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1.7 Guardsmen Part 7

“Yes, my family knows about me,” answers Guardian.

Why does Alexandria need to ask me that twice? Didn’t she believe me the first?

I don’t know. Perhaps she will shed further information on why she required confirmation.


That said, I personally feel she was referring to something else. And Alexandria probably forgot to explain what she changed the subject to.

“No!” says Alexandria, “I about-grrr. I keep forgetting that not everybody has super senses. I was listening in my brother and Gears and Gears mentioned how you are a-”

Alexandria struggles to the find the right words so Guardian decides to offer some suggestions.

“Are you referring to my species?” inquires Guardian.

“Yes!” exclaims Alexandria as she begins hovering, “About how you are a half-human alien hybrid. Is he serious?”

“Yes,” answers Guardian.

“And you’re from a different dimension?” Alexandria inquires further, “And you lost most of your memories when you arrived in our world?”

“Those statements are both correct,” replies Guardian.

“Really?” mutters Alexandria as she flies over to Guardian, “That explains so much about you.”

“It does?” repeats Guardian.

“Wait,” says Alexandria as she frowns, “If you an alien from a different dimension, who is your family?”

“I consider Sentry, Gears and Sentinel to be family,” answers Guardian.

“So no real family?” says Alexandria as she sits down her bed next to Guardian, “Where do you live? Where do you sleep? Do get enough to eat and drink?”

“I have moved into my new base earlier today and before that, I lived in the Battle Zone with Sentry,” replies Guardian, “I sleep on a pile of blankets and I get enough to eat and drink.”

“Oh,” says Alexandria before giving Guardian a hug, “I ought to invite you over for a sleepover at some point.”

“What does that entail?” inquires Guardian.

“You coming over here and spending the night here,” replies Alexandria, “We would hang out, watch movies and eat snacks. I would have to get the permission of my mum and brother first, but I’m sure they won’t mind.”

“So what do we do now?” asks Guardian as Alexandria lets go of her.

“We could watch some news about us?” suggests Alexandria, “I got my tablet here.”

Alexandria gets a thin, flat device that primarily consists of a screen out.

“Look here,” says Alexandria, “I’ll get the stuff up. I will have to how it out so we can both see the screen-”

Guardian reaches out with her power, interacting with Alexandria’s device. She upgrades the camera so it will project holographic images into the air in addition to just generally upgrading the device on the whole.

As Guardian withdraws from the device, she hears Alexandria speaking to her.

“What did you just do to my iPad?” demands Alexandria, her voice a mixture of both curiosity and indignation.

“I upgraded,” answers Guardian, “Like I did with Pathfinder’s Bio-Scanner. I thought you might appreciate me doing that.”

“Hmm, she never mentioned that,” mutters Alexandria, “So what it can do now-whoa! That is cool!”

A holographic of Alexandria with her mum in civilian clothes appears in front of them. Unlike image of the nanite that Leo showed her, this image is 2D due to its nature.

Legacy notes that the Alexandria in the picture is short, lacks the muscles and figure of the current Alexandria.

That must be what Alexandria looked like before she got her powers.

“So still 2D?” says Alexandria, “I thought you might have something more fancy like 3D.”

“All of your old pictures and videos are 2D,” explains Guardian, “Unless the data is 3D, it won’t be projected as 3D.”

“That makes sense,” says Alexandria as she goes through the pictures on her iPad, “I ought to have you upgrade all of my electronics.”

“I could do that,” offers Guardian, “It would easy to upgrade the software and modify the hardware a bit. I wouldn’t be able to create custom hardware as that take up too much time and resources. Though I could go the time and effort if you really wanted me too.”

“That would be great,” replies Alexandria in an excited voice, “Oh, look at this.”

Alexandria brings up a news article referring to a place called Greenwood Academy.

“Greenwood will be a school solely for parahuman students in the event of them being unable to attend normal schools for whatever reason,” reads Alexandria, “Hmm, it says here that students can’t be forced to go there with current laws unless they have proven too dangerous or troublesome for normal schools. Then again, a lot of laws get changed or given exceptions when it comes to parahumans. The Junior Heroes Union wouldn’t have existed under the old child labour laws. President Butcher is pretty good at that.”

“Who is President Butcher?” inquires Guardian.

“How do you not know-oh, right, alien from another dimension,” replies Alexandria, “President Butcher is the leader of our country, the United States of America he was made Speaker and then President after President Obama and his Vice-President were murdered by Superior when that &*@&%^£ destroyed the White House after he destroyed ISIS in the Middle East. He also destroyed the majority of east Syria and western Iraq and slaughter most of those living within, regardless of whether they are jihadist or not.”

Alexandria’s voice hardens noticeably as she talks about Superior.

“That monster claims to be a superhero,” snarls Alexandria, “He has killed millions of people and thinks he is still one of the good guys! Superior also claims that he is most powerful person in the world and, unfortunately, he has yet to be proven wrong.”

This Superior could be trouble.

He does sound like trouble. I recommend researching him for his powers and abilities in the event we have to take him on.

Good idea, but if he is truly the most powerful parahuman, I would rather avoid fighting him.

We don’t run from evil and we most certainly don’t abandon people to it!

I know, but we don’t pick fights we can’t win either!

There are no good choices in this.

I already know that!

But we will have to confront and defeat Superior one day.

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  1. So a few things I could say about this segment, but I'm only going to say about of them. First is that Alexandria is concerned about her friend's welfare. The knowledge that Guardian is alien hybrid from another dimension with memory loss isn't exactly going to allay her fears.

    As for the second thing, I wanted Superior to be mentioned now so he doesn't come out of nowhere when he appears nearer to the end of the story. Originally Superior was going to be another vigilante, good intentioned, but rather extremist, but it didn't really fit how I pictured him. So I decided to make him a sociopathic monster who thinks he is one of the good guys (and from his own twisted point of view, he is). I'm also using him to explain why there are changes to the US government in this world and ours (since I have limited knowledge of it as I am British and I'm not sure how accurate my research is). By the way, if you feel I'm making things about how the American government, political and justice works too unrealistic, feel free to say. I'll either change it or come up with some way to justify it in-universe.

    As for next time, Legacy joins Leo as he puts his plan to reconnect Joan with her sister Alexis into action.