters Scott before moving onto a different topic, “Not many shops are open yet. Still got a few hours ‘til then. Let’s go to a diner for breakfast.”

“What’s a diner?” asks Legacy.

“A place where people buy cooked food to eat,” explains Scott, “It’s about breakfast time so there should be at least one open. How does bacon and eggs sound to you?”

“I don’t know,” replies Legacy, “I don’t remember ever trying it.”

“Hmm,” says Scott, “Let me guess, you never had pancakes before either?”

Legacy shakes her head.

I wish I could remember these things. It’s annoying that Scott knows all these things when all I can say is that I don’t remember.

Scott leads Legacy to one of the diners he spoke of. There aren’t many people are in it at the moment. 

Once they’ve found themselves a pair of seats, Scott orders both of them a plate of bacon, egg, toast and a glass of orange juice.

Legacy focuses on the local technology systems, primarily watching the other patrons via the pair of cameras the diner has once she skimmed through the files on their network.

It doesn’t take long for their breakfast to be served. Legacy enjoyed watching it being cooked by the security cameras. They each have three rashes of bacon, a couple of eggs and a slice of toast plus a glass of orange juice.

She scoffs it down once it arrives

It’s a lot better than the tin food that I’ve been having.

Legacy looks up to see Scott smiling at her.

“Hmm,” inquires Legacy through a mouthful of bacon.

“You’re gobbling that down fast,” notes Scott.

Legacy shrugs before continuing with her meal at the same rate. Within moments Legacy has finished her meal. Scott lets out one of his light chuckles before calling the waitresses over and ordering another meal for Legacy.

This time it is a batch of pancakes with a glass of apple juice. It doesn’t take long for Legacy to eat it all as well, but by that time, Scott is also done.

Scott pays with some dollars as they get up from their seats. Legacy notices he pays with more than their meals cost.

I wonder why?

They continue their silence as the two of them leave the diner.

“Now what?” asks Legacy.

“More shopping and a hair cut for you,” answers Scott, “We need to start getting more supplies and I want you to start picking the materials you want rather than just using what’s available. And while your hair is nice, long hair is impractical for what you do. I’m thinking a pixie cut. Usually people book appointments, but since we’ll get there when they open, we should be able to get an appointment. We probably have another hour until it opens.”

“Okay,” says Legacy.

“I just thought of something by the way,” Scott says suddenly, “If anybody asks about the relationship between us, just say I’m your honorary uncle. A close friend of your father who is looking after you for the time being.”

“Sure,” replies Legacy.

Even through the increasing amount of falsehoods sit ill with me.

They find a bench near the hairdresser where they sit down and wait. They spend the time as Legacy asks Scott things she doesn’t know and he tries his best to answer them, expanding her knowledge of the world they live in.

They fall silent and watch as the hairdresser’s is opened across the street.

“Let’s go,” says Scott as he gets up.

They head towards the now open doors of the show. They’re in luck as Scott is easily able to book an appointment. It turns out that not that many people actually have appointments first thing in the morning.

The hairdresser who does Legacy’s hair is nice, but Legacy doesn’t enjoy the small talk that the woman tries to make. Especially since she doesn’t have proper answers to her question or answer involves something that Scott has forbidden her from speaking about.

Legacy can’t help, but feel that she was unfairly cold towards the hairdresser. But there is nothing that she can do about that without doing something she’s not supposed to.

At the end, her long, black and quite dirty hair is reduced a much shorter length in the style of what Scott and the hairdressers called a pixie cut.

Short hair is better for fighting than long hair. That’s what Scott and the voice agrees.

“Now what?” asks Legacy as they leave the hairdresser.

“Just follow me for now,” answers Scott, “I got a surprise for you.”

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