Sunday, 17 May 2015

1.1 Awake Part 7

“Are you ready Legacy?” inquires Scott as night falls.

It has been a week since Legacy woke up in an alley and Scott found her. In that week, they been preparing hard for Legacy’s crimefighting career.

Each morning, Legacy would go out and collect parts before spending the afternoon building devices or improving her old ones while Scott would acquire other resources using the money collected by Legacy. Then they would spend their evenings together as Scott helped teach Legacy about the world.

By now, their basement is pretty well equipped with the ElecMag Extractor in one corner with a whole load of homemade ElecMag power cells stored next to it, each cell half an inch long, while a collection of weaponised pipes lay in another corner of the basement. Two piles of lain out blankets form beds for Legacy and Scott.

A trio of cold storage units made by Legacy and powered by ElecMag cells contain their food and drink supplies. Scott calls them a fridge and a pair of freezers. Legacy personally prefers her name as she feels it more accurately describes their purpose.

The other three main things that Legacy has built is a high-tech computer from old ones she has found lying about, a jammer to keep them undetected by sensors and senses and a temperature control unit which Scott claims is called air con.

The jammer does a variety of functions including rendering internal signals undetectable from the exterior, masking heat signatures within the basement, muffling sound originating from the basement and a whole other stuff that keeps the basement and those within it hidden from outsiders.

The computer is the one Legacy is most impressed with as it can process and store much more data than any other computer. Or least that what Scott says as Legacy has no other computer to compare it to.

Thinking about Scott’s opinion, he was pretty surprised by the coding. I mean, just because I didn’t use English or any other known language on the planet. Or the fact the characters in didn’t match any alphabets on the planet. I understood it all perfectly. Who cares if it was ‘alien’?

With her computer, she can use it to remotely access internet signals and copy data. Basically works like a web browser, but instead it snatches the webpage and downloads it to Legacy’s computer temporarily while remaining undetectable in the process.

Or least Legacy hopes it is undetectable as she is certain that she could build something that could detect it. Either way, Legacy will be able find out if someone is tracing her computer before they can actually finish doing the deed.

Right now Legacy has just finished putting her armour on. Not proper armour, but some cheap alternates that Scott as scraped together. A football helmet, elbow pads and knee pads in addition to some thick leather gloves and hardy walking boots. He has also thrown in some goggles to protect her eyes.

Scott also got her some thick trousers that won’t do much, only providing a tad more protection than the thin legwear Legacy has been using. Her new shirt is also quick thick compared to her old one and has long sleeves and pockets. On top of that, Legacy has a bullet proof vest that Scott brought for her. He says it is only good against handguns that aren’t up close so she still needs to be careful around guns.

And for looting more supplies from her enemies, Scott also got her a belt with multiple pouches to wear around her waist. For than enough for storing electronic parts and money that Legacy will acquire.

Scott says it isn’t the best stuff there out there, but should do well and is definitely better than nothing. He also told her that she ought to get use to fighting with armour as it is only a matter of time before she builds herself a set of power armour with her power.

“I only need to equip myself with weaponry,” replies Legacy, “Then I shall set out.”

“The armour should protect against fists and kicks where you have it,” Scott warns her, “But it won’t protect against guns, knives or other weaponry.”

“I understand Scott,” Legacy reassures him, “I’ll be careful and shall avoid injury.”

“Just make sure you do Legacy,” says Scott, “You got potential and I’ll hate it to be cut short by some ganger.”

Legacy doesn’t reply as she goes about selecting what pipes she is going to take with her. She decides on four pipes. The first two are upgraded versions of her original weapon with ElecMag cells instead of phone batteries providing the power. The extra bulk around the end is also harder than mere phone casing and less likely to break after heavy usage.

The third pipe is her ranged one with an ElecMag cell for stunning capabilities. It uses small solid fragments and uses velocity and kinetic energy as its primary ways of harming people. Legacy as estimated its effective range is up to about twenty metres whilst its effective range when attempting to stun an opponent is about half that.

While Legacy could have improved its range, she instead decided that her greater priority was on short range effectiveness. Her pipe-gun has practically no recoil and almost always hits it target. In her opinion, those are much more important than range as Legacy has no prior experience with guns or other firearms and ranged weaponry.

At least none that I can remember.                              

The fourth is for when Legacy needs access to brute force or to break something. The pipe has been modified so it is basically a hi-tech mace. It has a thick head on the end of dense metal with sharp, serrated spikes of metal around it.

It is also the heaviest of the four and the only reason Legacy hasn’t decide to leave it behind is that other three are all extremely light. Otherwise it would just slow her down too much to be valuable.

On the other hand with all this armour, I am pretty weighted down.

“I’m ready to go now,” says Legacy as she finishes attaching the chosen pipes to her belt.

“Not yet you aren’t girl,” says Scott in a gruff, well gruffer, voice as he holds up another piece of clothing.

This piece of clothing is made of leather strips. On one side it contains an open pouch with the gun Legacy got who the man who tried to kill her earlier in the week. The other side contains another two pouches that have the two spare magazines got from the same man.

“This is a gun holster,” Scott tells her, “Goes on around your shoulders. Your weapons may be good, but you never know when you need a good old gun to get the job done.”

“Thank you Scott,” says Legacy as she takes from him.

It is a couple of moments before Legacy put it on her. Not too heavy and shouldn’t restrict her mobility enough to be noticeable. Still, Legacy doesn’t think she needs her fourth pipe anymore and puts it back it.

Now I have too much weight for it to be useful.

“Now you’re ready Legacy,” says Scott, “And if anyone asks who you are, you are the Guardian.”

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