Wednesday, 19 October 2016

1.19 Ascendance Part 5

Joan doesn’t get very far before Superior grabs her by the neck with one meaty hand. She struggles at his grip as she is lifted off the floor and her feet dangle above the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere,” growls Superior as his eyes blaze with fury.


I’m sorry Joan, there is nothing I can do.


I can restore you using a back-up of your mind and genetics, but otherwise...I’m sorry. The Guardsmen will avenge you and Leo.


I will remove your ability to feel physical pain.

As Joan refocuses her attention on Superior, the villain yanks her left arm out of its socket and tosses it aside. Despite the horrific injury, Joan doesn’t feel a thing, something that she is very thankful to Ceta for.

Leo’s dead. He’s dead. No, he can’t just be dead. Leo is too paranoid for that. He has some plan to avoid death or come back from the dead or something. Maybe Ceta or Legacy will know what to do. Or Jaylyn. Our darling daughter was created by Leo. She might have some way to save her father. But we can figure that out once Ceta brings me back. That’s right, we’ll bring Leo back once this is all over. Just like they’ll do with me. Heh, nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing at all. Heh, heh.

“Now you join your pal,” sneers Superior.

“You’re a monster,” retorts Joan as she stares Superior in the eye.

“A monster?” replies Superior before laughing as he stares right back at Joan, “Little girl, I am a hero. One who has ascended the barbaric and primitive species of Homo Sapiens into the realm of Homo Superior.”

“So you’re one of the people who believes in might makes right then,” Joan replies, surprising herself at how calm and polite she is remaining.

“The difference is that I can back it up,” counters Superior.

“So the most powerful parahuman world is just another Nazi-wannabe,” snorts Joan.

Joan doesn’t flinch as Superior rips off her other arm.

Wow, it feels so weird not to being able to feel my arms.

I can fix that. At least I can make seem like you can still feel them without feeling any pain.


“What is wrong with you?” demands Superior, “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Not really,” replies Joan, “You suck at this!”

“Clifton don’t!” yells the woman before Superior does anything to Joan, “We need her alive.”

“She’s a @#%$ing bitch sis,” complains Superior as he turns to look at the woman.

So they want me alive huh?

So it would seem.

Too bad for them then. If I judged Superior’s personality, this should work just fine.

Joan spits at Superior and the next thing she knows, Joan is floating in the middle of open white space.

“Okay,” says Joan as she looks away, “So I’m assuming I’m dead. Anybody going to correct me or I am right?”

I would assume the latter,” says a voice that Joan recognises as belonging to Leo.

“Leo!” exclaims Joan happily.

I’m afraid not,” replies the person as Joan turns around to face them.

A featureless person that is engulfed in a glowing blue light floats opposite Joan.

“Who are you then?” demands Joan as she crosses her arms.

Joyous Star,” answers the person with a courteous bow, “You may recognises me as one of Leo’s Companions.”

“Then where is Leo?” asks Joan as she clasps her hands together.

I am unware of his location,” replies Star, “The last thing I remember is making Superior bleed after we used the remote controls in Reinkal to lodge it in Superior’s back.”

“Reinkal is that halberd right?” inquires Joan and Star nods, “So do you have any idea why we are here?”

No,” replies Star with a shake of his head, “This is as much a mystery to me as it is to you.”

“Well, nice to meet you Joyous Star,” says Joan as she holds out a hand for him to shake.

The pleasure is mine,” replies Star as he grasps the hand that Joan is offering.

As they make contact, the world around Joan flashes and she stumbles backwards. Joan blinks and she finds herself on her back, staring at ceiling of the corridor outside her bedroom.

What happened?

You have Awoken.

Sweet, wait, is that the same as manifestation?

An immensely stronger version of Manifesting.

Definitely sweet. So are you my Companion then? What powers do I have?

Yes and you have three game breaker powers.

What are they Star?

First is your Enhanced Rating. You are an Infinity Aphrodite with your physical prowess at A+ levels. Which is to say at the A+ level of conventional powers in a Bellator manner rather than the A+ level of Enhanced Ratings such as Bellator or Aphrodites.

Freaking awesome!

Indeed they are. Your second strongest power is your newfound invulnerability.

So I have top tier nigh invulnerability?

No, just outright invulnerability.

No way! Wait, you said that was my second strongest power? Does that mean I have a stronger one then?!

That you do Joan. I can’t get an exact reading on this power, but you seem to be a practically unrestricted reality warper. The only limitation I can find is that you can’t affect other powers. I am sure that there will be others, but if there are, I am lack knowledge of their existence.

That is-no @#%$ing-I don’t-unbelievable-you know what that means?

Superior is no longer the strongest parahuman on the planet?

Damn right.

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  1. Alright, there are a lot of things that I can cover, but I am going to cover to main things that aren't covered directly in-story.

    First is that Leo can't be restored by Ceta like Joan. Not because she lacks a copy of his mind or genetics, but because Leo has parahuman powers. To give an example, Ceta could restore Legacy or Joan because they are 'conventional'. She could restore Alexandria or Glowbug, but they wouldn't have their superpowers. Leo on the other hand has five companions and superpowers related to his mind. So while Ceta could restore his body properly, she would be hard pressed to even restore just part of his mind.

    Next thing, and this is going to make it three things I am covering, is that Superior killed Joan in a fit of rage after she spit on him. And because it happened too fast for Joan to process it or Oracle to stop him, it doesn't get stated in-story even if it is implied.

    And the second/third thing, Joan is now overpowered. Like super overpowered. Originally I wasn't going to do that, but I had the idea in my head and after I decided to switch to a different perspective in book 2, I figured why not? After all, my other two protagonists are overpowered hence the change of perspectives so why not make my third protagonist overpowered as well. That said, Joan does a have major weakness. Two now I think about it. Scratch that, three weakness actually. First is stated in-story as Joan will be limited in affecting parahumans. But she can work around that with some clever thinking and knowledge. Second is power nullifier. But they would have to be pretty strong to overcome her powers and even then, they would have to take on her ridiculously tough Enhanced rating, which as it is 'conventional', can be nullified. You would need someone like a certain spin-off protagonist... But her main weakness will be magic. Something which doesn't naturally occur in this universe and Leo, hence Joyous Star, have yet to properly encounter and acknowledge as real. Basically magic doesn't nullify her powers, but they are extremely weak against magic. And magic can do a lot of stuff... Oh, and now I think about, Joan would have some trouble with an Outsider if one tried to make themselves troublesome to her...

    Huh, that is a lot more weakness than I originally thought. Still overpowered as heck mind you.

    Next time, Joan tries out her new powers.