Sunday, 26 April 2015

1.1 Awake Part 4

Scott explained to Legacy how people get hungry and need to eat food to sustain themselves, but also how it was important about what you ate and not to eat too much as it was unhealthy.

Turns out to be an extremely important thing to know. Not to mention it is so simple whilst being so complicated at the same time. I should find out more at a later date.

Scott also decided to explain the other basic human needs as well. It turns out Legacy didn’t know about much of them. She had known about drinking and being thirsty, but not about relieving herself of bodily waste.

That sounds rather disgusting. It’s kind of annoying that something so gross, but necessary doesn’t come naturally to me.

He also told her about sleeping and resting too. Legacy had known about being tired, but that was all even if it does makes logically sense now she knows. Legacy had also known about the medical stuff Scott told her about and then some. That impressed Scott given her otherwise severely lacking knowledge.

Once he was done with his explanations, Scott got some clothes from the pile for Legacy to wear instead of the ones she found in the black plastic containers that Scott called garbage bins or bins for short.

While Scott looked away for some reason he say he’ll explain later, Legacy got changed into some worn brown cargo trousers and a dirty, wrinkled dark blue hoodie made of polyester. They feel much better than her previous set of clothing.

“Now onto the next thing Legacy,” says Scott as he inspects Legacy’s pipe, “Let’s figure out your powers. How did you make this?”

“I just willed the phones to assemble themselves around it and I directed it as I wanted to be,” answers Legacy, “I could sense the phones when they were in my hand and I can sense the pipe when it is nearby since I upgraded it.”

“Let me think for a moment,” grumbles Scott before falling silent.

Doesn’t he know what my ‘power’ is? Scott is extremely smart. Or am I just dumb?

“Technopathy!” exclaims Scott suddenly, “I bet that is what your power is. That’s actually quite useful or at least it’s going to be.”

Technopathy. Control of technology. Yes, that is what my power is. I’m sure of it.

“Now for gathering supplies,” says Scott, “With your power, you can use electronic parts to create more devices like this pipe. You can go and scavenge for parts around the area while I use the money we got to get stuff like food, drink, clothes and other stuff we need to get in shops.”

“I understand,” replies Legacy as she starts thinking about what sort of devices she could build.

Pipes. I could modify more pipes into more dangerous weapons. At the very least I will have my own arsenal.

“But it is late and we should get some sleep while we can,” says Scott, “We’ll be busy in the coming days and we need to rest while we can. Here, you sleep on the blankets for now. I’ll get myself some more to sleep on tomorrow.”

“I understand,” replies Legacy, “But may I ask you something first?”

“Go ahead Legacy,” answers Scott.

“Not that I’m ungrateful, but why are you helping me,” asks Legacy.

Scott sighs again.

He does that a lot.

“I’m a soldier at my core,” replies Scott, “I fought for my country and people. I’ve done my best to stop bad people despite having done bad things myself in the process. I doubt you know about these, but I signed up as soon as I could and fought in the last years of Vietnam. I came off better than most than when onto fight in the Gulf War. After that I joined Delta Forces. My family didn’t like that. We were military family and they didn’t approve of me joining a black ops group. We haven’t spoken in a couple of decades. Since then, I’ve done a hell of a lot for my country until I lost my arm in Afghanistan a few years back. I got an honourable discharge. I struggled to adjust to civilian life and in less than a year without friends or family to support me, I ended up on the streets. Since then I been surviving until I met you tonight. You and your simpleminded willingness to fight the good evil inspired me. Reminded me of myself as a youth. Plus you needed the help so I decided that I might as aid you since I don’t have anything better to do.”

“I understand that,” says Legacy, “Not most of that such as the wars, but that you’re an old soldier on own who wishes to do good. I get that. I think that is what David was. Because you reminded me of him, I trusted you.”

Scott laughs.

“Goodnight Legacy,” chuckles Scott, “Perhaps you can tell me more of this David tomorrow.”


Legacy wakes up at sunrise at the request of the voice at the back of her mind. It insisted that she got up now.

Legacy yawns as she gets up. Scott is already awake and sorting out the money that she acquired last night.

“Up already girl?” says Scott, “I guess it’s for the best. Alright Legacy, here’s a bag. Go out and fill up with parts you’ll need. I recommend taking apart the electronic devices and taking the parts you’ll use with you. It’ll be lighter and more efficient than carrying the whole damn thing with you.”
He tosses a large bag at Legacy.

It’s made of woven fibres. That makes it stronger than if it were plastic. Good call on Scott’s part as I expect the parts I’ll collect to be heavy once I collected enough.

“I’ll get some useful stuff from the shops,” continues Scott, “Things like food, drink and clothes. The basics. We’ll meet back here later. Once you got all your stuff, just come back here without being followed and wait until I return. Don’t go starting any more fights until you’re better prepared.”

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