Sunday, 10 May 2015

1.1 Awake Part 6

“What about Scott?” inquires Legacy.

“First why is that there?” demands Scott as he points at the gun.

“I was getting parts as you told me to and I was shot at by a man,” explains Legacy, “I took cover and built this. I used it to defeat my attacker.”

Legacy shows the pipe-gun to Scott. He just stares at it before he speaks.

“Is that a gun?” asks Scott.

“Yes,” answers Legacy.

“Did you kill him?” asks Scott.

“No,” answers Legacy.

“So what happened to him?” demands Scott.

“I used one of the batteries I found to give the pipe-gun stun capabilities like my other pipe,” explains Legacy, “Then I knock him unconscious with my first pipe. After that, I took his gun, its ammo, his phone and his money before returning here. I then awaited your return as you told me to. During that time, I refined and upgraded my first pipe weapon and built the ElecMag Extractor. I was currently upgrading my pipe-gun when you arrived back here.”
Scott sighs and sits down at the table.

“ElecMag Extractor?” is the first thing out of his mouth.

“Short for electromagnetism extractor,” replies Legacy and gives him a brief explanation on her latest invention.

“Damn girl,” says Scott with a shake of his head, “Less than twenty four hours and you already built a brand new source of power. You could become famous and make billions with that alone.”

“Billions of what?” asks Legacy curiously.

“Money,” answers Scott, “Dollars, Pounds, Euros, whatever form of currency you want.”

“I seek neither fame nor money, only good triumphing over the forces of evil,” declares Legacy.

To Legacy’s surprise, Scott laughs.

“Legacy, you are one of the noblest people I know,” says Scott, “If a bit clichéd.”

“I do not understand what that means,” replies Legacy, “But I assume it’s a good thing.”

“It’s a compliment,” says Scott.

“I still don’t know what that is,” says Legacy.

“A compliment is when someone says good, nice things about someone or something,” explains Scott, “Now we need to discuss our plans. I assume we’re going for vigilante crime fighting.”

“I believe so,” answers Legacy, “But since I don’t know what that is, I going to say that I’m going to battle evil with the resources at my disposal.”

“That would be what we are going to be doing then,” says Scott, “So, I got enough food and water to last the week. I’m going to go out in runs to get medical supplies and clothes in addition to more food and water. We won’t need to buy electronics. It is cheaper to just acquire parts that lying around and have you build stuff. You got weapons and a sustainable and renewable power source. Now what you need is armour and knowledge. The former is extremely useful. Trust me, I know that first hand. The second is vital and we need to make up for what you don’t have as quickly as possible. Try and get a computer to hack the internet. Preferably without it being traceable. Normally I would say it’s impossible to get something untraceable, but after these last couple of weeks and a day with you, I’m not counting out anything as impossible anymore. Do you need to get more parts yet?”

“No,” answers Legacy.

“And did you understand what I just told you?” asks Scott, “Any of it which you didn’t understand?”

“I understood all of it,” replies Legacy, “Technical knowledge is the one thing I’m not lacking by the way. I’m fairly certain I have much more of it than most people do.”

“Excellent,” says Scott with a grin, “Give your power, I think that the reason you would have technical knowledge is so that you can use your power. Or that the knowledge is a side effect of your Technopathy. Either way, I believe the source of your knowledge is your power.”

“I concur,” agrees Legacy, “I also feel that my power is the source of my technical knowledge. May I ask you something Scott?”

“Go ahead kid,” says Scott.

“Why do you wish to fight evil?” asks Legacy, “We both know why I want to and I know why you’re helping me. But I don’t know what your reasoning behind battling evil. I do know that you spent most of your life doing it, but you have been crippled whilst doing so and have suffered greatly because of your choices and injury. So why fight evil again?”

Scott sighs and is silent. Several seconds pass, but Legacy doesn’t bug him. She does start to wonder if he’s going to reply however.

“I always dreamed of being the hero when I was kid,” says Scott, “When I grew up, I join the military and those dreams died as my experiences grew. But by then I had a purpose and I was content with what I was doing. Then I joined the ‘black ops’ as my brother called it. Then I did bad things to stop bad people doing even worse things. For the greater good or the big picture was how I justified it all to myself. Then I was injured in battle and lost my purpose. But here you are, fulfilling my childhood dreams and giving a new purpose I don’t regret.”

Scott pauses.

“So Legacy,” says Scott, “What do you want for lunch today?”

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