Sunday, 24 May 2015

1.1 Awake Part 8

Guardian leaves the base and makes sure to stay out of sight.

I don’t need Scott to tell me that my gear will draw unwanted attention.

It is for that same reason that the gangsters Scott is sending her after are only a block away.

I know the plan. Get in stealthily and beat up the gang members inside. Once the building is secure, take their money and destroy their drugs. I should also take their ammo and guns if I can or destroy if I can’t with a priority on ammo over guns. I’m also going to acquire more parts if I can.

Guardian quickly finds the building that Scott described to her. He spent some time scouting undetected. Not many gangsters pay attention to the crippled homeless man, let alone consider him a threat.

Guardian reaches the door and tries the handle.

It’s locked. Let’s try something else.

Guardian puts her hand against the lock and focuses as she can senses the mechanism that is the lock. It’s faint, but it is there.

I guess a mechanism is basic technology so it falls under my powers. Still I have to be touching it to feel it with my power and even than I can barely connect with it.

With a click, the door is unlocked and Guardian pushes open and draws her pipe-gun. She made sure it was loaded before she left and it has a total of ten shots currently in it.

A man is already in the room when Guardian enters. He is a quick draw, but Guardian already had her pipe-gun at ready. The man manages to draw his submachine gun and get to his feet when Guardian’s stun attack topples him over. The weapon falls from his grasp and nosily clatters across the floor.

Guardian is at the door leading into the main room when another ganger opens it up. Guardian quick shots him as well and then drops the guy behind him before he can react.

Unfortunately for Guardian, the element of surprise is no longer with her as she hears footsteps from the floor above her. She cautiously stays back as Guardian spots someone on the stairs.

He sticks his own handgun around the side of railing of the stairs and fires in Guardian’s direction. While the bullets hit the wall next to her with heavy thumps, it still gets Guardian’s adrenaline going as if she had actually been hit.

She takes aim at what she can see of her opponent and fires. Her shot strikes her target in the leg and he falls down the stairs with a cry of pain.

The ganger behind him is much more aggressive and goes down the stairs whilst firing at Guardian. She ducks back into the other room as bullets smash into the walls and ground around her. She isn’t a moment too soon as a pair of bullets fly through the space she was previous occupying.

Six shots left with my pistol as a backup. I can afford to spend a few shots on this foe.

Guardian sticks her pipe-gun around the doorway and fires a trio of shots in rapid succession. She steps back into the doorway as she hears a gurgle and gunfire stops.

One of her shots is lodged in the far wall while another stuck her target in the chest judging by the hole in his shirt. Another appears to have torn through his right shoulder as evidenced by the small pool of blood forming around it as he lies on the floor.

Guardian marches into the middle of the room, waiting for more opponents. None come.

I waited long enough. I do have a schedule to keep if I am to do I need to and get out before more show up.

Just she turns her back to start looting the first lot of gangsters, Guardian hears a noise behind her. She spins around just in time to block as the ganger she shot of the stairs swings a knife at her.

Metal clanks against metal as the blade is intercepted by pipe. Guardian jumps back, but the gangster presses his attacker.

“Who the @$#£ing hell do think you are bitch?” demands the gangster as Guardian blocks again.

“Guardian,” replies Guardian as she backs up and remembers what Scott told her to say.

“Oh yeah you-,” starts the man before being cut off as Guardian gets a shot in.

It misses as it flies over the gangster’s shoulder.

At least it shut him up. But I’m down to my last two shots until I can reload.

“Damn you &%*#er!” yells the gangster, “Goddamn superhero wannabe!”

This would be a lot easier if I had a free hand to get one of my other pipes. Back at the basement, I’m going upgrade my pipe-gun so it only requires one hand to use. But what can I do to get the advantage?

Then the perfect solution hits her. Fending off another attack, Guardian reaches out with her power to find any electronic devices on the man. She is in luck as he has a smart phone on him.

It takes couple of seconds before she is ready, but the gangster is completely unprepared. Guardian smiles.

“What’s so funn-” the man starts to demand, but ends up yelping as his own phone electrocutes him.

He falls unto the ground, writhing in pain.

It’ll only last until the battery runs out and the phone is fried and useless. Only a few minutes at most.

With the building secured, Guardian gets to work.

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