Sunday, 7 June 2015

1.2 Rising Part 1

Legacy rises three mornings after her first raid, two mornings after her second and the next morning after her third.

Each one was a success as Legacy was easily able to subdue the unprepared gang members within her target building and destroyed any drugs she was able to find before escaping into the night.

As for resources, Legacy has collected quite a lot. By a lot, she means tens of thousands of dollars, over twenty ammo magazines, two spare pistols, an SMG (Scott called an Uzi) and more than enough parts to satisfy Legacy for the last few days.

So far she has avoided getting hurt and managed to get the drop on all three hideouts. But now Scott says she has to be prepared for them to start being ready and on the lookout for her.

He is also planning to get her better armour and supplies using the vast sum of money that Legacy has been able to acquire. With a total over seventy thousand dollars, they can afford a lot.

At the moment Scot is hoping to get better armour for her ‘costume’ as he calls Legacy’s current armour. It doesn’t feel like a costume to Legacy from what she has read about them on the internet.

But if I’m one of these superheroes Scott has mentioned, then I supposed my armour is a costume of sorts.

“Awake Legacy?” inquires Scott.

As usual, the one-armed man is already up before Legacy.

“Yes,” replies Legacy, “Are we getting more supplies today?”

“I’m going to try and get some good stuff since we got money to burn,” answers Scott.

“Are really going to do that?” asks Legacy, “Burn money that is.”

“No Legacy,” Scott explains, “I don’t literally mean burning money, it’s just a figure of speech. Actually burning money is a crime.”

“And those are bad,” says Legacy, “But only some are evil.”

“Correct,” says Scott, “Let’s go. Put on some shoes and your hoodie. Grab a bag too.”

Legacy quickly gets changed. She is still wearing the trousers and shirt from her ‘costume’ and she only needs to put her socks and shoes on. Plus a new purple hoodie that Scott brought back from one of his shopping trips.

“Good,” says Scott once she’s finished, “You don’t want to stand out to much. I’m going to take you into a shop today. I hope you’ll be able to fit in.”

Scott pauses in thought for a moment.

“Oh @#£&,” curses Scott, “I just remember what exactly you’re calling yourself. You can’t call yourself Legacy Guardian in public if you want to blend it. Far too much unwanted attention. Want to pick another name?”

Most certainly not! I am the Legacy of the Guardian.

“No,” replies Legacy firmly, “That is who I am.”

“A nickname then,” says Scott, “A shorten version of one of your names.”

He’s silent for several seconds and Legacy leaves him to think.

I don’t like to disturb Scott when he’s thinking. He doesn’t mind, but it’s just counterproductive unless I have an important reason to interrupt him.

“Legs,” says Scott suddenly, “That’s your nickname. For Legacy. And nothing that will stand out. People will just assume its nickname with a story behind it rather than a shorten version of your name.”

“Okay Scott,” replies Legacy, “I shall use the name Legs amongst the public just as I use the name Guardian when in my... costume is it.”

“Yup,” says Scott, “Now let’s go unless there’s something else we need to sort out.”

“What weapons are we taking with us?” inquires Legacy.

“None today Legacy,” answers Scott, “We don’t need to worry about protecting ourselves today and having them on us will draw more attention that we don’t want. Plus we’ll get in trouble as none of weapons are legal.”

“So no weapons,” says Legacy before something else occurs to her, “Wait, are these weapons we have illegal then? Crimes?”

“Pretty much,” says Scott with a shrug.

“But aren’t crimes bad?” mutters Legacy, “Is having these weapons a bad thing?”

Scott sighs before replying to the confused girl.

“Look Legacy,” explains the old man in a kindly tone, “Most people would say that by having these weapons, we’re doing bad things. But as long as you’re not doing any bad things with them, you don’t need to worry about doing bad things by having them. Better you have them for the purpose for fight evil and the gangs have them to terrorise the local people.”

That is a relief. I was worried for a moment I was doing something wrong. Which would have been a shame because I like my weapons. Creating them, upgrading them and refining them as I discover new things about them in battle. They have served me well. I would really hate to have to get rid of them. Especially when my foes have all have weapons of their own.

“I get it Scott,” replies Legacy, “Shall we go now?”

“Yeah, let’s go before anything else bogs us down,” agrees Scott.

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